Inner Eyes Blind

Two eyes at the wonders of the world looked,
Colors and colorless all around brightened,
Seeing the known, unknown and unseen,
Filling mind imaginations what two eyes can’t see.

The ears heard the sounds of nature clear,
The brutality of mankind screamed aloud,
Noises mother nature never imagined we made,
Ah’, all of them left images in mind to see.

Sweetness of fruits and nuts tongue loved,
Many tastes body never felt through veins spread,
What wonderful textures of thoughts in mind weaved,
As the woven scarves touched heart to open wide.

Held the roses in hand and touched the clouds above,
The air breathed yearned to give life more colors and sounds,
As touch and smell united in mind to open new eyes in mind,
Through which images unseen by any by mind painted.

All senses united as if in meditation and unblinking stayed,
As all images united and painted a collage of your face,
Oh’, light soul gave lost and together all of them went blind,
When you said another name instead of mine.

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Photo by Mariah Krafft on Unsplash

The Defeated Lover.

Defeated lover, Oh’, times of deception and betrayal passed,
No bloodshed, no soldiers fought, words spoken sparred,
And brought to time and space, suffering, with pain-filled,
Life altered, wishes burned, dreams drowned, loneliness returned.

Not heaven, nor angel, not the whole world, nothing bigger than life,
Just the normal man, walked, ate, slept, and dreamt like any man,
A simple man looked to become a heartbeat for a heart to chase,
Betrayed by unspoken words and deceptive acts, Oh’, well defeated.

Spiritual existence into a narrow, deep, and dark tunnel entered,
Only visions in mind guided as life slowly moved ahead,
Time and space, Oh’, dwarfed and at them, life mockingly laughed,
And never-ending the tunnel felt as strength too defeated felt.

The blended mind and conscience into the soul whispered,
About the beauty of the light at the end of this tunnel that will show,
The beauty of life through time and space again ahead will move,
How many spring and summer joys to enjoy and winters to survive.

Oh’, the beauty of that light has only one Earthly source,
The light, the Unimaginable Supreme being into life blessed,
Ah’, time and space defined many meanings and all meaningless became,
As the Earthly source only shown the face of yours in the purity of love.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

Sadness At Dusk.

Dusks, Oh’, how wonderfully God created you all,
For, every day a new you show the melancholy of the day,
And a true lover will always shed a drop of tear when you leave,
With the hope better tomorrow sprouts from you at dawn.

He searched for the meaning of you in every corner of nights,
He searched for the meaning of you in every part of days,
Nothingness found new meanings and laughed boisterously,
And he hoped a new meaning will come through you someday.

Imaginations twinkled through mind faster than light,
Even in those imaginations found no meanings that speak,
The sadness you leave on every dusk he watched in tears,
And he hoped a new you will brighten imaginations on another day.

Then a day came when about all unforgotten things he thought,
And he found the meaning of sadness in you he always saw,
You show the soul of all who watches you and makes them feel,
The hope and all he found was the sadness of his soul in you,

As his lover and love were lost in a night that one day followed you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

Photo by Dimitry Zub on Unsplash

The Murderer

The globe danced round and round and I glanced,
Countries filled with cities and towns with people filled,
Round and round they too danced and unknowingly moved,
My conscience, the little boy said “what a blissful ignorance”.

The Sun and moon and other globes took all of us with them,
Through the empty space in dark and light of stars and force,
Dreams we weaved about those flights and the world we forgot,
And the little boy said “what an unforgivable fantasy”.

Age may change the color of my hair, not the content of my character,
Time may show faces unseen but sure I never will forget or forgive,
Silence never lived even in the depth of my soul that fuels,
As the little boy never grew up but still said “what a shame”.

Through my fantastic imaginations, I became the judge,
As life’s misery all around I see and empty handed I stood,
Helplessness became a plague that left me no choice,
As I shot that little boy again and again until he died.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

The Fallen Romantics

The fallen romantics Oh they are not silent anymore
Can’t you hear the bleeding skies screaming,
And the flashing clouds brutally at each other crashing,
In between the chaos, every conscience hear the weeping,
Of a man bend with lifeless love and pathetic choices of you.

The last phase of the night left me astray,
Oh’, the dark clouds hid our paths for so long,
Blinding even the depths of our inner eyes,
Throwing us astray from paths of each other,
Drowning our dreams in the abyss of this unreal world.

As the lover in me drowned in an old dream I saw,
Serpents of unknown magic from all sides attacked,
The dream took me to depths of abyss of a soul, drowning,
And to that soul, again and again, I asked questions I asked,
For all my life I have seen that dream… “where is your face?”

This time I found a light, that took me from drowning,
Into the world of the known and unknown, ah’, all mixed,
Where all creatures worn masks and in howling celebrated,
Oh’, then I saw the source of light, the light that fueled all,
Above all, the love I felt in my soul, the face of yours…

Let us not join our hands to fall into darker dreams,
Nor cross paths to let our shadows fight for us to bleed,
Let us silence the thoughts that speak the ill of each other,
May the arrows of hatred, the world unto us fires,
Become the pure garlands of our romantic unity.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

Photo by shahin khalaji on Unsplash
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