A Tree At The End Of Fall

Hello Everyone hope you all have had a good Thanksgiving weekend. Here is my latest work.

A Tree At The End Of Fall


Silence will never touch your heart,
As the beat of your heart universe takes,
And in the rhythm stars dances,
From where born the light lovers forever will see
And to my heart I speak not,
As forever to the rhythm of your heart I listen.

Among the wandering winds I walked,
And still heard the whispers of my own soul,
Whispers of my soul I listen not,
As the wind howled in chanting,
The words of love you said.

Thunders I heard far behind,
And lightning showing horizons blazed,
And the clouds scattered drowning shinning stars,
Scattered may be all that can bless with rain,
And the scattered ruins fell far behind you and me.
The leaves may have all fallen away,
But still stand withering the storms with the will of love,
Like a tree Oh’ even in the rains at end of fall.

Winds from ahead may come uninvited,
And the winds that surrounds scatter leaves fallen,
Oh’ in them still remain veins undead,
As gather you can the leaves of fall,
And make them the fuel for springs yet to come.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

The Serpents Of Time

Here is a poem called The Serpents Of Time. It is a simple poem not a lot of twisted ways or ideas in it. Enjoy the thanksgiving eve folks.

The Serpents Of Time.

Far beyond skies, far beyond stars,
Consuming all, Conquering all,
Crawling through every bit of space,
The serpents of time defeats all.

But beyond the grasp of time live,
Feelings of humans that sprouts,
And in those feelings outlives time,
Images of a beautiful face.

Oh’ the history of time will speak,
Volumes about the events,
Events that brought two hearts together,
Conquering, consuming, each other.

All those who spit venom of hatred at us,
Oh’ in the honey of the flower of love,
All venom of hatred will dissolve,
And mists of doubts about our love will clear.

And every serpent of time will spit,
The feeling of love we together made,
And forever will live the legends of our love,
As time crawls through time itself.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

The Invisible Dream

My friends, relatives, xanga family I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. It was a great one for me. My sincere apologies for not really coming in here actually I was here most of the time those who checked the xanga would’ve seen me talking on the video blog show. Well if you have any questions you can chat with me right under the video. The xanga chat is not working so I needed to add a chat thing under the video. This is the thanksgiving week folks so enjoy every bit of it.

The Invisible Dream.

The whispers of the wind, to listen I tried,
The falling of the leaves, to listen I tried,
From depths of mind a wish to be heard pried,
As silence all around me, loomed.

The face of a naughty girl time took,
And from the days light she stole,
And from the nights stars she stole,
But in chaos of fate lucky stars of mine she lost.

Oh’ lightless in days, starless at night,
Far sight of mind darkness held,
Even in minds ears Oh’ only an echo heard,
Somewhere far echo of a dream still floated.

Love whispered, passions awaken,
Lover with flickers of light came,
But to kindle candle that will show dreams, failed,
Oh’ only pathos of a dream lost, heard.

O dear your face I have never seen,
Your eyes to every reality you closed,
Your voice among screams of material life unheard,
Dreams about holding each other in arms, invisible remained.

Though unreal it all seems and sounds,
The reality never seen light from both our love,
Speak the truth, dance through the paths,
Break loose from heart those invisible dreams.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Jimmy Fund

Hello everyone, hope you all had a fantastic weekend. My weekend was hectic lot of things to do and I came around and did about 25% of it. Well in the weekend I attended this blogtvshow by Artists4Life who was raising money for Jimmy Fund to provide for Cancer Research. Lot of musicians, artists and poets turned up there for doing co-hosting with Artists4Life and contributed for this good cause. As for me I donated a poem I wrote for the show with some well wishing messages. Here are those messages and poem. Later tonight in my show I will be presenting the poem and messages live.

The Power Of Heart.

Talking through time in limitless words,
Walking through in rhythm heart listens,
When painless one wish to feel,
And pain from all sides squeezes, mercilessly.

The world in sympathy speaks and looks,
Some minds in empathy adores,
Love defines meanings in new found ways,
Material of another life cut short, but in love fulfilled.

Medicines, therapy, effects and side effects,
All ready to crumble even the strongest,
But deep inside a power reigns and consumes,
Every corner of soul, mind and in turn the whole body.

Be the power that thinks not about past,
Bring forth the will that crowns every supporting soul,
Fall not in despair of pain or weakness of blood and marrow,
Every sickness holds the cure to heal itself.

Every beat of heart empowers the soul,
Every moment a well cherished fulfillment,
In the power of heart no pain felt,
A power that heals every wound in light of love.

No pain can over shadow the healing touch of love,
None can stop anyone from giving love,
Such was the power of heart one in will can give,
And in giving everyone can find.

Here are the well wishing messages.

The smile and laughter you bring,
Became the prayer of mine for you,
Every moment passes in past drowns,
Every moment together spent as a blessing taken,
Oh’ a century of happiness I wish for you,
In the wellness of heart, soul and body gains,
And every breath of mine will be a prayer for you.

Daytime brings light everywhere,
In nights we see stars spreading the beauty of light,
May the light of healing spread night and day,
And make you the light in starless nights.

On any given moment billions exhale and inhale,
On every moment, everyone is part of a bigger picture not seen,
On this moment unwell you maybe,
But in every moment in every heart that known yours,
Very well you always will be that gives you strength to get well soon.

The Fallen Lover.

The Fallen Lover.
Oh I look at those eyes with tears in my eyes filled,
And think about the days, in which I loved,
Though the merry feelings in my heart you left,
Brings image of you stand holding the light in your hands,
Light upon your face reflecting,
Those lovely lips, straight nose upon which some shadow fell,
Those rose colored cheeks, pointy chin,
Irregular eyebrows, brown hair in candle light as reddish seen,
But those eyes as little shiny ones in the image I see,
But deeper than the vast outer space mankind ever known,
Now in that image I see no love in your eyes for me,
No love in your eyes for me O dear,
All I felt, misunderstandings of a mind lost in fantasy.
Tired hands never rose to wipe away those tears.

Why did I loved you, for what I loved you,
Oh’ God, why did I ever met her and took her in my mind,
And cared for her more than anyone ever cared for her,
From falling in love with her Oh’ God why you never stopped me,
If ever the charm of that soul I ever swayed,
Oh’ forever in my own curse, my life will crush,
As for the wonderful soul she is no forgiveness I deserve.

Never for her words will I wait,
As forever I will remain in dark searching for more darkness,
And forever my own shadows I will curse,
For the wishes, hopes, dreams and my moth eaten soul,
Filled with only her image and love only for her.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

The Salute

Here is my latest poem The Salute. This poem is written for a blogtv show done by MrJingles88 he was raising money for buying candy canes for US soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. I made some modification from the initial version I recited during the cohosting with him in his show. Hope you all will enjoy the poem

The Salute.


The bugles of battle sounded from far,

Hidden enemy holed up deep, conspires,

Every step laid a step towards freedom,

Every bullet fired an end to evil minded terror.


Oh’ how I salute every one of you I know not,

As the honor each one of you carry, outweighs,

Every action each one of us from far away enjoys.


The food we eat, the time we spent in leisure,

The games we play, the sadness we feel,

When we miss those laughs and shouts,

Day by day pass us by with peace and freedom.


Oh’ I went for a walk in the park,

As the little hearts in shouts and screams played,

When my little niece to ride a bike tried,

And from it those little feet slipped and fell,

Held her I first, saw those eyes filled with tears,

Then in the little jokes I said a smile I’ve seen,

When helped her back on bike I smiled too,

And my hand rose in salute for someone not seen,

Far away, in deserts and mountains fight,

To keep us all smile, the smile of freedom given,

With sweat and blood away from all they love,

All in honor, for peace in the land of the free.

Xang T.V Show

Hi Everyone,
    I don’t really post blogs here even though I do blog shows where I talk about almost everything. The shows is shifting gear towards xanga and the authors community chat rooms where I embed the Xanga T.V code than the blogtv code. The blogtv code creates a lot of problems as it crashes the browsers. I know you all are a bit skeptical about what is this all about so I am embedding the code of the Xanga T.V in this post for you all to see from your subscription pane. I hope you all will see this join me at 7:30PM Central time everyday for a good nice chat.

As for poems, I haven’t posted a poem in here for ages. But don’t worry I will be posting them regularly here. As for visiting your sites, I will be coming to everyone of my friends, family and fans here in Xanga in the coming hours and days.

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