EID Mubarak

A month of Fasting, Prayers and Meditations are over. To all Muslims who celebrate EID today EID Mubarak. Those who are celebrating EID tomorrow I am wishing them EID Mubarak early.

Bird Feeder.

During the start of spring some birds came and started nesting on the trees bird houses the previous owner of the house I bought. I filled in the bird feeder and now a day it is a feast for the mind and eyes to watch these birds that came out of the nests. Enjoy.

Wait For A Night.

The grass stood stale yet bended when upon walked,
The trees looked as way above little shinning stars brightened,
Mind galloped, thoughts as strings in the winds sprouted,
Dreams as prayers evolved as a night for which waited;
A night greater in blessings than a thousand months.

The Unburied Corpse.

There is an audio for this poem you can find it here. The Unburied Corpse

The Unburied Corpse.

“Tell, tell, tell”, she said,
“All I will tell will hurt you, so don’t be hurt”, to her I told,
A riddle of a period of life to hold ground failed.

A flower with honey of innocence filled,
A darling, in me a lot of trust filled,
Oh’ she was the riddle I should not have weaved,
She a storm in mind for months gathered.

Madness of a man, imaginations of a poet all grown,
Like a hurricane filled with thick clouds that blinded,
Like the winds all around I ran but to move even a leaf I failed
Frustrations broke the man, beyond every imagination known.

Oh’ all came to one moment of truth,
All courage in every sense failed,
When she said “Can’t ask me not to be hurt,
Because doing this altogether is past hurting”.

The poet fell, the madness erased,
Though not seen her in real in front but felt,
The pain of a soul in confusions swayed,
Oh’ at that time, my mind some evil possessed.

Failed to be a man of truth,
The reality in a story very well said,
Truth of love I just buried,
And to her lie after lie forever I told.

I am no man to be forgiven but one to be forgotten,
When every truth deep with lies for years I buried,
Oh’ a dream I cherished to shed a tear for the murder,
Of the lover in me and his corpse I left unburied.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2011.

Whispers Of The Night.

This is a poem which was written sitting alone at night just watching the stars. Every night I pray for a soul and this poem originated from those prayers. I wanted to write the whole prayer in here but I just thought a prayer for someone is a matter between me and the One I pray to,still mentioned a bit of it in this poem. Writing of this poem is a rare act during the month of fasting. But I just can’t stop loving even when I am fasting and God never told not to love ever. So personally there are sentimental values about this poem even though I am not fully sure if I were able to bring the whole emotion properly in this poem.

Whispers Of The Night.

Night, Oh’ night, further and further darkness crawls,
Phantoms upon the flowers left magic sprinkles,
And through the misty winds in silence disappeared.

Shine, Oh’ Shine, stars in the furthest corners shined,
But the crowns of them to a beauty long lost,
And to her the night through gentle rhythms whispered.

Wake up not O’ pretty faced maiden wake up not,
As the dreamer to sleep not yet surrendered,
But the whispers of his mind from his eyes I stole,
And those whispers to the depths of mine told,
“Look at those blooming flowers you will see,
Look at those shinning stars you will see,
Light of a kind mankind unseen,
From the furthest corners of the universe darkness you bring,
But in the depth of my soul no darkness can enter,
As filled in is the light of her soul through her eyes seen.
Look in the depths of the bloomed flower, you will see,
Erased will be the darkness, in which the flower slept,
Look at the stars O’ stood in awe of my love unblinking.
Gathered are the whispers of my love in my dream I will sing,
A dream none but her loving soul will see,
Oh’ in that dream all her dreams for her I will fulfill.
Listen to the winds in which bound is my soul’s message,
Oh’ in it you will hear the prayers for my eternal love.”

Wake up not O’ lucky darling of the lover of the best kind,
For, in his heart purity of love only for you I found,
A heart in prayers for you dedicated,
A man in prayers for you just to sleep surrendered.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2011.

The Balance Of Life.

The world is a weird place. Do you know why the world doesn’t feel weird? Because of the wonderful people who live here. There are a hundred different reasons one can say otherwise. There are a lot of weird people who live on this planet too. They only stand as a monument to show us how wonderful those wonderful people were and are.  Take humans away this Earth will lose its potency within the next 100 years. There are people who don’t understand the human value. Those will find values in many other things. When I say many other things, those include art, literature, music, dance… you name it. The true human value of a person is understood by only a person who can balance the spiritual and material life. If one leaves one of these and concentrate only on one then life becomes empty, it will lose its potency then one will need stimulants to survive.

 May God Bless You All To Balance Your Life.

Emptiness through the vastness of space felt,
Though empty not any of those spaces at all,
Gladness through mind passed when known,
Empty mind is not as divine love filled in slowly.

Night for air gasping I felt,
Taking day from the clutches of Sun,
Dahlias stood staring at the dented moon rising,
And in the emptiness of darkness millions of stars bloomed.

Space is a creation like you and I,
Time another creation within that space bound, 
What I understand not is why within time we limit,
With practices unhealthy to destroy oneself and others?

Oh’ within the material world hidden,
The power of the divine that flows all,
Dark flow or Dark matter whatever science may call,
The force of divine love in it all I feel.

I adapt not, I evolve not, as the nature in my senses I feel,
Oh’ an illusion many in respect bow,
Ah’ the wonderful are the wonderful because of you and I,
So in care of the wonderful, truth of divine one should feel.

If the spiritual life one knows not and in material life one buries,
Lose it all like a castle of cards as without foundation all will fail,
If the material life for only spiritual life one leaves,
Oh’ none of the blessing the divine gave us one will feel.

When the balance of life one in life loses,
Oh’ to survive the life stimulants on chases,
Some in art, some in music, some dances,
Many to the dark world of intoxication falls.

Lose not the balance of life from within,
As within everyone lies a soul so beautiful,
Lose not the truth from within,
As in truth life is simple in beauty of the smiles we exchange.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2011.

Happy Ramadhan

A month of fasting, Praying and Meditation starts today. I feel like I miss a big part of me. Maybe this is a good time to start to rediscover myself than searching for mirages.Or is the truth speaking to me which I am hearing not, or the fulfillment is where the completeness, or the completeness the beginning of a path to togetherness? Answers are not easy to come. Maybe there is another who can answer, or maybe that’s yet another mirage. I am waiting to hear a whisper. That’s all I need.

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