The Pledge

My whereabouts must be kept secret for security reasons…hehehe… truly. The reason…. mmmm… that’s another secret. There is only one xangan in recent times who had seen me. Oohlahlah…. what a wonderful person she is.. came to me at the airport and told hello LP… and said I am Oohlahlah..
Now I am at the verge of being lost… there is only one who can save me.. that’s myself. I don’t know what makes me think that way, well that’s the way I am thinking now. I will let you know the results soon.

The Pledge.

Middle of all with a hungry soul,
Thriving for the touch of all,
The existence of this soul, none feels,
Oh’ insanity may be an exit with blessings come.

An alley step by step passed,
Howling from all corners heard,
The one whisper for which yearns,
Only silence from that corner came.

Why would you leave me in eternal pain,
Why not leave a feeling from far I can love,
Oh’ your silence in the heat of pain melts,
My heart like a candle in altar stands.

The howling stopped and wayfarers left,
Mongrels scavenging trash cans from one time meal,
When walking by those growls, once more pledged,
Die with a hungry soul or with fulfilled love.

Stupid, Insincere, Tired, Fat Still Back

I said stupid in the title, yes, it was not a mistake, I did it again. I booked the ticket all wrong. I booked the ticket for June 19th and the flight time was 12:15AM. Then I booked tickets from Cochin to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Delhi on June 19th. When I reached New Delhi airport they told me the mistake I made. I just stood there not knowing what the hell happened. Then came this girl she asked me what is the problem. I told her ” Super Stupidity” and explained to her my situation. She took my passport and e-ticket paper and left talked to some people and came back with a ticket and told me to proceed to the check in lane fast. I did moved fast, looking for a pen in my bag. Once I got into the lane I turned to see her waving me bye. I said thank you and I am sure she read my lips and she smiled and went to another passenger. She wore glasses and is an employee of American Airlines in Delhi. That’s all I know. That was the stupid and Insincere part. I was thinking all the way during the flight what sort of a man I am, not even thanking her for the help I did.
  The flight was terrible, the food in the plane sucked big time, the flight attendants were rough, one even threatened me saying, I will call the Air Marshall and get you arrested, for using the toilet more than 5 min( I brushed my teeth and took a shave there hehehe). Well at the end of the day I am tired, feeling too fat but back.

Now how fat I become, look at me with Kunjhi Thangal, He is a family friend and one of the direct descendants of Prophet Mohammed(PBUH). I am going on a crash diet program from tomorrow to get rid of all the excess fat I got… in the language of the airline people… get rid of the excess baggage. hehehe…

Have a great weekend everyone. I am going to sleep all night tonight and tomorrow… before I start driving…

Time To Move.

When some event or situation comes to an end it really gives a hard feeling. Truly, the feelings is awesome after nearly a month of hectic vacation. The first half was spent on mostly Sufi meditation. Then I visited my relatives spent a lot of time relaxing. I thought of going around and taking some pictures and videos. I took some, I hope I will get enough time to edit and post them. One major change, I became bigger, not in height but in weight, I added an extra 15lbs and now stands around 210lbs. The food here is awesome…. hehehe.. I look like a little elephant now, especially around my waist. May be I will take a full picture of mine and post it here. I will try.
 Well, I am going to take a long drive once I reach USA. Those who know me very well will know exactly where I will be…..

To conclude this part of the year, let me just tell you, it is just hard to change things and when it happens, there is more of sadness of what is gone and it takes time for those feelings to evolve to gladness. Pray for me to smile soon, my friends, my virtual family, my darling, I love you all.

The Power Within

These are the last days here and it is busy here. Tomorrow I am going on a short trip. I have taken some videos, but it is very raw so I need to edit them a bit. I don’t know if I will find any time to do it before I start my journey back to America. I will try.

Here is a poem I wrote watching the European Soccer… Pretty good.. Netherlands just beat Italy 3-0… The explanation of the poem mmm I will tell in another post.

The Power Within

Surrounded by chaotic contradictions,
The charisma of life with spread out wings,
Oh’ passions sprouted in countless emotions felt,
And how many wonderful ways imaginations flown,
Upon those color filled spread out wings.

Deep inside every mind lives,
The pain and yearning of the unachieved,
Be it the dream of love,
Be it the fulfillment of a dream,
Be it the dynamics of everyday life,
Pain indeed is the part of every path.

Through those paths when one walk,
There indeed are hundreds of hurdles to pass,
Choice of life in front of everyone comes,
In the ways those hurdles one pass.

Some around those hurdles, face down fell,
Some at the first one, perplexed stand,
There are those for shortcuts look,
There are those who look way ahead,
Then there are those who try to go ahead,
With their faces to some long gone past turned. 

In all those minds one feeling in common found,
Fear, with the face of a monster unseen,
A monster that changes his face in sync,
With the given situation of the charismatic chaos.
In that fear like candles in a cathedral melts,
Life of many in meaningless chaos.

Oh’ they don’t understand at all,
Embedded in those fears is the power to quell that fear,
The power inside the mind bestowed,
The power to solve every puzzle of life,
The power of mind in strength of faith and belief grown,
A power, most seldom seeks,
Wasted mostly as feelings of youthful charms,
Charms that haunt humanity all their life,
And fertile their own graveyard weeds,

Mankind indeed are the wisest kind,
Mankind indeed are the best of all creations,
Mankind indeed were given the powers of all kinds,
Still many in depression of mind locks life,
And takes the meanings of their life to dust,
Dust with which their material being created.


I haven’t moved a bit from the apartment after I came to India. Justwaiting for the south western monsoon to become strong. It started offvery week this year. As many of you may know I love rain and the rain Iam talking about is not thunder storms. The monsoon rain without windor thunder just keeps on going, that’s the beauty of it. I will  putsome video and pictures in the next post.
  My sincere apologies for not commenting many posts of my friendshere… I will do it soon and the new subscribers… welcome to myworld.
 Now this poem… very simple, I started writing this one during theflight from Chicago to New Delhi. The second stanza is what I wrotefirst. Then I kinda lost myself in it. The recovery brought the rest ofthe poem.


From the furthest corners of memory recovered,
A dazzling dream of the arrival,
Of the magnificence of the cycle of life.

The street corners with dust filled,
And those white dust from above fell and fell,
Silence held winter by the throat,
Still the old man bound by his word,
Dragged along the same paths of time.

No footsteps upon the streets found,
Eyes from up above the high-rises peeped,
Shutout in fear unknown in the throbbing mind,
And then came the wind that filled everywhere,
And she held the hands of the old man,
And sung into senses of a youthful soul,
“Break away the chains that binds,
Break away the walls brick by brick,
Tire not O mind in the tiring life that blinds,
And never fell in the wicked life that tricks,
From the depths soul in gladness find,
Warmth of love that melts the freeze,
In the material senses feel.”

The dream filled the material senses of a soul,
Where the beauty of a face in fulfillment found,
Oh’ what wonderful feelings she leaves,
Every time about her mind thinks,
Never in life about her love doubt,
As in the love of her lifetimes this soul will wait.

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