Love Her Like Me

I happen to login to one of my old FB accounts which is not blocked by a girl. I like all that I saw except that this someone who is with her. Call me whatever you want just thought I will check how she is.. then I remember a song, Listen to it or just read the lyrics, you will get the point.

Love Her Like Me.

Music: Elton John
Lyrics: Bernie Taupin

You can take her
Make her change her name
You and your old money
Dance around the flame
But you can never, never love her like me

You can charm her
Calm her when she’s wild
Show a little comfort
Play with her inner child
But you can never, never love her like me

So I just close my eyes and steal her away when you sleep
Sneak her in my dreams every single day of the week
You may have her in the real world but if you could only see
How we rock this room in the twilight zone
And you can never, never love her like me, yeah

You can warm her
Charm her with your style
I know you convinced her
She’s the love of your life
And no, you’ll never, never love her like me

You can bless her
Keep her conscience clean
You can undress her
Go all the places I’ve been
But you’ll never, never love her like me

Love Her Like Me

In the eternal sadness of losing you.

Many many times I knocked, none answered,
I knocked and knocked now it is just a habit to knock.

I wrote those lines and said ‘Oh man you are fucked up’ then I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to see the movie I was watching on HBO got over the actress(Greta Gerwig) looked so good then I thought about a girl…. yeah my girl
I thought about her you morons.. I thought about my girl. I am fucking insanely in love with her.. Now when I see anything beautiful I think about her.
She can fuck any mother fucker out there but there is no mother fucker out there who can love her like I do. Life is brutal yes a sadistically brutal monster. But I will live through it all.. defining in everything I feel a new way to love her. mmuuaaah..good weekend.

ps: I checked .. sign in lock and followers lock blah blah blah…. I will try to find love for you in my eternal sadness of losing you.

A Spiritual Journey

A Spiritual Journey.

The ways we passed O’ sweetness the way we passed,
Now lie wild with darkness and silence filled,
Does it make you happy to leave roads that made you glad,
And dance through the concrete canyons where you are lost.

Spit at me for the wrong I said,
But those phantoms in your anger died and buried,
Now how I erase the fear in you
The answer I know not so no question mark I wrote.

A new way I will pave not,
As every corner shows another way,
But the way in my soul I find with your face painted,
Ah’ even when eternal sadness surrounds me,

I chose a spiritual journey than all other fake smiles.

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