The Orphaned Memory.

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Silence through the valley crawled,
But the wind a naughty game played,
To beat every bush from rocks on hills,
And falling streams who all in shyness giggled.

That late spring day woke somewhere up,
On snow-cap mountains were sun rays danced,
And through the snake-like roads, a car moved,
With windows open and between mom and day sat,

A little girl who sang along with her dad a song,
The calm, soft voice of Lionel Richie, Ah’ so wonderful,
They knew not, “How Long must this feeling go on”, but all sang,
The air, the pebbles, and plants all prayed, forever happiness.

The memories gathered Oh’, how precious they are,
None of them knew as the car along the bending paths moved.
None of them knew life paths ahead have more twists and turns,
And at times can become a blinding reality than a happy song.

Dreams have grown, so did that little child into a lady,
Her passions once to parents known, in material world they lost,
And every move she made left a million questions in their minds,
Every question took her away from their sight into the unknown,

Love gave calluses in souls and used every beat of hearts,
Tired they all stood as faces to each other became strange,
The unknown became a dark cloud and into it, she disappeared,
Memories once weaved all over the mountains as orphans lingered.

And came a night when another soul to her talked,
The young lady at times felt shy but never annoyed,
His little jokes and cautious reminders of life ahead,
In that night the song she remembered and found.

The world has a wonderful magnificence to communicate,
And to her dad, she sent that song that took one orphan,
From lingering memories, who got a new life in all hearts,
Once a little girl, now a lady, with a drop of tear in her eyes slept.

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Photo by Ali Karimiboroujeni on Unsplash
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