Eyes Of The Hunter.

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The burned down forest where winds still roam in search,
For the living to be burned the swirling flames missed,
The hunter looking for his one-time meal he must hunt,
But the wrath of God or Devil that wiped it all he knows not.

He is afraid of nothing, no wind, no fire, nothing imaginable,
That which lurks beyond knowledge, to face eye to eye, he prepared,
The embers glowing at him with their dying unknown vengeance,
Those they consumed, ah’, fallen for the generations to come.

Step by step he walked as life in the chaos reflected,
The material melancholy everyone living in every way mocked,
Oh’, that mockery is hunting the hunter as slowly he walked,
Then as if in kindness he sat, with his eyes welling like that of a mother.

The ashes showed the shape of a fawn with only eyes to be burned,
The teardrop from his eyes put off that little fire and he up he looked,
And in all clarity, he can see the mother looking at him as he killed,
He little one and vengeance burned in her eyes as she charged.

Justice can only be spoken by the survivers, ah’, that’s human law,
Those perished already spent and their sins and goods already written,
And to survive the fire, fire he must and without hesitation fire he did,
The arrow didn’t miss the broken heart as for her passing he waited.

The wind felt the hunt and turned and raced to him and his kill,
The vengeance of the wind subsided and no fire came with her,
Oh’, no ordinary hunter he is as in his eyes no reflection of chaos seen,
All wind and fires in his eyes seen were the reflections of his lost love.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Jordon Conner on Unsplash

The Disowned.

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Disowned by love, ah’, tremors of passion through veins ran,
Symbols of life all around felt, but, without her meanings unknown,
Oh’, the inevitabilities of cycles of life bring smiling faces to mind,
Faces never seen, yet, they are the pleasantness of the present.

There is a demon for every human who into heart whispers,
The opposite of reality, the opposite of good, Oh’, evil they are,
Stray away from those whisperers they live mostly in the minds,
Of friends, relatives, and well-wishers who will deliver you to hell.

I promise no heaven on Earth, I promise no path to heavenly gates,
For, I remember not, all the good I did as all good I know became,
The face I remember with a God-given gift to write a verse a day,
Oh’, heaven on Earth is a love-filled heart, love perfected for you.

Discarded by the world as a meaningless ghost, ah’, wandered,
Oh’, seen, a lot of journeys by pretty faces to find love perfected,
With raised head among them walk with a feeling of pleasantness,
I have loved and perfected it for her, the one who disowned me.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Ivan Karasev on Unsplash

Dreams Of The Wayfarer.

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How long in your thoughts will you vilify?
Me as the monster you dreaded in childhood,
How long you will kill the love that sprouts,
From your childhood, you learned to kindle?

Oh’, sweetness in your saliva came from nowhere,
When essence of my heart through senses you absorbed,
And at the tip of your tongue, you feel the taste of my love,
Love you wanted to taste all forged a wonderful soul.

And that wonderful soul came in a package you never expected,
Oh’, dear, isn’t it the beauty of life? Isn’t it the thrill of life?
That taste of love, not mine alone as it was from a life long journey,
Thousands of faces, hearts, and life all blended in only for you.

Oh’, wilderness of dreams let the wayfarer be fed,
With charms and glory unheard in real life and make it unreal,
For love, his life blended be buried in you for him to dream,
Forever and forever even after time and space lose their meanings.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Toms Rīts on Unsplash

The Unforgotten Flowers.

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One by one leaves started to leave their mothers,
The beginning of the fall has begun unknowingly,
Those who once as the fans of Nature danced,
Now fallen and rolled for ants to play hide and seek.

Oh’, the seasons have changed, the colors all around sprouting,
But no flowers anywhere to color my dreams I can see,
Tell me my love do you want me to color my romantic images,
In mind with dying and dead leave falling from once-proud trees?

Oh’, the season that left, warm and humid, still left tentacles,
The fan kept turning with the breeze wiping the sprouting sweat,
The speed gave the illusion they are rotating counter-clockwise,
Ah’, thought took my memory lane to the sprouting spring.

Remembered I, Ah’, Loved I, love her still, Oh’, Love her I will,
Through the thawed lands where sprouts waved happiness,
Millions of blooms of all colors spread for the heart and dream,
Oh’, dear, my dearest, in my eyes all of them had your face.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Two Hearts With One Beat.

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Oh’, dusk, read to me the story so incredibly makes,
You beautiful and into every heart, such happiness spreads,
And eats away every sickness from every living mind,
And makes the old young and the young more loving.

Then dusk to me came as the silhouette of a young girl and told,
“Long time back, before time and space united,
God created me as a beautiful girl with all the beauty,
Time and space in their existence shall ever see.”.

I looked at the shape of the young girl and said,
“Imaginations is what you give the world as a blessing,
And to the world, God gave you as a wonderful blessing,
But tell me, dear, how did you become such a color-filled delight?”.

“Ah’, seeing my beauty the Sun and the Moon started a fight,
To earn my love and make me their own and the fight raged,
The moon faded the sun unleashed his wrath and the fight went on,
Many days Sun took away his chariots from moon so nights be dark.

God saw these fight and then intervened and asked me,
“Who do you love more, the Sun or the Moon?”, I replied,
“Both are same to me and I am torn between the love of both,
Oh’, God you are the all-knowing, the mighty, so please help me.”.

God said “Love can be blind and deaf and you add beauty… then deadly,
But dear you said the keyword, Torn, your existence as a human is over,
But your beauty will be visible to the world until the end of times.”.
Silence grew stronger between everything; as for words I searched.

The fading silhouette stretched her hands one last time and said,
“Oh’, poet I hear the loving heartbeat of yours for her,
She sees me too as the twilight and enjoys every bit of me,
But, O’, poet her love and your love in two hearts with the same beat.”.

Darkness hesitated to spread across the horizons as she faded,
The sweating me knows that she took away every bit of my sickness,
Or, is the heartbeat of my darling became the healing,
But gladness spread in my heart as I know my heart beats for her.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Milanda Banda on Unsplash

Sitting By The Lake, Smiling.

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The bales of clouds hanging above her shining bright,
In the smiles of the sun setting in the Northwest,
The waves of the lake fought each other to reach her,
As she sat by the lake on a humid summer evening.

Maybe the naughty wind who danced upon her,
Or the coolness from the lake behind her,
Gave a bit of comfort for her to sit down by the lake,
Making nature take a breath of elegance and beauty.

What went through her heart, Oh’, a sacred mystery,
Maybe hopes became the sweetness in that heart,
Or Dreams found a way to manifest in thrilling emotions,
Or maybe thought about a funny remark from the night before.

My mind looked at her and said, “There is love in those eyes.”,
Oh’, I need no magnification to feel that love even in an image,
As art found a new perfection in her images in my mind,
As she sat by that lake smiling, defining new ways of love in me.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

The Speechless Lover.

Blog Post About This Poem.

All around nature for vibgyor I looked,
The pleasantness warm rain leaves,
For little hearts to see and scream,
Happiness, and the poets to imagine.

Luck seems to have left me for the day,
Then through my mind, I searched,
Those younger days when through rains I ran,
Screaming my happiness out at the sight of a rainbow.

Oh’, those younger days are still alive in memory lanes,
When about who I am and how I should be I learned,
When tongue twisted in front of sweet smiling girls I stood,
Another lesson about romance I learned, never hesitate.

Ah’, after through years I passed and nothing of mine twisted,
As for her query of my intentions, I said “because I like you”,
No hesitation as in my eyes I know love for her filled,
And my heart took a beat and weaved a word of love for her.

Oh’, I never thought the young heart that stood in front,
When rejecting me no hesitation she had shown,
But I saw the same love in my heart I felt for her fill,
For me and nothing more she spoke and away she walked.

When every day through my verses of love for her she heckles,
Oh’, that tongue twisted young man inside me wakes and smiles,
Maybe soon she may learn, love is blind and deaf but wonderfully felt,
A feeling in worldly fears and stereotypes she tries hard to suppress.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Daria Magazzu on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

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Twenty First Day Of August – 2019.

The gypsy sang a song in tunes heard not,
Nature danced to his tune as daybreak rolled,
Through the carpet of twilight from east,
To all around horizons bringing a new day of blessings.

As the time of the day found a new way to stretch,
Beyond the phantoms hiding in spaces unknown,
Oh’, mankind knows nothing about spaces in hearts,
Where the naughtiness of time cannot enter and age.

Noon passed into oblivion and the faded summer warmth,
Pressed hard to make a point about seasons,
I felt a silhouette of her holding my face in her arms,
Then I knew dreams entered my sleep in silence.

“Oh’, dream not about questions that were not asked yet”,
I said out loud when I woke up from my snoring nap,
Evening set the horizons for the end of the day drills,
Ah’, in every bit of Sky and Earth I saw, the face of love.

And that face became real when into your eyes I looked.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Taylor on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

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Twentieth Day Of August – 2019.

Gratitude, I wondered what it will do,
Through many paths I traveled and gained,
Knowledge of many kinds and met many people,
The good and bad, Oh’, how hard to balance.

In everything comes a point where I thanked,
God, the reasons God gave me to feel good,
And many times taking me away from danger,
Though to the world a disappointed man I become.

In younger days when through the rain I walked,
Then in youth when through the blazing sun I ran,
In my middle ages when with broken heart tired I stood,
Raised my head and thanked God and the reasons he gave.

In every moment between emotions a balance I searched,
Moments pass, heart in dark beat, logic empty remains,
Light comes when love fills and refills my veins,
Oh’, you are the reason I thank God on this day, Little Boss.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Naitian Wang on Unsplash

The Eye Of The Storm.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Little by little vapors from land and sea gathered,
Currents from under the sea soared with cold,
The air warmed from above in the summer sun,
The wonder of the universe revolved to see another storm.

East to west, north to south, wind like a stalker moved,
Gathered all he can and packed a punch to hit land,
The more he gathered, more prettier the storm became,
And in the middle formed the calm, the eye of the storm.

Creations of God in prayers ran, shelters filled, houses blown,
With twisting arms the storm hit hard, trees fell, seas swelled,
Miracles happened, lives saved, heroes birthed, still, many died,
Then came the eye of the storm, calm peaceful, pleasant.

Prayers answered, arms fell and the storm withered,
Houses, roads and bridges rebuilt and people celebrated,
The unity of humanity, peace and pleasantness returned,
As if the eye of the storm was left for the love of all.

Oh’, my love, the sweetness of my heart, I plead to read,
Even in an image when at your eyes I look my senses unite,
Every emotions from scattered ruins rebuild my love and fill,
With peace and pleasantness like that eye of the storm.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Jonatán Becerra on Unsplash
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