A Fool’s Romance.


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A Fool’s Romance.

So far away, far, far away sent,
Dreams, away from the crookedness,
For those dreams can find a way to peace,
Though they landed in a place so desolate.

Mind and Soul the parents in silence wept,
The drowning parents, Oh’ their children they saved,
From a world of machinations and manipulations of evil,
Disguised as divine, Oh’ saved them all tying to floating ice.

Every dream in that land so desolate buried,
Where lava flown, in other points were land froze,
Even in summer time, the air so thick with poisonous fumes,
Through there a dream restlessly wandered.

Ah’ the dreamer of dreams, the man who loved,
The faithful, the pious and the most beautiful in his eyes,
But the crooked world, evil world Oh’ they gnawed her mind,
And the darkness of anger in her mind they injected and he fell.

Words of love in mind roamed like orphans in a battle field,
The mighty stretched world looked so small with faces familiar,
Ah’ drama of the lost lover another time world in vengeance saw,
Their laughter broke the dreams one by one and to desolate land flew.

The dreamer fell and his mud filled face none can see,
What she thought his mind can’t read still a blessing he left,
And through the crowd so strange he walked and walked and walked,
Ah’ then from the depths of soul a strange whisper he heard.

The whisper that sprouted another thousand dreams,
But all fell apart as nothing but dark clouds spitting lightnings he saw.
“No more fool’s romance I need” he screamed and away he tried to run,
Then from near a real voice filled with apologetic tears he heard.

With eyes closed there he stood with nothing to gain or lose,
In mind’s eyes saw desolate lands where the restless dream wandered.
Everywhere sprouted millions of dancing flowers spreading scents of love,
When eyes he opened, saw the smile of her, new life of a romantic dream.

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Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

She – Eighteen.


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She Eighteen.

Thunder and lightning all around fell,
And a new dance rain drops learned,
Wind the hands of rain night fetched,
And howled aloud around the horizons, echoed.
The heaven sent verses of my love for you.

Then the sun came up and taught rain a new dance,
And rainbows birthed and melted beyond reach,
Rivers and lakes like naughty girls giggled first,
Then from my heart a handful of beats took,
And in those beats sang a song of my love for you.

The whole nature stood and sang,
The world around screamed out loud,
No rhymes between world and nature I heard,
As the songs of love of mine to you drowned,
In wild screams of the world all round you..

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

Photo by Luke Braswell on Unsplash

Time To Fly.


The attached image was given by ‘Realistic Poetry’ on Twitter and told to write a short poem. Here is what I wrote.

Time To Fly.

Started with a crawl, ah’ then many hands held,

When fallen wept then shed tears my parental hands wiped,

Many miles away from all wandered,

The vagabond life, learned, lived, enjoyed and cried more.

Everything to the wrath of time with age fell,

Never crawled, never cried but in wheels rolled,

Now time beyond senses passed by,

No need to crawl, no wheels needed, time to fly.