The Fairy Tale Writer.

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Times have changed so did viewpoints of minds,
Tales of the fancy of minds, ah’, fairies told,
And dreams woke even in the brightness of days,
Such dreams a poet translated into verse.

The wilderness of the world as a canvas he took,
His own romance into lives around he blended,
And from one of those lives a dream he heard,
And into that “bright smile” verses he wrote.

“Loveliness through the cityscape spread,
Love in the heart of the man from soul sprouted,
Touching every dream from her childhood she saw,
He became the charming prince upon a unicorn came.

The unicorn from the mountain flew through the morning dew,
And the prince took the rainbow and fired his arrows of love,
The dreams fulfilled and in front of her, reading her soul he stood,
Writing another dream, filled with love from her heart he stole.”.

What love he wrote, ah’, not any ordinary smile in his mind he saw,
The embedded smiles of a lover who yearned his love with love,
He felt and that to a dream led and that dream into life he wrote,
Oh’, poet became poetry and better poetry from there he wrote.

Reality proclaimed as fantasy and fantasy fabricated reality,
Ah’, such life when wrote became the fantastic fairy tale,
The beginning the poet in love-filled ways of two hearts he wrote,
A fairy tale in time two lovers through realities of life will conclude.

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Photo by Naitian(Tony) Wang on Unsplash

Sorrow Of The Penancing Sage.

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Heart beats to find a rhythm for the body to follow,
Perplexing times in narrowed spaces no rhythms found,
So all arrows of the life at the unloved soul turned,
The very thought about love ah’, an endless torture.

But from deep inside the soul the courage he found,
Where colors of all that world adore meant nothing,
The paths the world paved with rubbish filled,
And they led to pastures that shown unrecognizable mirages.

Oh’, each wish inside his soul with her face he weaved,
And every one of those wishes he strung together,
Ah’, dedicated every bit of his energy in those wishes,
But a penancing sage he became, alone, in some wilderness.

Not so far, not really near she stood, sat, slept but left,
Him in his penance as the world in all its colors around her danced,
Those chaos blurred vision deafened her and drowned the felt love,
A drop of tear rolled down Sage’s cheek to become ink of his verse.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Story Of The Day.

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Second Day Of August – 2019.

The night lost his obsession to light and gathered,
Clouds to cover the starlight reaching my eyes,
I see no more dreams as lightless became,
My subconscious too without the light of her love.

What part of night blacked out her dreams?
Or is it the bright light of fate that blinded her?
Oh’, Little Boss whoever told to abandon my love,
Wrong they are, for nothing can stop me from loving you.

Noon was outshone by a pleasant evening away,
From thoughts and wild attempts to weave new dreams,
And brightened the night with touches of love for Little Boss,
Prayers filled my thoughts for her in wealth and health.

Every day in one way or the other, a reason I find,
To heal disappointments or romance and drown,
Pain of the ignored, Insult of the abandoned,
Oh’, all gives me a good reason to smile in love.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Story Of The Day.

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Thirty First Day Of July – 2019.

Morning through the great plains scattered,
And through branches, leaves, and grass cruised,
Those little birds learning to sing found new tunes,
With mouths full of honey sang sweeter than honey.

The search of the morning continued late closer to noon,
Looking deep into life for something I can’t comprehend,
Then to lighten the intensity named I the morning, Little Boss.
Oh’, I wonder what she looks for in my love for her.

As noon and afternoon in their rituals passed,
Into the evening I relaxed through my life with thoughts,
How wonderfully into my life Little Boss can blend,
Her life and together a stronger life we both can build.

The night burned around me in a new intensity,
Question of romance ruling life in full arch rose,
Through the veins of time spread night into life,
And life recited in verses of love the written fate,

Fate of me and you together in love, my Little Boss.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Story Of The Day.

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Twenty Eighth Day Of July – 2019.

Silence roamed free in the last phase of the night,
As dance of the light rehearsed between late night stars,
As sleepless tiredness held my brain and vowed,
To break me into a somnambulistic warrior of romance.

And to those feelings of tiredness aloud I said,
“Oh’, she said, “I am much older” and stabbed,
The romantic harder than you all ever can,
But she knows she can’t kill me as she loves me.”.

The madness of the summer day wildly tried,
To masquerade the insanity with sunshine,
Oh’, no magic manipulation can kill my love,
That gnawed the day away but my love shone,

Bright with the face of my Little Boss and reigned,
My heart, my soul and the essence of my time,
And to time and the pulse of the world I said,
“She is the love, soulmate, my twin flame.”.

The night didn’t even tried to take a swing at my love,
And fell apart in thunderstorms as my soul deep felt,
The untouched love of Little Boss bit by bit she feels,
And that love has only one face, my smiling face.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Soroush golpoor on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

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Twenty Seventh Day Of July – 2019.

Day woke up into the busy life of a weekend,

As I forgot to see the beauty of the morning twilight,

And through the eyes of the busy man I looked,

Second by second life into the day drained.

Left I my home, my town and somewhere in town my love,

Oh’, Little Boss, I wished I can say bye to you with a kiss,

Love indeed is a fantastic feeling that blurs reality,

When parting, Oh’, hearts ache, eyes well, and dreams sprout.

The train ride much more relaxed and fun filled,

Than any flight or drive I can take to OZ land,

Kind people I met, found new styles of thoughts,

But every thought began and ended with Little Boss.

When passing by great rivers I thought,

Oh’, is there a dream I should float away,

Ah’, yes my conscience said and I floated,

The nightmare where I lose my LIttle Boss.

Peace achieved my mind and silenced,

Doubts and fear, answerless questions,

Then when destination came to me I said,

“Oh’, make me the blessing she seeks everyday.”.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019

Story Of The Day.

Sixteenth Day Of July – 2019.

The silent night at the full moon again and again gazed,
As sky slowly in the east turned burning bright red,
The moon fell far into the ocean to bathe and be ready,
To show his pretty face to the romantics on the other side.

The brightness of the moon in my mind slowly faded,
As a memory of Little Boss took me to bed and dreams,
The phantoms of morning all around me screamed,
A grin stayed on my face when about her, I dreamed and slept.

The stillness of the afternoon spread far and wide even on to Sun,
Who blazed and gazed across horizons for a new look and sense,
All he achieved was another day of burning and the world mocked,
And celebrated another fantastic summer day uncaring the sweaty sun.

Evening and early night tried their circus to distract,
Me from a calamity unkindly stalked me, unknown to me,
But the stalker failed to hide and with stalker I fabricated,
Yet another story to tell myself in my soliloquy and laugh.

Late night stood bright with another bright-lit moon up high,
Oh’, his adventures on the other side of planet thinned him a bit,
But the halo he left on my mind around my Little Boss glowed,
And made the romantic feeling of love fattened a bit more this day.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

At Miller Park Watching A Baseball Game.

The Love She Found.

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I wonder where to start everything new,
When all that in life I passionately cared,
Faded away into the thick fog beyond sight,
Paths like veins in a body, no beginning no end.

Oh’ looked back to find a closed door to knock,
But those doors beyond recognition disappeared,
Still knocked at anything hard one can find,
As cold in the falling rain so cunningly brewed.

Alone, directionless, cold and in a season unknown,
Oh’, the unloved man, a selfless dictator became,
His blood thickened and his flesh warmed,
To preserve the love he felt, for the one he loved.

The world may invent new ways to destroy his love,
For a girl in his heart and soul he very well know,
Is the only one he can ever love, he will forever love,
Even the very thought about her, ah’ brings a new glow.

Clasping his own hand at the withering weather he faced,
That new glow found ways from his soul to his eyes,
Showing ways for her to find a way to his lonely soul.
As the chaos of the world not to venture into her ears screams.

And at the world and the stereotypes he smiled,
Binding ropes of structures that stops a loving heart,
And to her his plea screamed “Break loose from those,
Who binds you to a meaningless and loveless world”.

Night came, everything once again by darkness consumed,
He looked for her all around and nothing he found,
The world looked for them and nothing they found,
She looked and found the glow of those eyes, bright and clear.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Flemming Fuchs on Unsplash

The Dead Clock.

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The pendulum of life swayed and swayed,
A rhythm predestined for us to walk, run and even cry,
The pendulum cannot be stopped by any act,
For connected to it are the wheels many connect to.

The love, guidance and teachings of parents begins,
To move that pendulum to move those wheels,
Then the schools that teach us to move the pendulum,
To move the wheels in our own ways and reasons.

Oh’ one will wish if life where a stand alone clock,
Aha’ no it is not for one clock connects to another,
In networks none figured out in philosophy and science,
And unknowingly pendulums and wheels of others we move.

Then there are clocks against the rhythms move,
Ah’ they fall apart as the wheels erratically revolves,
Uncontrolled they all break and break others too.
Oh’ those are forgotten mechanisms none can understand.

The pendulum of my clock stopped a while back,
But the wheels moved on and on unknown to me,
Then one day when your smile brightened my life,
I know the wheels of my love only turns with your moves.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Kalaca Studio on Unsplash