Dedication Of A Life.

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Oh’ does the passing time know the pain of waiting?
The wilderness of thoughts in desperations asked.
Lovers never loses their love as forever embedded,
In their genes a mark of their true love for their love felt.

Oh’ will time every shed tears as the fallen lover screams?
In the tragedy of the mockery of lifetimes of passions,
By one moment of misunderstandings and disagreements,
All they lose is time from a life much shorter than they know.

The spreading wind took hands of time and blew the dust,
To show the world how love in hearts were destroyed,
To show how love in the material world were shredded,
Ah’ how evil gnawed through two loving hearts.

Deep in his heart images of her were drawn,
No evil of the material world can destroy, no time can erase,
Imageless soul, Oh’ wanders in a world of soulless humanity,
Shadows behind and beyond in celebrations danced.

Loneliness again celebrated through shadows with no figures,
Mind shivered upon the lines of sanity and insanity,
Visions lost their meanings into a dust filled world,
Only the howling of the wind pounding winds heard.

Sun may set again in the west and rise in the east,
Time may rewrite history of pain in another way,
Love from a can never be erased by pain or worldly fun,
As I dedicated life in loving you knowingly and unknowingly.

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Photo by Ana Francisconi on Unsplash

A New Lesson For You.

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The lonely tree’s branches like an Indian dancer’s pose stood,
As the volcanic rocks towered behind like a witness of ire,
Of a gone by past of violent actions and reactions when making,
Mother Nature from gas, dust, and water from all corners of universe.

The fury gone, mother calmed, children were born, trees grown,
Floods came, water receded, maps were drawn, by her own hands,
Wiser and wiser humanity became, pole to pole directions we wrote,
And directionless became races, religions, nations, and empires.

No expert I am to say what is good and what is evil,
What is beautiful, what is not beautiful as in all I know,
There is good, there is beautiful, there is evil, and unpleasant,
Ah’ we failed to learn, understand, and accept the balance.

The twists and turns of the dynamics of life, ah’ how unpredictable,
Mind blown schematics like the patterns in a kaleidoscope turns,
A flick of fingers, everything changes, all through a narrow tunnel seen.
What wonders of world we have seen? How many more we ignored?

Earth in its mighty magnificence, ah’ silently tilts and turns,
None knows the perfection of the grand scheme of anything,
Oceans grew darker and darker in depths; brighter soul glows,
The deeper and deeper I search for the meanings of my feelings.

No silence shut my ears; no words dilute my thoughts, only a chant,
Blended into the beat of my heart, in no verses I can repeat,
No images, no similes, no colors, ah’ an endless ocean of love,
Lighting every moment of yours as a new lesson of life you learn.

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Photo by Vitaly Nikolenko on Unsplash

Kiss Of The Thin Air

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The fantastic morning wept when she left,
As the lord of the day melted every bit of dew,
Ah’ it looked like the tears of the morning fairies,
Yet, the world rejoiced in the warmth of spring.

The branches in the warmth to sprout stretched,
As the trees rooted deeper to find more hold,
The cunning cold still tried hard to keep his grip,
Hid beneath skins of trees away from the shinning sun.

Sun like a fiery ball with his uncompromising pride shined,
In the warmth woke thin air winds who took the touch of sun,
And danced upon the branches beneath where the lazy cold hid,
Then from plains came a pretty bird unseen in beauty by mankind.

The poet stood unaware to the unfolding magic of nature,
The bird watched again and again and listened to his verses,
The she fluttered her wings in quietness not to disturb his peace,
But the thin air took her wing scents and texture unto him.

Upon his reciting lips the wind touched like a kiss,
And his eyes he opened, ah’ the wonderful kiss he felt,
Nothing he saw, nothing he heard, just the touch of her from far,
Heart smiled, soul danced, ah’ beauty of love forever he felt.

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Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

The Memory Of Love.

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Oh’ through the Nature I looked,
From the west to east and east to west,
Absorbing everything from my heart I sang,
Verses about my love and the one I love.

When in everything I sense I feel you,
Ah’ even Mother Nature in jealous weep,
Wiping off those showers of tears more I love,
More to taste happy tears I have never tasted.

Not a dream seller I am nor a dream weaver,
Ah’ dreams of mine are filled with you,
So no dream can I drown or float away,
For in the realization of them is a definition.

The definition of you and I, ah’ a fulfillment,
Of us like a stagnant pond in the woods stands,
Why torture minds when love you and I taste?
Ah’ why fear to be you and I for each other?

You and I oh’ dear are part of the present a reason,
Not another fancy of an unloving evil machination,
What breaks hearts will laugh through our times,
What unites us will spread light through times.

So weave your dream our faces standing eye to eye,
Hand in hand, and heart beating in other’s joy.
Whatever maybe the fate that brought us together,
Let us not fall for the ills of it but make it a memory of love.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Sam Chapman on Unsplash

The Smile That Burns.

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Emotionless stood trees as if awaiting some hope,
Drained were the essence from their barks stretched,
In seasons passed and creatures cracked, mercilessly.
Disappointments turned to anger and sadness and froze,
Mind and passions like an ocean under iceberg spread.

Calmness came when present forgotten and deeper crept,
Light from some unknown lucky stars that brought faces,
To mind’s eyes and spread joy that in turn rejuvenated,
A man’s spiritual realms and material being with images,
Ah’ wished and wished they were yours and I was blessed.

What expression man can make for the world to understand?
The fallen sadness meant a learning and an understanding,
That you are the fulfillment of a journey of a lifetime traveled,
The pain, the waiting, the yearning all bound to a reality,
And that reality unfolded when sadness fell with just your smile.

Then the man sat at shore with a heart loaded with dreams,
Of past and faces passed with promises came and left sadness,
One by one I made them into small sail boats with faces filled,
And let them sail into the unknown winds from darker clouds,
What befell them I can’t care as the present and the future is you.

The fallen emotions with hopes and new imaginations raised,
Oh,’ the spiritual energies diluted into the blood and filled,
Every bit of me who grown young though timed aged my time.
As the anthem of mine, these days rang bells and sang,
Unrhymed verses that made you the symbol of true happiness.

Hours of days, days of weeks with her in mind spent,
That passion though not clearly known funneled the essence,
Of the fuel that made a nobody into a lover, one with nothing,
A caring man, a better lover, through verses to the world express,
His love and how wonderful the one who feels his love.

Then there is the reality, the monster that forces hide ‘n’ seek,
Where expressions get twisted beyond recognition and fear,
Oh,’ fear that dabbles hearts into dreamless, sleepless, seclusion.
A fire that empties expressions in that fear and returns nothing.
Ah’ I only take a smile in return that fuels my love for you.

The smile through my soul burns every second of the day.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Ana Francisconi on Unsplash

The One That Redefined And Rediscovered My Love.

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The howling winds rolled way up above in chanting,
The prayers of minds lost in love and lost their love,
Fabricated life rooted all around the barren lands,
The lost greenery felt like the love lost to memory.

The dawn choreographed the dew drops dance,
Twilight yawned and woke up the East,
“Oh’ horizons of my birth” my waking soul wept,
Memories filled my soul with her faces for me to smile.

Then to the west I looked as gloom set with twilight in East,
The spreading warmth about an up coming sprint sang,
Those murmurs like chanting monks bare naked trees echoed,
The scattered clouds united and showered a blessing upon my love.

What threads from nature I will take and weave,
A new dream for me to spread through my senses,
You are not a dream, not a story, not a metaphor,
You are the love that redefined and rediscovered my love.

Every bit of Nature and every bit of imaginations showed,
Only you and only through you I feel the real and unreal,
And Nature for you and I spread every thread for us to weave,
Our love that together we braid. never to be torn or unbound.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

A Reasonable Man.

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The feelings of you in the winds I feel,
The slow moving dream into veins embed,
Silhouette of my romance ah’ they show only you,
Gives me a reason upon Earth to be reasonable,
To lay down my shield and to your love surrender.

The freedom of your love with innocence filled,
Ah’ I understand the purity of your doubts,
Though my own matured mind lost in innocence,
As I know not what turns your face away,
From me and my love, your innocence or fear?

Thoughts flew as flurries as far as winds carried,
Then upon a tree they sat in rest but the warmth felt,
Oh’ the energy of your elegance felt from inside to melt,
Any fear and doubts in the mind where in purity they birthed,
Ah’ my empty mind to receive the ocean of love of yours.

That thought, the very thought of your love I receive,
First brought a happy tear, then a humble bow in respect,
When more and more imaginations opened and accepted,
The sanctity of a pure heart, a gathering felt around my soul,
The gathering of emotions that in arrogance raised my face.

Even in the middle of the winter winds, raised face sweat,
As soul to every corner of the universe, I know a light spread,
Unknown to mankind but love indeed brought a passion,
For romance with pain of hunger and thirst but the penance,
That connected us soul to soul ah’ impeccably unbound.

But a reasonable man I am as for your happiness awaits.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

A Fish Under Frozen Lakes.

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I love the winters of North,
Isolated, from the wild, wicked chaos,
Howling winds and frozen lakes, freeze,
Even the sprouting dreams from the depths of soul.

No flowers to color any life,
No screaming lovers to distract,
No half naked women to attract,
Romance into erotic fantasies and be lost.

The air tight windows ah’ to a clear mind unfelt.
Laid down a dreamy mind under the cold pillows,
Somewhere from the black and white nature felt,
My blessings of a lifetime is about to wrap a happy knot.

No more questions with honesty I can ask,
Ah’ my love for her is as black and white as winter,
As deeper as the deepest oceans of Earth,
Where darkness never enters and her love is the light.

Images of the future in mind as a neverending show played,
Frozen dreams lost their charms as new lights sprouted,
But without her, no new dreams my mind can see,
Without her, life is a trapped fish under those frozen lakes.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

A Break, In Enjoyment.

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No dreams, no stories to tell, nothing more to talk,
Even in a soliloquy in the confinement of four walls.
No passion, no smiles, no jokes to crack a laugh,
Even as the days passed color filled, yet, uncaring.

A world addicted by the thirst for happiness,
And the shenanigans by people to live them,
On and on to rewind to a moment into gone by past,
Ah’ and the present stands unclaimed, unfelt.

Young life, youth life, sweet life, ah’ the world hailed,
And life touched them deep and wide and they all lived,
From dusk till dawn they slept well, from dawn till dusk,
They slaved beyond the worst salves Egypt ever produced,

And to all that said, “No” never into the world blended,
May the world into existence blend and let time move,
Love the magic sprouted in imaginations and brewed.
Realities of good, bad and unseen and unfolded in her mind.

Ah’ when she said “No” for him time paused,
Existence became oil in water and the world a market,
Were, for no money sold images through verses recited,
Images of love meant only for her, by her unaccepted.

To his own soliloquy where images became words, he told,
“Live on dreams, live through times in no way I can imagine,
Where loses of images drag me down and to my knees,
Life had taken a break and blinded my imaginations.”

Where will be the light as directionless he searched,
His light is in the love of her, ah’ a candle left unkindled,
The melting winter under his feet felt but unsprouted remained,
The spring he sought, as away from him in break life enjoyed.

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Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash