Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Had a late late sleep. This is a day after a rainy day, gloomy but not dark enough to say sun went supernova. But I know one thing, jobs in USA had gone supernova and gone beyond Milkyway. Screw all these politicians and business folks. I am gonna write poetry. Yeah I believe y’all know, I am a poet first everything after.

The Onlooker.

The Onlooker.

A busy day in sweetness of summer born,
With trees standing with leaves and parasites covered,
With the awaken humanity the chaos started,
What wonderful ways Oh’ our lives we complicated.

The employed rushed to their employment,
At home mothers and father for the day prepared,
The unemployed busier than the employed all around rushed,
Ah’ there is more to do when not employed than when employed.

One after the other past in images in and out faded,
Lifeless days, undisciplined ways, all meaningless, now united,
As monuments of a past forever in soul engraved,
The meanings of it all, as an image in a mirror I see.

Ah’ every step I made, the ground gave away,
The fallen truth, image in the mirror distorted,
Unbearable silence forcefully broken,
To scream I tried, but only sobs out of me came.

Life the revealer, revealed more than asked for,
Still wondered why always from far I looked,
But never were close enough to feel it all,
As the blessing of it all in the mirror never I saw.

Oh’ never to look at the mirror I decided,
Silence all the arrows at me fired,
A lone way I expected and longer it felt,
As round and round is all I can go on.

The mirror in the middle, me around it running,
In the morning light all I see,
Ah’ the one running don’t look at the mirror anymore,
As the blessing he seek, stood looking at him, with tear filled eyes.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

The Future Ways.

Dust from behind cars up blown,
And took shapes of creatures mankind never seen,
Then joined hands of summer wind and danced,
Across the barren land under a tree I sat,
The tree cooled the wind and there I just sat.

Tried to think about the days to come,
But found none to guide in future ways,
Tried to think into the days to past gone,
Found none who cared to follow my ways.

Up to the tree I looked and aloud I said,
“Oh’ once upon a time far, far from here I saw,
A picture of a tree and in my heart I wished,
Like that tree one day I will find a place to grow,
And branch out becoming a shade to all,
But a man I am who in plights through lands passes,
And my growth is in every step I lay,
And the lesson I learn when upon every eyes I look”.

Stood up I and walked through the barren lands,
Heard no branches clank or saw no waves of leaves,
Then a thought through my mind passed,
The lives of people I must touch,
The lives of things I must reach,
Are the ways of future through which I must pass.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved-2011

Midnight Reverie.

Alone in the back yard I stood,
Time the wonderful walker walked,
Space the carrier of time across spread,
Why am I in this space through which,
Time slowly ahead and ahead walked?
Space moved, time moved along with it all,
Unknown to all I too moved.
Midnight galloped away with her dark stallions,
Way above witnessing an onlooker of life watched,
Blinking stars in all their wonders moved,
Smiled I at those fast moving creations of God,
It’s just that God paused me in this backyard,
When all others moved way beyond,
Some even on the dark stallions fell behind,
Then there are those with all efforts to forget I tried,
Only one remained in mind, whom I forgot to make her smile.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved-2011

Happy Noon!!

Happy Noon!!
The wind through the fans round and round went,
And from the heat all around in vengeance danced, tried to cloak,
Silent I sat as in depths of mind patience settled scores with passions,
A thousand reasons I can say to be frustrated, sad and depressed,
Oh’ time can drag his feet around me,
A thousand curses and black magic, foes at me can throw,
Take away every means of life I have,
Cry I will not, silent I never will be,
The patience will persist the lover will never sleep,
The waiting first brought pain, then all froze,
Then it became a habit, now an addiction,
In the obsession of one successful blessing,
I find happiness this day and will find every day after,
As somewhere in my mind echoed the vows,
Of love and happiness for my darling I want to share.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved-2011

Hopes In The Morning.

The cunning summer no longer played hide`n’seek,
But still a wonderful artist as all over horizon painted,
The beauty of a morning I have never seen before,
And may never see again to my mind I said.

Then upon the bed laid and all alone watched,
The sun rolling his muscles over well painted image,
Billions of golden rays upon my face fell and reminded,
Only a soul filled with love for me can compete,
Somewhere she is and hopes a wonderful morning she sees,
And wishes the world a wonderful morning from her wonderful soul.

Evening Chaos

To the blistering heat of the sun the day fell tired,

And the veins bled the skies and went dark,

Birds lost their ways screaming flew,

Creepy creatures out of their holes crawled.


The depth of mind in it all reflected.

The silence of mouth kept listeners away,

Oh’ the poet see in the dark same as light filled time,

As the light of his love for the darling shined bright.


The evening died, night took the corpse away,

The night flew all around without directions.

Oh even the darkness looks deep in my mind,

As the love for her calmed this mind and all seen.


Noon Time Wait

The sun shined up bright,
The birds hid under the widened leaves,
The sky cleared to show blue up high,
The heat of summer all around felt,
The heat of summer even heavens sweat,
The heat of the heart in the summer buried,
The beat of the heart so fast heard,
The one it meant to be ignored what’s heard,
In sweetness or sourness of life,
Heart in pause wait to know.

Good Morning!!

The warmth of summer like an ocean spread,
Darkness too stood bare naked sweating,
Then to fuel the summer for yet another day birthed,
Morning in the east in silence of Mother Nature,
And this poet a good morning for you all wish,
And for a cooler day and a wonderful day pray.
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