City Lights

It is more than a week since I updated this. Life is great, at some points in happiness I thank God and other times in desperation I plead to him for help.  The mix up sometime is not balanced still I love every moment of it. I some how got the ability to see life from different directions so when things go wrong I know to back off and shut myself down. There are a lot of things I want to say, but those are things I should not speak about. But there is an outlet through which it comes…. My poetry. Read this poem and try to get it. The right of it and the wrong of it. The good gestures and the mistakes. The kindness and the cruelty. Still, every morning amazes me in a new way., the greatest blessing I know I got from God.

City Lights.

The traffic always brings down the busy,
Who otherwise know no patience,
One after the other in obedience they move,
Through the wide roads, filled with locomotives.

The big city in this never ending rush never slept,
Laid for the best, worst and the dirtiest,
Footsteps and tire marks, skyscrapers and cardboard boxes,
Oh’ the wilderness of the man made jungle,
Wilder than what nature ever grown.

The dust and smoke filled the air,
Still the smoker smoked mercilessly,
The soul of the city for rain yearned,
But souls in air-cooled rooms prostituted.

Wounds of yesterdays and today,
They never healed as uncared they all remained,
But the material man covered them with polyester ideas,
But deep down the soul of this wonderful city, wept.

The playful hooligan drawn graffiti wherever he can,
The disciplined one kept his head down and walked,
The untiring immigrant watched his dream fade away,
The scrupulous and lusty man laughed yet another day,
But when days and nights he don’t remember,
And forgets yet another time,
Fate awaits holding the last laugh deep in the soul,
Right before one touches dust, fate will laugh,
That’s when one knows beneath the big city one see, lay,
The very dust from which one was created and where one returns.

Oh’ one more evening walk for me, a late one than usual,
I walked through the alleys familiar,
The scavenger rats and the waiting owls,
The cleaned up streets and filled up trash cans,
Everything takes a personality and give me a look,
With a smile I walked to a junction unknown,
Where many streets in a circle meet,
Then I looked back at the ways I came,
The scarred city lay way back but darkness everywhere crept,
The hooligan, the disciplined one, the immigrant, the lusty man,
Oh’ none can be seen but lights that shown me a way.


The eve ofValentine’s day, there are millions out there who forget everdifference and get together with the ones they care about. There may bedifference in view points but starting this evening for the next 30hours it the time to celebrate relationships and the achievement ofrelationships. The day of love has arrived and let us hug each other inthe way life loves us all. Here is a poem I wrote just now… just forthis occasion.




The winter cold from all side squeezed,

Even the howling wind in that pressure vanished,

Oh’ how can a surprise walks it’s way,

But still an isolated heart waits.


Never did he measured her love,

In what she said or what she wrote,

But found all he wished for,

In the depths of her eyes, so green.


Silence for the loving heart is suffocating,

When knowing no reasons, it is frustrating,

When silence is what she chose,

Even in that silence he found her love.


In the pleasantness of her love drowned,

Passions felt like the arrival of spring,

From the darkest depths of winter,

The warmth, the scent, and kisses from her lips felt,

Upon lips and senses took the feeling deep into the soul.


Oh’ all scattered memories now,

All live as a dream which was once real,

The torment of waiting joined the winter cold,

And pierced deep through every vein,

Every drop of blood in vein became,

The synonym of a lover’s pain.


From his soul every good he can gather, he gathered,

And sacrificing the blessing of all that good he prayed,

May the love of souls be the blessing,

The best humanity can achieve,

Let love be the foundation of all actions,

In perfection a human can complete,

And let the love of true kind be answered,

In the same way the lover who loved.


The warmth from his soul repelled the cold,

And through near darkness he walked,

Though to the material world alone he is,

His mind and soul by the love for her consumed,

Without the feeling of loneliness he walked,

Though the pain of waiting subsided,

In wrath of the pain still not destroyed,

A smile upon his face blossomed,

When these thoughts stormed his mind,

The looking at the darkened sky he said,

“A lover who don’t patiently wait,

Cannot love at all, as peace, patience, kindness,

Gratefulness, the happiness of it all and the pain of it all,

Makes love the greatest blessing and achievement of humanity”.


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.



A Fulfilled Soul.

I am really busy, helping some online daters. Sounds weird isn’t it? That’s the truth. Not much to update now about anything happening around. Kinda stale now, I feel a calm before a storm. If no storms happens, it is me, I will make one. Wait and see.


A Fulfilled Soul.


A beautiful morning around me woke,

And touched my face with the hands of light,

Then in the depths of mind I felt,

A feeling for so long unfelt,

As the soul once more in love smiled,

Then at the clock I looked to learn,

The hour of morning has not arrived.

Then my soul to me spoke,

It is the love of her through your five senses you feel,

It was about you my soul spoke.


And into my minds eyes I looked,

The imprint of those wonderful eyes I find,

The essence of a soul with which made,

A soul in which love a new definition finds,

Every moment of her conscious life,

Oh’ from those newly found definition,

Sprouts feelings of love mankind feels,

That makes them love their lovers without imagination.


Eyes are the windows to a soul, they say,

Eyes of yours are the doors to perfection,

A soul in every meaning and actions purifies,

Every other soul at which you smiles.


Oh’ that smile holds the beauty of a thousand springs,

The warmth of the evenings of ten thousand summers,

And can melt glaciers in millenniums frozen,

And from night of this life erase,

Darkness, as the brightest star so close seen.


The morning into history faded,

But not the memory of those eyes and soul,

In which I feel the paradise of my love,

Without which my heart the grave of my love,

With which the standing monument of happiness,

And in every breath I take in thankfulness I pray,

For the sanctified soul my God made me,

And I walk through these days fulfilled.

And every day is a new day that pass through new time,

But her love for me and my love for her will remain forever, same.


Night arrived like a fugitive unseen and unknown,

But the calm wind in the winter from behind caressed,

The soul of the wind spoke,

About the dream you felt,

From your mind where embedded,

The silhouette of lifetimes of love in your eyes dances,

And kisses my soul from where,

A new dream about life sprouts,

Every time a kiss is laid,

And from those dreams comes reality,

As the touch of yours when I plunge

My face into your imaginary palms in love,

Though far, far away you are,


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