Fluttering Promises.

Question me not in the paths I take,
Where phantoms behind veil of dark hide.
Walk not ahead of me,
For you will slow me down,
Walk not behind me,
For you will fall back,
Walk with me to the future times,
Where in the held hands promises will flutter,
The promise of shared gladness kept,
In cocoons of love nests we built,
From which in fulfillment they evolve,
Into the happiness of those times.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2015.

Unknowingly Synchronized Unknown.

For the fear truth went unspoken,
You spoke not for the fear of my obsessive brutality,
I spoke not for the fear of losing you.

But mind cannot hold the truth,
Mine being my love for you which to hide I tried,
Into a past with anger and misfortunes built,
Out of time hardened stubbornness.

The feeling in me persisted,
And the unknown unknowingly synchronized,
Every time a man touch you,
Heartbeats slows down, veins tightens,
And all ends in pain released through every cell in my body,
And the soul screaming to be heard, to be loved.

Every time all that as an insanity I accept,
Insanity into a sane mind injected,
With love only for you.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2015.

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