An Irrevocable Promise.

Here is the horoscope email I received “Daily Horoscope for Saturday, March 30
You aren’t sure you’re where you need to be right now, but that just means that you need to spend more time considering your future. The present may be just a path to a better life tomorrow.” That made me think what can I take to my future? Maybe I should abandon everything, thoughts, wishes, dreams?…well I wrote the poem as an answer.

Have a great weekend.

An Irrevocable Promise.

One by one days have gone,
Night like days and day like nights,
All part of luck only heaven knows.
As all I feel is a squeeze in my soul.

One by one to shed the memories I tried,
Day after day failure adored my attempts,
All part of a life with smiles I welcomed,
Smiles with the taste of tears to abandon I tried

The good thoughts I thought,
The good wishes I wished,
The good dreams I dreamt
Ah’ all in conscience a calamity brewed.

Every thought and wish from my mind I can erase,
Every dream from my future I can wipe,
The promise I once gave my conscience never to forget you,
Oh’ no evil deed of yours from my life can erase.

Love bound my soul to yours beyond recovery.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

A Magic You Can Teach.

The day after blogtv was spent mostly in working of getting a Red5 server setup in one of my domains to start a video chat of my own. I will be only one on video people can come and chat with and believe me I can keep people entertained for two to three hours easily. Then by the end of the day I really sat on chair and slept for sometime. While web chatting with some of the friends I got this idea of frustration and my incredible inability to forget things. My soliloquy said “A promise give must be kept even with your blood” then I remembered how easily people forget their promises and all that they like of another person and hate one. Yeah… that much was enough to finish this poem.

A Magic You Can Teach.

In the way of life,
When sun from eyes faded,
And winds beyond north rested,
Boundaries of imagination from mind erased.

Life in many ways time counted,
But those ledgers of my accounts,
From birth till this time noted,
As a blasphemy of innocence.

Needed or not you I have known,
Known well or not I still searched,
Real or unreal to each other,
Ah’ life does not matter without you.

Away from you, in everything new,
Alone as a stranger I grew,
Away from you, with all that I knew,
Ah’ still the silence of a lonely man I took.

Oh dear, my dear, the darling of my heart and soul,
Brutality filled with cruelty is all time to me can offer,
As every bit of strength in me I conjure to forget, promises,
A magic only you with your charms can help me learn.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

The End Of An Era

This is the end of an era. Last moment of mine on BlogTV. It was a great journey. I met some great people there and I love them all and I felt the love of all of them when most of them stopped by to say bye to me from there. These memories will last forever and I will never forget BlogTV and the shows there. Good Bye BlogTV.

Unreal Lives.

Last night I did a three and a half hours long BlogTV show saying it is my last show in there but BlogTV is going to be there one more day before it totally merges with YouNow.Com. So I will do another show later today.  It was really fun at them same time a little touchy as I met a lot of people there and I clearly can say this is the end of an era. I am moving on to another site not YouNow I didn’t like it there. But in the next couple of days I will start my own show in my own domain. I was thinking about it for a long time but now here I got the chance to eventually do it. Then I don’t need to depend on any other sites availability or rules or policies. After all I am the LonelyPoet so I can be alone in a site. 🙂

This poem, wow, it took about 10 minutes to really write it. But the struggle with the model was huge she is one crazy girl who won’t sit and chat with me at all. I tried for about two hours but in the end I gave up and left and then wrote this poem. Why I chose that particular model was, for some reason I saw a lot of similarities to someone or the one I am trying to talk to through this poem. It maybe a bit rude but without telling the name of the model I am posting her picture here. I rarely do that and I know she will feel honored but all the honor goes to the real one who can inspire me to write an infinite number of poems even with her silence.

Unreal Lives.


Come to me O’ darling come to me,
Nature broke her vows and gave us winter,
Come to me for the warmth of love in me,
Touch my soul and melt the frost of anger in you.


Sing to me O’ darling sing to me,
As old lady winter chased away nesting birds,
Sing to me and learn a new tune of love song,
In the beat of my heart a new rhythm of love you learn.


Dance for me O’ darling dance for me,
As no leaves or flowers I see dancing for me,
Dance for me and learn a new step of expression,
Expression of love I made with a feeling of love.


Oh’ all that you can do from the love you gave,
All that you can take from my love for you,
All can only matter when I become your reality,
And you become my reality in eternal fulfillment.


Yet, in opposite paths of unreal lives we walk.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.


Help Me Float.

Life is a very bad person who can take away everything and may give you nothing. Sometime life can become an untamed animal and go on a rampage make one feel like an iceberg floating around. Well sometime one gets in a flow when floating around, that’s what happened in my case. But right now I don’t know where I am floating. But I have a feeling that ever move of mine is watched here. So one last time let me tell ya my darling sweet heart.. I really don’t know what you want me to do. Maybe understanding this you can tell me what to do.. I really like you and I honestly, seriously and with everything real love you. I know I am not the prefect fit for anyone, but that’s the reality I am facing.

So if it is you who is coming here and looking into my posts (which I believe is you) speak to me. Either you can help me stop floating or make me float away.. I need that help.

Thank you


Give Me Breath.

Realities should not be manufactured as they exist like the air we breath, we don’t see it, yet we live with it without any choices. I have a reality from which for years I ran and ran and ran and now I am sitting all exhausted. It is not a tragedy it is a reality without any choices.

Give me breath. Please.

To A Group Of Girls In Florida

The way I am very well you know, I sincerely apologize for a trap I laid to know who is visiting my site the moment I post the link to my poem on Facebook and I figured that out by writing one of the worst offensive post couple of days ago. Before that I did the set up of writing post after post early in the morning. I don’t know what kinda means that person used to track my postings on Facebook but the offensive post was written to know exactly who it is looking into my page. Even though I was not able to pinpoint one person it could be one or all of a group of people.
You all may be thinking that I am a person of the worst kind. My sincere apologies again for saying things in my poems and posts to make you all think that way. I needed to know something and unfortunately I was not able to dig it out in the good way I tried, in the bad way I tried and now in the worst, dirtiest way I tried. To all those girls I called fat ass bitches let me tell you all, you are not fat or none of you are bitches it was just a trick to know if the hit that comes to my site from Florida is going to stop after that or not. I am really sorry girls you all are probably wonderfully talented girls. Even in that trap I should have never called you what I called you all. My apologies again.
Enjoy Florida if you get an opportunity… forgive me.
And to her I have nothing more to say. I am done.


Divine’s Definition Of Loveliness.

The context of this poem came from the very last line or I should say the very last line was the one I wrote first. Honestly I was trying to impress a pretty girl in a video chat and wrote the following

guest7 : god used surgical precision when he created your beauty honey
guest7 : anyone who offends you will be offending god’s judgment
and she said
******** : thanks (I starred out her ID)
guest7 : you’re welcome

Then I said a bit of a lie .. mmm naaa it was lie. I just wrote it in that chat room.
guest7 : i read a poem once in which it was said.. ‘oh divine defined loveliness with your creation’

Something magical happened when I typed that line I remembered a face, not the face of the girl I was chatting with but the face of a girl I have never seen in real but a face I can never forget. Then when I looked at the girl in the video chat I felt like I am trying to talk to a doll. She left and I just sat on my broken chair with a lot of broken thoughts. After two days I went to one of the youtube videos where one can listen to the sound of rain and was listening to it. The first line came to my mind and I wrote this whole poem. After finishing I read it again and said to myself.. “Good Job” Any reader who truly reads this and understand it will also say the same.

This Poem Is For You MoCuishle.

Divine’s Definition Of Loveliness.

Feel me O’ storm make me feel,
Breaking the silence in my mind loom,
Like a hungry predator who feeds,
On my gladness, leaving sadness..

The thunders gave a rhythm to dance,
The falling rain from my forehead bounced,
And upon the lilies like pearl drops fell,
Ah’ the arrival of spring nature announced.

Even the mightiest mountain the storm covered,
Rejuvenated rivers in new enthusiasm galloped,
Seeds laid beneath the mud with new life woke,
Washing away the old, as the new brightened.

Mind that lost in a mindless world that screamed,
Hearing the noises of the lashing rain healed,
Soul beyond the body in meditation spread,
And gathered the whispers nature hid.

The meditated soul ah’ the cleansed soul,
In the whispers of the divine creations heard,
“Love will complete the loveliness of soul”
And those whispers in the lashing rain echoed.

Where is my love? Where is my love? I asked.
Scattered rain united and all around poured,
Then In my soul O’ darling your face bloomed,
And my lips with a smile spread and said,

“Oh’ divine defined loveliness with your creation.”

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013

Keep both videos on, adjust the volume for your comfort level.

A Loveless Curse

Yesterday I spoke about un-friended friends today I am going to talk about an entirely different set of people. They are the friends of people who you love. They are extremely dangerous folks. The real terrorists of relationships. I am not kidding about the terror these so called friends of loved ones can bring to a relationship. I have first hand experience. Those folks are mostly ugly and fat bitches who hang around one’s girlfriend and will whisper evil into the ears of of her. Unfortunately the girlfriend most of the time won’t even realize that years of understanding can be at stake by believing these friends. Some of these relationship terrorists use these new sentiments to get material benefits. I know a very talented girl being exploited by a bunch of ugly, fat ass bitches. Speaking about those folks will burn my tongue, they are that toxic. I feel cursed.
I wrote the above passage as a post then taking the core out of it I wrote the following poem.

A Loveless Curse.

Smile O they smile,
In prettiness of all beauties smile,
But in their minds they whisper,
Brutality of jealousy they conspire,
And hide it all with a pretty smile.

Loving mind, ah’ innocent mind opened,
Like a little bud in early spring opened,
Her poetic whispers and musical screams,
Ah’ denied by trust upon those conspirators,
Terrorists of relationship with their smiles conquered.

Her heart they stole, her innocence they erased,
Liars oh’ those constant companions they took,
Love away from her heart with their machinations,
But a lover who lost her as an onlooker bled,
In the brutality mankind call friendship.

Ah’ when love for the one he loved,
In feelings of romance bound,
And silence turned to a dark fear,
His mind for light constantly searched,
But felt the darkness of a loveless curse.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

Un-Friended Friends

You know here in Xanga there are people who were friends of me and they un-friended me but have a friends lock still will come and look into my page. Seeing this I will try to see what they got in their page and when I try to visit them there is the friends lock. hmmmm You can come and look into my site I have no problem. But tell me why would you un-friend me? Is there anything I can do to be a friend of yours. If you don’t want to be my friend why look into my site? If you like to read my writings why can’t we be friends?


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