Waiting Between Seasons.

The weekend is over and the morning was lazy, no, I was lazy in the morning. The day was crazy and made me crazier that it was.  I am glad I am going to go home now. Hope another Monday will bring to me more kindness from God. The greatest kindness, mmm I am still breathing the wonderful air. Well, this is a newer poem. Part of the first stanza was posted today morning in a modified way in Twitter. Those in twitter don’t know when the poet whispers in the morning he will shout a lot more in the evening… they will learn. Learn to listen in silence the heart beat of a poet.


Have a great evening everyone







Oh’ the air cooled as from far came,

The call of the fall and hearing, every leaf shivered,

The trees stood in fear holding the leaves,

Like a mother holding her kids in thunderstorm.


For another change nature prepare,

Waking up the cooler air from the north,

Whispering into the ears of migrating birds to move,

Burning fires of fall from the northern hemisphere.


Oh’ Autumn the color filled maiden,

When night finally finds his freedom,

To stretch his muscles beyond the time of daylight,

And to the innocents eyes show,

Millions more stars in his wings stretched.


Sadness lingered in some minds as summer left,

The so called happy days into memories sleep,

When through the golden daylights walk, remember,

A footstep left at a doorstep for her to rejoice,

Though don’t know mother nature’s naughtiness erased,

That final gesture to earn her heart,

Or she mistook that footstep for another man’s arrival.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Remembering “My Budding Rose”

From where I sit right now I can see the wilderness in lush greenery making the woods around the apartment. The sun is trying hard to show his might once more before bowing before the serpent of darkness that is crawling through every corner in a pace of its own….. Wow this day was wonderful in many ways. I took a drive around, which was good. I can see the countenance on the face of people changing these days than at the same time last year. Last year I saw panic this year I see a challenging hope on the face of people. It is good in many ways and its has its own bad as not all challenges taken can succeed and not all people have the same life. When I am waiting for the sun to eventually go away, I scrambled around to find something to share and found “My Budding Rose”. Originally written in 2005 and is part of my first book “Age Of Survival” this is a poem I wrote with full enjoyment, hope you all will do the same… Enjoy.

My Budding Rose.

The wind slowly crept up from west,
The drizzles blessed the lands,
Months of waiting to see a leaf, over,
But the thorns still strong to leave a scar, deep.

Bright sun and the misty morns,
They live around you and for you my budding rose,
And waved in to your side are my silly verses,
The slow but steady awakening of you I watch.

The stem that holds you dear,
Defending with scary thorns all over,
The wind, land and drizzle defines you well,
I am still waiting to watch you blossom.

The beauty of a flower blossoming,
Is in the steady opening of the petals,
Upon which even the coldest dew melts,
I am still waiting for you to spread your charm.

With care and love I can only help,
For you to grow in your own color and scent,
Once blossomed in full the world will enjoy,
Every bit of your color, texture and scent.

In surety I can tell, none will feel or see,
The warmth of the deep soul of yours,
The charm of the color of yours,
The scent that fills every bit of the soul,
Like I feel through every sense of mine,
The heart and soul of yours, my budding rose.

From the book “Age Of Survival” ©LonelyPoet. All rights reserved. No Part of this poem maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publishers. Published by Publish America, LLP

Here is a picture taken around 2005 November when the poem posted above was written.

One Soul.

In my last post I told I rarely write during Ramadhan. Well three years back I wrote a poem to be given to someone. That person just disappeared never to come back. I am posting that poem again. It is not really good to think about a girl during meditation and fasting, well, I did not had any bad intentions so my prayers were for her too. When I said for her too, there is a person for whom I pray everyday. It is not about her I wrote this poem. Yeah relationships can become complicated before you know it. Enjoy the poem.

One Soul.

Bright light in my heart filled,
When pleasant thoughts in meditations found,
And with a cheerful smile,
To you I come.
The glory of mind in my search filled,
The glow of life in my senses filled,
And with that glow in my soul,
To you I come.
The veil of the morning lifted,
When your face I saw,
And the brightness I gathered,
In every meaning fulfilled,
When to you I come.

The noon time sun bowed,
When in your thoughts at sky I looked,
And the glory of you in every sense filled,
When to you I come.

New meanings of gladness I found,
When upon your eyes I looked,
That precious soul to mine every time spoke,
When to you I come.

Gladness in every way you define,
But to my eyes you look,
And seek the completeness of your joy,
When to you I come.

In the glory of love to each other dissolve,
The material passions in each other we kept,
But forever exists only one soul,
As our souls merged as one in romance and love.


Hungry Lion.

There is a certain person who got blocked from this site and I believe came back couple of times here. I know who comes to this site using trackers. It is unfortunate that person left me and my poetry for whatever and now coming in like a stranger. To that person.. If you want to be back, understand, you can send me a request and no questions asked, no terms or conditions said. I will take you back, because I am a very caring person. I will not say that it is with kindness I am letting you back or this is my charity. I will say, it is with respect and honor I welcome you back. If you don’t want to be known here add me in twitter http://twitter.lonelypoet.com I have a new facebook account but after the treatment I got from you in facebook last time it is better we don’t see there at all.

It is the month of Ramadhan, rarely I write during the month of fasting. So no new poem I am going to just post an old poem which you all may know very well. It is from my book “Age Of Survival”. This poem kinda reflects what I feel now. Read.

Waiting For The Last Summer Rain.

Among the crowd he wandered,

With thoughts that wondered,

About life that seems normal,

Alien for him from the path fate paved.

A summer storm loomed above and all around,

The singing birds silenced by a rumble,

The fear in the eyes of those birds said,

More about what is to come than the past.

He walked away from the streets,

And in a deserted corner stood,

Unknowing what felt inside was real,

Or another fancy thought that may drag,

Him down way below the land he stood.

He knew no ways around this town,

None of the faces any way familiar,

He never meant to go anywhere he realized,

He never spoke to himself either.

Inside, he felt lost for all he felt for that girl,

As deep into the halls of mind silence penetrated,

Leaving mind astray with no hope of recovery,

Burying deep his love still listening to her silence.

The norm of the world stopped,

More dreams from sprouting,

As inside he felt what felt was wrong,

And must be washed away in the last rain,

Of a turbulent summer he wished never existed.

Love still remained untold and unfelt,

Leaving another wound inside that will never heal,

He wiped away the tears he felt in his eyes,

And then without a thought I crossed the street,

To offer some words to console his broken heart,

The closer I reached the blurry became my eyesight,

But nothing wrong was there with my vision,

It was him, who was fading and shrinking,

And in my awe of surprise I stood still,

How long I don’t know I stood there in awe,

But felt ashamed and sad,

When the flower seller passing by said,

In her perplexed and humorous tone,

“Why are you staring at your own shadow sir?”

From the book “Age Of Survival” ©LonelyPoet. All rights reserved. No Part of this poem maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publishers. Published by Publish America, LLP

Here are some of my latest pictures. Hair is gone so don’t laugh at me it will grow back.

First Day At Work, Fasting on Twitpic

First Day At Work, Fasting

Hide And Seek on Twitpic

Hide And Seek

Friday Fun Face on Twitpic

Friday Fun Face

Work At Times Can Be Very Intense on Twitpic

Work At Times Can Be Very Intense

Smiling Sleeper.

From watching T.V mind really boggles by the end of day. People for Obama, against Obama, liars, cheaters, killers, molesters you name it, they all can be found when watch any new channel. You won’t miss them. So I don’t watch much of any news channel. I go online and read some news from Reuters site. That’s it, if there is some breaking news worth watch I will go and watch the news channels. That’s it.

   Well why did I said, what I said above? People need to get a life from making up things or just feeding minds that are already troubled by an economic mess. There are some readers here from my pervious blog. They know me and couple of my friend clearly predicted this mess in 2000, at that time Clinton was getting out leaving the biggest surplus in history. Now I laugh, mostly looking at the mirror. Why did I stayed here? Of all the people I had the choice of going where ever I wanted to go. But I stayed. Like at the end of the movie King Kong it is said… beauty killed the beast. Yeah, love caught me big time. I searched and searched for the following poem I wrote in 2000. Never posted this poem anywhere but this was one of the first poems I wrote in this style. Describing the surroundings first, create an atmosphere to get the reader to the core of the poem told at the end. I found the poem in an old website, they still exists. Here it is… Enjoy

Smiling Sleeper.


Creepy creatures of night screeched,

As moon like a half eaten cotton candy watched,

Deep into mind fear of night spoke,

But this uncaring lover only smiled.


Water from afternoon rain still rolled,

The pebbles through the narrow spring,

And the sleepless chameleon for a nighttime meal crawled.


Petal after petal from the bud split,

And the flower all around spread,

Scent from heavens came for lovers feel more loved.


Yet another night passing by,

As sleepless I watched,

And in deep thoughts how to make you happy spent,

Day and night in prayers that spoke words of your love,

Oh’ nothing are my efforts comparable to the love you give,

As I still can feel your love,

Even when with a smiling face you sleep.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved

A Love Uncared.

My weekend was spent in Kansas with my brother and family. Had a great drive too and from there. Talking about drive, I got the idea of the following poem during a drive to Kansas last month. I am not going to tell much more as there isn’t much I can say now. Enjoy the poem.

A Love Uncared.

The dusk in the beauty of a darling quietly stood,

As through the thickening darkness drove,

And a melancholic tune into the soul she whispered,

As to the lust of night she surrendered.


Ahead a little the light shown,

Many vehicles as if in a battle field passed

As right through nights chest pierced,

With the vengeance of violating the pretty looking dusk.


All over as, home in sweetness ended waiting,

And after the long drive bed bore more beauty than any dusk,

All tired when to sleep tried, face upon the pillow pressed,

To mind in the melancholy of the tune dusk sang came a thought,

Why no more dreams I see Oh’ at least a nightmare I should see,

And think about as in emptiness of mind darkness crept.


Oh then conscious mind kissed the lips of sleep,

Hours mind the love of sleep felt,

The insomniac sub-conscious mind like a wild dog barked,

Showing the magic of life and how elusive that magic from this life.


Then from all sides fire, smoke and screams erupted,

The scales of no dragon seen,

There are no bombs exploding,

It was the birth of oneself, from peace of one reality,

Into the depths of earthly life’s brutality,

Oh’ again and again the scream heard,

As sleep left sharing some hours of love.


The echoes of the scream and fires seen at birth,

The unloved past of a lover’s lost paths,

All erased as from all corners of horizons she came,

With a happy version of the tune she sang,

Then a realization to mind came,

Everyone who is loved will see,

This beauty in the eyes of the one who love,

Then as the morning exploded all around, with a smile stood,

Knowing how much God loves us all.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved

The Material Angel

What a brutal weekend, work, blogtv shows, work then no rest just crazy stuff. And today … alright… lets start over last week aha I think you all got what I am talking about.

I will keep you posted.


The Poem comparatively newer one. Got the rights issues done faster this time. Looks like someone is working in D.C. hehe. It takes its name from the last three lines. Just some scribble about a long lost relationship. Yeah it all feels very long now.


The Material Angel

Sing, Sing O birds Sing,

As through the breeze you all glide,

Sing the tunes she whistled.


Dance O flowers dance,

And will you keep the petals open a little more,

As in prettiness of you all reflect,

The charms of a beauty, who whispered,

Into the wind the love of her mind,

And the wind all over me flew,

Dropping pollen the wind stole,

Kissing you all after hearing her words of love.


Smile, Smile O soul smile,

As the whole nature waits,

The happiness of yours as for too you spent,

In the meditation all call love,

Whispering prayers for lovers,

Who all won, lost and perished,

Though none to look for, for a word of care,

Oh you in waiting for love and care,

Feeling the spiritual love of God in every breathe.


“Where are the angels gone?”

No need to yell to the world O my soul,

In their own world they all are,

With no time to see sincerity,

Or they all live the paradise of ignorance,

And to you my soul, the material me is your angel,

And to the material me you O soul,

A God given beauty, none cared to see.


 ©RIAZAHAMMED.COM 2009-2015 All rights reserved.

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