She – Seven



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She – Seven.

In the sunlight facing westward she sat,
Not looking at anything but,
The book of cheaper romance,
More beauty inside than outside found,
Still upon the dry clean sheet the pencil I pressed.

Between the curly hair her pretty face shined,
And what dark part, the graphite pencil can draw,
Mind can’t figure out still the silhouette slowly started,
To appear on the sheet from her left temple that glowed,
The kind face of sun in every ray from her reflected.

The line the pencil drew so smooth,
Towards the eyebrow bending,
Then the dark eyebrow draw, curved,
The brittle eye lashes covered the edge of the eyes,
The eyeballs were hard to fix,
As if in a dream, fast they moved.

And a little bulge my pencil felt,
As a little smile upon her face blossomed,
As the pencil curved through her cheeks,
And came all the way towards the only ear I can see,
Between those curly hairs pointed hide and seek it played.

From the outlines the pencil went,
To copy the fainted shadows,
The smiling, rosy cheeks leave around the eyes,
Oh’ I can see the rays of the evening sun fight,
To land upon those eluding eyes.

Then the pencil went about to draw her nose,
A little curve that went up to a rounded tip,
Those little nostrils where the air she breathed,
Oh’ that heart gets its air from those, I wondered,
As the three dimensional touch the pencil finished.

Then what remained were those lips,
They twisted and many times whispered,
That which she read and those occasional smiles,
The pencil in my hand as it finished her lips shivered,
As deep into mind the image of a beautiful face, merged.

Oh’ with an apologetic mind I walked away,
As deeper and deeper into her romance she fell,
Not knowing through the tip of a pencil an artists too,
Felt a little crush at a beautiful poetry,
The unimaginable supreme being wrote.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COMAll Rights Reserved – 2008.

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The Pearl.



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The Pearl.

Rain upon the vast ocean lashed,
Not a storm still the ocean in ecstasy roared,
The salty waves rolled its muscle over the shore,
And left dead weeds and algae from deep under.
Along came the bubbles in millions at a time,
All blown up by the drops falling hard from above.

Crabs running around with their mouth wide open,
Grabbing a drop or two of fresh water.
Broken Corals lying around helpless,
Unwanted even by the land upon which they landed.
Shells of fish eaten shellfish lie empty,
Oh’ those empty shells, life cut short for a meal.

Standing by the shore, I can only imagine,
The life of the shellfish deep under,
Years to mature then some may get dirt to irritate,
And that imperfection with a secretion covered,
Layer after layer the rest of the life,
The cover up of that imperfection make,
The purest of the pure from the ocean found,
Which as the ocean’s pearl we adore.

The streets with cars filled,
Through the city like veins in a body pass,
The milestones stood to show,
The distances passed,
The landmarks stood with memories,
Of the millions of eyes passed.

Oh’ how many faces through my eyesight passed?
Many turned their faces away in distrust,
Many stared with suspicion,
So many hide behind the veil of lipstick and rouge,
There are those who cared nothing for their faces,
As none stared at their faces but,
At their half naked bodies with lust stared.

Oh’ how many of them made the imperfections of mine?
I don’t know, as life only spoke in similes and metaphors,
But when I stare at these waves unfolding,
Spreading through the soft sand shore,
Caressing my feet and shy away,
All those faces like the bubbles blown away,
As upon this imperfection layer after layer love laid,
And made the love of mine as the pearl of your heart,
Oh’ all impurities of my mind and actions washed away,
As the purest of the pure, my love for you became,
And forever in the heart of yours I’ll remain,
As the purest, priceless pearl of the vast of ocean of our life.

©LonelyPoet- All Rights Reserved -2006. From The Book ‘Age Of Survival’.

Chaos In A Lonely Heart.


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Chaos In A Lonely Heart.

The dry landscape in the summer sun yearned,
For the touch of water but none came from above,
Dusts blown up in the warm wind spread a scent,
Of a burned out dream that became a memory unknown.

Ah’ loneliness needs no sense for a lover to bow his head,
As in distant mirages smiles without fading, lingered,
And the falling dust gave a rhythm for a heart to beat,
Yet another time in the hope of finding a counterpointing beat.

When no heart beat found as a reason for a heart to beat,
A series of alien actions life in chaos became,
Ah’ all that stood in the perfection of beauty became meaningless,
As all that mattered was the love of her that faded with the mirages.

The world screamed, the conscience roared to find another heart,
The lover stood with a smile when no love can be given,
To anyone else but to the one soul engraved the verses of love.
The smile became laughs and then to tear filled sobs none cared.

Oh’ reality stood motionless as nothing a lonely heart did fit,
As loneliness cannot be understood in any reality mankind known.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved. – 2018.

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She – Six.



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She – Six.

The streams flow, filled with giggles,
And a lone bird in the rhythm sang,
As if in soliloquy the bird sang,
Then when saw me in view,
Stopped the singing and in silence at me looked,
In that silent look a question implied,
“What glorifies your mind so well”
To that bird I said, “A soul well blessed,
A character sanctified,
A beauty in my mind grows,
More beautiful day by day,
Who holds every sense of mine,
Who defines the glory of all stars in the sky,
By her name the world may call her,
I call her the darling of my soul”.

The bird left for his nest for his nightly rest.
With her thought I walked away,
And in my bedtime prayers remembered I,
To pray for her happiness, everlasting through my own.

Woke up I in the morn,
And my breakfast I tried to eat,
The strawberries, cream and cereal, not tasted good at all,
The omelet and pancakes I tried,
They tasted like shredded paper,
The honey and vanilla tea tasted,
Like plain old spring water,
Nothing I know will taste sweet anymore,
As the sweetness of her lips I felt,
In a dream last night I saw.

Words into lines I weave,
Through which I want your image in the words I write,
Oh’ every letter owes its life to you,
Every word and line reflects your beauty,
And every time into your eyes I look, I feel,
Pen and paper for the touch of my hand yearns.

Time like an ocean spread,
And through the universe stretch,
But why he to me comes afresh often,
The perplexed me asked,
The only answer I figured,
Every time your face I see,
The beauty my mind feel,
In that feeling and touch of your beauty,
Even the good old time youthful become,
In the everlasting youthfulness of yours.
When you bite your lips,
And in sweet tone you speak,
And every move you make,
Oh’ all are material beauty,
With pleasure I and everyone else watch,
But the spirit of your soul I feel,
Through me spread into everything my senses can feel,
And my soul and spiritual being carried,
In a flight through every corner of the universe I know,
The undying soul will always remain,
Intoxicated in the passions felt,
When seeing the eyes of yours.

Mother nature paints a picture,
With colors of all kinds,
The falling leaves and the drizzling clouds animates,
Feeling of passions in my mind,
But then with closed eyes I looked,
And saw my own mind with your face filling,
Oh’ then the wind caressed my lips,
And echoed into my ears the song of the soliloquist,
“Those lips in your mind you see I kissed,
And fulfilling your wish I left the scent upon yours.”

Though all around for the bird I searched,
No sign of him in the freezing nature I found,
The only thought that remained in my mind, said,
The wind upon seeing the love she triggered in you,
Indeed told the truth in the voice of the bird,
As every move of her, only glorified your soul, a little more.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2006.

Photo by Joe Robles on Unsplash

Yesterdays – 08/25/2006


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The sky dark and with clouds, scattered,
Cutting their edges to bleed,
The sun rays of the first phase of morn came,
Those violent serpents were defeated,
And by the fair and bright light consumed,
That pulled the chariot of the sun arriving.

The drama of the morning everyday repeats,
The same theme played in a different way,
As nature welcome the sun in its own way,
The dynamics of which part of it all, we all are.

Friday panics Oh’ none to me came,
As in frustration of the gone by day I spent,
Daytime uttering no words, but in mind murmuring,
Some prayers, to console the angry heart.

Evening, life first her ugly face shown,
When a girl I like kissed another man,
Then life, her dirty face shown,
When rain lashed and most people left,
Then life shown, the beautiful face of Rose,
She said “Gracias” when for her the door I opened,
I don’t speak that language, I am from India” Said I,
Leaning on to me she asked,
What language you speak?”
Malayalam, the language of my mother land” Said I,
Her hands I shook and said “I am Riaz”,
I am Rose” the blushing girl said and continued,
See both our names start with ‘R’”,
By then I know, drunk to her toe, she was,
There for the taking, ready to be taken,
Yearning for a touch, erotic she stood,
Even the bystanders said, “Go for it man”
The she asked “What the name of that language again?”
Malayalam” said I, then remembered I,
Earlier that day said I the same, to a girl who care,
Me as a friend and see me as man of good,
Then my soul to me told,
You shouldn’t do this, help her”,
To her car I walked Rose to her waiting friend,
Another girl of beauty excruciating,
Nice to meet you Riaz” said Rose while on to the seat falling,
Then turned she and at my eyes she looked,
In the street lights, blood filled veins of her blue eyes I saw,
But through those eyes beautiful, more I saw,
The thanking un-intoxicated soul of a beautiful girl.

I walked away with a feeling good,
Of a deed my consciousness said, “good”.

Back on my bed when falling prey to sleep,
To myself I said, “Didn’t I do a lot of good,
In simplicity possible? Oh’ how many more to do?”.

And every time I do a deed good,
One night of sleep with peace of mind I gain,
The only reward I always look for.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM-All Rights Reserved- 2006.

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

She – Five

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She – Five.

The phantoms of a long lost memory erased,
By the pathos of reality that still lingers,
And shows mocking faces at weeping souls.

How much loved can’t be described,
Words strung together like in a rosary,
But none of the verses in spirit filled,
O forgot I that rosaries don’t meditate,
The one who turns does, but forgot,
To meditate in the love meant to the one.

How many verses said, I don’t remember,
How many ways pursued, don’t matter now,
All ended only at one point in the universe,
You heart in constant beating erased,
Rest of the ways and any other language,
Other than the language of love,
Language, only by your soul understood.

The phantoms day by day lose their faces,
And my own face away I turn,
In directions not known,
But the magic in my heart you left,
Rises like the new day’s Sun,
Gaining glory in depths of life,
Meaningfully defined only by your presence.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2008.

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

She – Four.


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She – Four.

About the childhood days a lullaby she wrote,
And forgot every word of that well rhymed verse,
About the adolescent days a ballad she wrote,
And let world around her fall in love with love.

All the gone by days and years as a monument stood,
Of a life from the roughest thoughts polished,
As a gem of the precious nature,
Shedding light into even the darkest minds.

A narrative about the lifetime ahead she must write,
Alone in this world she never will be,
As she know what loneliness means,
Alone she never will leave, any loving heart, in pain.

And with every moment of the rest of her life,
A monument of love, compassion and joy she will build,
Everyone through her sense passed,
As heavenly blessings through their life will cherish.

Beautiful she is and the beauty inside her out glows,
The beauty mankind ever seen,
And that beauty in the perfection of life celebrates,
And that beauty in the imperfection of life weeps.

A beauty in all perfection for the woman in her waits,
As world around her in hopes and wishes gathers,
To celebrate the love and compassion of the blessing,
That comes from the life of a wonderful woman.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2008.

Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash

She – Three.


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She – Three.

The echoes of a lost love rumbled,
As the beauties walked away in parades,
Consuming the spring and summer of a life,
But the parades in their own missteps failed.

The dragging of the mind from the depths felt,
And gladness from deep sleep slowly woke,
The feeling of the fall winds all around felt,
And life in the cold drizzles soaked.

Who came from where, eyes scanned,
What words heard ears in stiffness listened,
Nothing known to five sense felt,
And life just left in shadows, perplexed.

Oh’ you the exalted one, the bridge of heartbeats,
It is your naughtiness nature carries,
You the one upon the rays of morning sun comes,
Coloring the colorless, brightening the dark, mind.

The magic of your love so magnificent,
Turning every drop of drizzle to kisses,
Turning every dying leaf to scented blossoms,
Defeating the mindless thoughts of lost love.

The warmth of you love so spectacular,
In those glowed the tilted earth,
And at the end of the year felt the summer warmth,
Mind deeper and deeper dragged, into the ocean of love.

Oh when in your hug you hold mind and body,
Sprouting from the depths of your soul, love,
Merging soul into your soul and weaving,
With forgotten dreams, the cloak of a new life.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM– All Rights Reserved -2008.

Photo by Kirill Balobanov on Unsplash

She – Two.


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She – Two

A thousand rays of light ran fast,
And through the eyes passed to the soul,
The wonderful smile upon a cute, cute face,
And those eyes like butterflies flickered,
The soft curly hair touched her eyebrows,
And upon the nose sunlight danced,
And upon her hair the wind danced,
And through her giggles innocence danced,
And in the depths of her mind danced,
The feeling of compassion for all living.

Oh’ “The Exalted One”,

Every spring day brings a new flower,
Every summer day brings in more warmth,
Every autumn day brings a bit more cold,
Every winter day freezes  everything,
Your eyes melts the soul of mine.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM– All Rights Reserved -2008.

Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash

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