Old Wine

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Old Wine

Crowded world, real, digital and fantasy,

Good thoughts, great actions, bad thoughts and weirdness,
Oneself to forgive, from mind to forget, 
Ah’ tired after trying again and again,
As hopes about an innocent soul lingered,
Though in all ways inappropriate,
Still, in those days, mind with gladness filled.
Oh’ a feeling with sweetness deep inside felt,
Sweet and intoxicating as the best wines made,
The feelings of care and dreams of romance sprouted,
And spread like vines through every veins,
Beauty of her colored every dream and wish,
Beauty of her soul enlightened the depths of soul,
And her smiling image erased nights forever.
Mind conflicted with values of the world,
Love for her should never materialize, mind yelled,
As hopes, dreams and wishes all failed,
To define what a middle-aged can feel about a teen,
Still good in the soul out-reigned,
And erased every hope, dreams and wishes for her love.
The barrels of wine kept away,
In deep cellars sealed with millions of kisses.
Moon went around earth many, many times,
Sun stood staring firing rays at will,
Earth went around the sun many times too,
Time hop, step and leaped through it all.
Crowded world, real, digital and fantasy,
Good thoughts, great actions, bad thoughts erased,
In the learnings from past pastimes,
Pretty eyes and soft skin, 
Great souls and feelings of romance,
Barrels from cellars rolled out,
Wine aged well now more intoxicating.
And for the best one, wine will be served.

To My Dearest

Hello Everyone…
      I thought this winter is a mild one but woooo it is freezing many things I really don’t want to say here. . Life is easy when one takes things as it happens. That’s what I do. And you know what… it is far better than when I made a weekly plan. mmmm that’s just not me though well we evolve in character isn’t it? Yes is my answer. Hope you all are doing fine in the harsh grip of winter. I love Wisconsin cold and of course I love ,… yeah no need to say it.

This poem.. I may have written a poem with the same name long ago. mmm I don’t know. When I was in BlogTV a young girl came to me and asked me to reply to a yahoo question. It was her friend who asked the question about what to do about that girls boyfriend leaving her. I replied but my young friend came back and requested if I can write something that will help her bring him back. I asked about their relationship and went to the lonely hut to write it. This is the poem I wrote. Enjoy

To My Dearest.

My dearest days are those in which,
With your feelings from heart you made me feel,
Me the dearest with your care and love
And the beauty of all the stars in my soul I felt.

Even when silence around us danced,
Still your love spoke to my soul,
Blooming every bud of my love,
In the depth of my soul and every bit of me.

From those flowers of love in my soul awakened,
Dreams filled with wishes and our moments together.
Then when away you walked with only a friendly smile,
Tears melted all those flowers from my heart and soul.

Away and away I tried to run,
The more I tried the more back to you dragged,
As deep from my soul a cry I heard,
Of my love to you, Oh’ my dear, my dearest.

Fear I not as love fill my heart,
Anger I am not as love made me smile,
Happiness eluded and as a butterfly around me fly,
But without you sadness will consume every bit of my life.

Come back to me O dear, Come back to me,
Come and take these trembling hands,
As my love for you outgrown every sense of mine,
Come back to me O dear and wipe these tears of mine.

This is the BlogTV feature recording of yesterday. You can hear me reciting this poem there. As usual there are some words I stumble upon. Enjoy

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