My Last Christmas

Hi All,

  You might’ve read a hundred entries like this from me alone. Well, it is the time of celebration and I hope no one is turned off in any way during this time of the year. I don’t give any gift during any holidays. I don’t get any either. You all know I am not an important person in anyone’s life or to a group of people. Don’t take this as a depressive message. It’s just the truth. There are those who die for the truth, there are those who don’t know what truth really means, then there are those who runs away from the truth. Then there are those from whom truth just hides away. I am part of the last group. I love the weather, lot of snow around, lot of cold I am loving every moment of it. Stay warm my friends, family and of course my darling of all darlings. I love you all

   I wrote this poem as I heard a lot of Happy Holidays greetings.




The Encrypted Message Of Love.

I am not going to do a show tonight on BlogTv. There are times when I become very cryptic and this is one of those times. If someone who knows me very well will understand why.

Here is a SONG: Someone Like Me By Lindsay Price

Scenes from:
– Tess of the D’Urbervilles (Tess & Angel)
– Daniel Deronda (Gwen & Daniel)
– Great Expectations (Pip & Estella)

Decrypt folks, Decrypt.

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