The Spirit Of The Spring Morning.

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The slanting rays the morning pierced,
Through the bluish mist that enveloped,
The mother who slept a good night and woke,
Listening to the songs of sparrows and cardinals songs.

Oh what a wonderful day that is born,
Every way senses feel,
Touching you O our mom,,
Waking you for our charm,
Inspired by your soul”.

Through the window my little peep,
Made me think those little birds sang,
Those words with fresh throat,
And made me feel, the rays of sun dance,
In tunes of Beethoven’s Fur Elise.

Mother earth turned, turned and turned again,
The creatures turned along,
Some sat stubborn thinking they are still.
The little sweat upon the forehead felt,
And later the naughty wind cooled,
Said once more, nothing last forever,
Even the just heard tune of the bird changed,
But what in the heart felt,
Gave force for another step forward.

Oh how wonderful the seasons are,
They change in time with you mom,
And in your arms, we still feel the same,
In your arms, we feel safe”.

When taking a step forward my real mother I sensed,
Far away she maybe but her prayers in balance kept,
The loving heart of mine and every time I left,
She blessed “May the protection of God be with you”.

Feeling that blessing I took a step forward,
The deep rooted trees stood as if stunned,
As step by step to the love of a different kind I walked,
Ah’ what wonderful dreams in fulfillment fell.

The fading spring left some blooms for me to compare,
Her prettiness from inside her I felt and in her eyes I saw,
As life closes in from all sides there are no way away I see,
As my love for her shut every possible way conscience can escape.

And the spirit of a spring morning in fulfillment spread.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All rights reserved 2010.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

The Weeping I Heard.


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Morning, noon, evening and night makes a day,
Oh’ these days I feel the heart in sway,
About a poet to the material world lost,
With a life that shrouds all spiritual beauty beneath,
Teaching the hypocrisy of the wealthy and the wise,
The innocence of the ignorant,
The stupidity of the forgetful.

Together all united in you as mad men’s tunes played,
And in the rhythm you danced and danced,
And the dance twisting your mind to intoxication,
And in that intoxication everything right you questioned,
The mockery of the smiles you have shown,
The mystery of the uncaring you have shown,
In it all I read and read and read,
The painful suppression of a beautiful poet,
The erasing of verses from a mind,
And the mocking laughs I heard,
Of a world into which you plunged,
And burned and buried the poetic talents with you born,
Sanctified are the ones who in life finds,
A balance in all good and bad,
And to humanity they communicate,
In a language mothers with unborn in wombs communicate,
Everything beautiful, everything perfect with divinity filled,
And that feeling poetic we call,
Oh’ all for the magic of matter you left.

The left out spirit to all known tight gripped held,
And every step away from who you are she wept,
Her tears wiping away the footprints you left,
In an unholy art that can’t stand on its own,
Ah’ from far the echo of the weeping I heard,
A man in every adversity strong stood,
Even when my own parent died no tears I shed,
As only the fulfilled life of him to celebrate I learned,
When those spiritual sobs of you I heard,
Ah’ a burning in my eyes I felt,
And helpless down to the ground I looked,
Oh’ one drop upon the frozen yard unknown to all fell,
As the weeping of your spiritual self filled my soul.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

Photo by Mariam Soliman on Unsplash

Your Dream Fulfillment.


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Minted by the spring mist,
In the glory of season stood,
Oh in eyes light you carried,
The light of fulfilled dreams.

Upon the wings of winds sat,
Over mountains and sea flown,
Caressing cheeks of a maiden,
Wishing for her love in lifetimes ahead.

Inside the tunes of a lullaby sat,
And into the soul of a maiden looked,
Dreams of morrows in there sprouted,
Oh’ the fulfillment of those dreams lullaby sang.

Inside a new bloomed flower sat,
Kissed a maiden’s lips again and again,
Her dreams of love one by one fulfilled,
And then light of a soul in love in her eyes saw.

Minted by the rays of autumn evening,
The golden rays clearing ways,
Oh’ the light from your eyes took birth,
And a soul as your dream fulfillment casted.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM .2010 All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Timothy Paul Smith on Unsplash

The Love And Beauty I Searched


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The colors of life spring time shown,
And about wonders of beauty they spoke,
All around the nature they crown,
Beauty from your beautiful eyes they stole.

And to those colors I spoke,
In words and language none else known,
Ah’ those words made you smile,
Smiles that made universe in gladness sizzle.

The human world, fairies and angels in that sizzle woke,
And sang verses of chants in praise,
Of the wonderful soul that made all worlds wake,
From those praises, verses of love I found.

Those verses again and again I recited,
And the feelings made me gentle and calm,
All around the world for that love and beauty I searched,
And now in your eyes in all purity that love I see.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010

Embrace Of Your Invisible Hands


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The color filled light of morning like a bird sung,
About you the queen of the east,
In words all around the nature echoed.

“Seen a beauty in Angelic glow,
Oh’ from her eyes love like a river flow,
When touched her forehead only gladness felt,
Gladness that took heart and in adoration forever kept.

Ah’ when upon her eyes touched they blinked
That gave wings to this wandering wind,
With those wings of love forever fly I will,
And touch heavens in the depths of hearts in love I will.”

The view of you the material sight may not have,,
Still the echo of a chant for love again and again heard,
And like mirages images of you in the folds of heart lingered,
And the embrace of your invisible hands again and again felt.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010

A Little Lie.

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A Little Lie.

The rays of the evening sun said farewell,
With a light cool wind that came,
Over the dying flowers of last days of summer,
And filled in the nature, scents lost in the warmth.

Oh’ how silly to even think about her,
For another time, when inevitability long time back spoke,
Oh’ still a story weaved in mind that told a dream,
The story of love, the story mind loved.

She walked in tunes blown into her ears,
She spoke in the language of the heart,
She lived in a small town far, far away,
Felt her heart so near, such was the prettiness of her soul.

In the depth of her heart she felt,
The love of a man, whom she knows not,
Only from far he looked, only his words she heard,
Still she loved him from the depths of pretty soul.

On a day when nesting birds left,
When wind lost the cold and gained warmth,
He said in his words, his mind and his love,
In the happiness she felt all she forgot.

Days of love filled with beautiful smiles,
Nights of love filled with wonderful dreams,
Sleepless then both remained and showered each other,
Words of love, songs of love and in rhythms unknown,
They both danced hand in hand.

All her thoughts he knew, all his actions she read,
Every bit of each other they both felt,
In understanding so perfect as they never disliked,
Any thoughts, words or actions of each other.

Nothing stopped them from asking each other,
The formalities of society and a happy day to reckon,
Then forever they remained in happiness,
Vowing to each other the soul of each other.

The story was told in many different ways,
In different circumstances and scenarios,
Though many other faces seen in each others lives,
Still in the depths of heart, her smile remained.

But a truth known in every thought about her,
That none of the thoughts should ever become real,
But still love to think and in soliloquy tell,
A new tale about her love though I know,
It is yet another little lie.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2007 All Rights Reserved

To The Night

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To The Night.

Oh’ night your silence in penance sung,
About the stretch of time as one you see,
A beautiful girl in the vast space lay,
As a beauty none see but live through everyday.

Oh’ night the darkness of yours all around spread,
And shown the past as twinkling stars up high,
Meteors like naughty kids ran across the sky,
Ah’ what more wonders under your dark blanket you keep?

Oh’ night you intoxicated me with the beauty of time,
And sleep came and took me by hand,
Then you shown dreams that made no sense to me,
Still woke up with a smile that told all will end in the happiness of all.

Oh’ night farewell I say as from east you erased yourself,
One by one stars you took to sleep,
And to the world the magic of the day you give,
With a star that brightens every moment in beauty and love.

Oh’ night as the brightest star you gave warmed,
A heart filled with love for a soul in all beauty outshines,
My days and the depths of yours beyond imaginations.
As I dedicate my love and time I know and know not to her.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010.

Photo by Swaraj Tiwari on Unsplash

The Era Given To Me.

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The pencil on the tip of the fingers rolled,
As mind through countless folders inside passed,
The details of events so sparsely laid,
Ah’ faces never forgotten,
Memories recorded in association of things felt.

Modern day lifestyles cunning fought,
With yesteryears passion filled life,
Oh’ none cared about what is lost,
The generation sprouting unable to dream.

Decades it will take for a tree to grow,
Couple of hours to cut it down,
The fruits starts to rot the moment it leaves,
The fruits starts to rot the more on the tree it stays.
Freedom early or late Oh’ rot and stink it will,
Rot and stink it will.

Modern day to yesteryears will pass,
But to what memories will associate I know not,
Ah’ the phantoms of generations like zombies will wander,
With their sense with lead sealed,
Ah’ many great minds lost in the arrogance of the liberty lady,
Oh’ to what memories that will associate I know not.

A simple mind, a humble mind always will smile,
A good smile, wonderful smile will gain one smile in return.
There ends my union with the era given to me.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

A Lesson She Taught

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All the lights of night in the brightness of her eyes faded,
Ah’ this is not a dream as the pot hole I stumbled,
Poetically gave pain which in a moment erased,
When dreams about togetherness in depths of mind weaved.

Daybreak prayed for me to gain her gaze,
Ah’ those prayers with the dew melting failed,
Bright morning sun for me to be her wish prayed,
Those prayers by the clouds from north consumed,
And as snow all around her showered.

With no prayers to her I approached,
With no intentions her welfare I asked,
The pebble in the stream in rolling sounds said,
“Wait not O’man wait not,
For her life to material life forfeited,
Her senses to the feeling of love forever sealed,
No learning of any kind to paths to you she can learn,
So speak no ill of her,
See not the bad of her,
And wait not for her love.”
And the pebble rolling and rolling sang,
Sang a song of prayers to save my soul.

Mindless to become I tried,
But nothing in my life I learned shown,
How to be mindless, uncaring and hurtful and walk away,
Oh’ through her eyes her soul I searched,
And to her from the depths of my soul I whispered,
The way to life from soul in spirituality live,
And to material fulfillment in paths united to eternity.

At her the sweetness of poetry every day I sang,
Teaching her to live from soul not from heart,
To her in verses I spoke,
To live a life taking what one needs,
Not what one wants and dreams,
Every bit of life to her in living I’ve shown,
Oh’ every lesson the pebbles and winds to all corners took,
And the world learned and waited,
Waited for the lessons of purity she can teach,
Lessons of life to her in every way I explained,
She taught none as in through her material ways she danced,
And every bit of true love from her she erased,
Then she taught a lesson none ever want to learn,
Ah’ she taught me well how to cry in silence.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.All Rights Reserved-2011.

The Fallen Lover.

Oh’ I look at those eyes with tears in my eyes filled,
And think about the days, in which I loved,
Though the merry feelings in my heart you left,
Brings image of you stand holding the light in your hands,
Light upon your face reflecting,
Those lovely lips, straight nose upon which some shadow fell,
Those rose colored cheeks, pointy chin,
Irregular eyebrows, brown hair in candle light as reddish seen,
But those eyes as little shiny ones in the image I see,
But deeper than the vast outer space mankind ever known,
Now in that image I see no love in your eyes for me,
No love in your eyes for me O dear,
All I felt, misunderstandings of a mind lost in fantasy.
Tired hands never rose to wipe away those tears.

Why did I loved you, for what I loved you,
Oh’ God, why did I ever met her and took her in my mind,
And cared for her more than anyone ever cared for her,
From falling in love with her Oh’ God why you never stopped me,
If ever the charm of that soul I ever swayed,
Oh’ forever in my own curse, my life will crush,
As for the wonderful soul she is no forgiveness I deserve.

Never for her words will I wait,
As forever I will remain in dark searching for more darkness,
And forever my own shadows I will curse,
For the wishes, hopes, dreams and my moth eaten soul,
Filled with only her image and love only for her.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash

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