My Silence.

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The sun scared the full moon into a dark tunnel
As the beauty of the day flourished and grabbed
Me by the hand composing an unheard tune,
Rhyming with the pulse of your soul and mine.

The material me in the middle of nowhere stood,
As my silence became an untamed vulture,
Patient, yet hunger brought blood to its eyes,
My hunger for love set fires in my eyes and heart.

And to the beauty of the day that flourished, I said,
“When reality looks like a bad dream, you should know,
The seeds you have sown in hearts grown into a newly written fate,
Where romancing lovers only exited in broken dreams.”.

The vulture lost all his patience and with sharpened beaks came,
And looked down on the corpse of a beauty freshly dead,
As he fed on with brutality his own eyes filled with tears,
Oh’, what a beauty she was before the dream broke and murdered her.

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Photo by alam kusuma on Unsplash
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