The Love She Found.

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I wonder where to start everything new,
When all that in life I passionately cared,
Faded away into the thick fog beyond sight,
Paths like veins in a body, no beginning no end.

Oh’ looked back to find a closed door to knock,
But those doors beyond recognition disappeared,
Still knocked at anything hard one can find,
As cold in the falling rain so cunningly brewed.

Alone, directionless, cold and in a season unknown,
Oh’, the unloved man, a selfless dictator became,
His blood thickened and his flesh warmed,
To preserve the love he felt, for the one he loved.

The world may invent new ways to destroy his love,
For a girl in his heart and soul he very well know,
Is the only one he can ever love, he will forever love,
Even the very thought about her, ah’ brings a new glow.

Clasping his own hand at the withering weather he faced,
That new glow found ways from his soul to his eyes,
Showing ways for her to find a way to his lonely soul.
As the chaos of the world not to venture into her ears screams.

And at the world and the stereotypes he smiled,
Binding ropes of structures that stops a loving heart,
And to her his plea screamed “Break loose from those,
Who binds you to a meaningless and loveless world”.

Night came, everything once again by darkness consumed,
He looked for her all around and nothing he found,
The world looked for them and nothing they found,
She looked and found the glow of those eyes, bright and clear.

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Photo by Flemming Fuchs on Unsplash

Testers Of Tears.

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The night left quietly and the day spread,
Much more quietly no to wake the unloved,
So thought the magic God gave to humans,
Night and Day taking care of the deprived.

God gave no blessing different than God gave,
Everyone, a reason to breathe, a way to find food,
Oh’, the unloved spent their times gathering fate,
And combine in many combinations to see,

Love ever exists for them in this world,
And the answers they seek, Oh’ they will find,
But love remains incomplete for the unloved,
As the ones they love don’t love them back.

Life exists for them and scattered as pieces of ruins,
Like nightly scavengers those unloved seek those pieces,
To place in one jigsaw puzzle, ah’ a never ending nightmare,
Oh’ the loveless live between the living, ah’ not as the living.

The screams of their heart, Oh’ none can hear,
Like gathered storms unleashed all at the same time,
Their passions, Oh’ demonized by the scrupulous,
Ah’ those lusty, for whom flesh and blood matters than love.

The unforgiven feeling in every possible way given,
The unloved man ah’ a danger in the eyes of lovers.
Then there are those who speaks soft, who holds you close,
They are testers, ah’ testers of tears, salty or sweet.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Emmanuel Boutet on Unsplash

The Liar.

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The world played evil games at every step,
And the games he played back at every step,
Went down many times but he came back,
And Oh’ what fascinating stories he told.

The eye of the storm he chased and became,
The storm itself as the world around him lost,
The binding force of nature in the devil’s scare,
A story he made that gathered the fallen pieces.

A lie told and then another ten more told,
To give a feeling of truth and he disappeared,
As over the unknown steps, step by step he walked,
Ah’ they always led to more lies and fun filled laughs.

The blizzard roared from the north and blinded,
Then the howling shut the ears ah’ what catastrophe,
All around the city and away in the farm lands unleashed,
A story as a song he sang to melt the frozen tundra.

From work to gatherings, lie after lie he told,
They laughed, many admired him, many wanted him along,
Ah’ as age grew up with him he learned,
Those unknown steps were that of the devil’s path.

Spring to summer galloped and fallen apart,
In the changing temperatures, Oh, all went upside down,
Tornadoes danced through the mid-west lands,
And away from the storm he ran as his lies abandoned him.

The storms are gone and out of the shelters came,
The world and along came the stunned liar,
The world at him looked, the world wanted the old man,
He looked at himself and all around wandered.

Nothing made sense, nothing truthful he can say,
The only truth he hid; as that truth may hurt a young soul.
The young soul that told him a reality that cut his heart,
“You are much older, ” that told how pathetic of a liar to himself he is.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

The Price For Education.

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Old times, ah’ when people traveled without fear,
Ladies well respected, rich people well loved,
Peasants happy in their ruins as they lived,
Like birds of sky, like prophet Isa (peace be upon him) said.

Adventurous young lady for a man of sea searched,
None came to travel with such inexperienced beauty,
Then she found someone whom many recommended,
But found him about to enter a brothel all drunk.

Like a peasant he looked, spoke language of uneducated,
She held him by the throat and said, “Two days you have,
To learn to behave with a lady properly, in good, bad and dirty,
Learn it all, or I will find a way to kill you and take another”.

The money she offered in gold and silver Oh’ irresistible,
So to the educator he went to learn the way to behave,
Scratching his big belly in front of the wise man he stood,
And said “Learned man, teach me to behave like a gentleman”.

The learned man sat and gave a queer look,
And the itchy-belly, impatient traveler lifted him up,
And said, “No time to play hide and seek you two days.”.
The scared teacher looked down in agreement.

Once down the teacher spoke his conditions for the lessons,
“One topek for every lesson you learn, I only teach once,
Learn and pay for the next.”, The pupil agreed and paid,
The advance for the teacher and pointed to the next brothel.

“No, they are evil people and no sense of mine go there.”
The teacher cried and at the pupil looked, He replied,
“I just saw you buy vegetables and fruits from cheap jacks,”
“You believe they own that stock? Just plucked from wild,”

“And to you they sold that which they own..” Pupil smiled,
Continued his remark “Those ladies give you their bodies,
For them a job, and time away from time for you,
For the money you pay”. Then the teacher returned the advance.

The teacher said “You taught me a lesson for which I pay”.
The pupil took the money and flicked him up in the air,
Then the teacher said “A gentleman will always find a woman,
Who will care and love expecting nothing in return”.

The pupil scratched his belly and gave the topek to the teacher.
No sleep, no food both through the different parts of city walked,
Many good knowledge they exchanged teacher’s wallet fattened,
The pupil in gladness learned and followed the teacher in haste.

Two sunsets history took and at sunrise they both reached,
The port where the young lady with her pretty smile waited,
The moment the big bellied man saw the lady he gave,
A flower to her and bowed as if in respect and took her bag.

Then he turned to the teacher and pulled a little bag from waist.
“Here is a ten golds for the satisfactory lessons you taught me.”.
The teacher took the bag and smiled and took a bigger bag,
The one with the topeks he earned from the lessons he taught.

He gave the topeks bags to the pupil who in surprise asked,
“This is more valuable than ten gold pieces, why you returned?”
The teacher told, “There is no price for education well learned,
But for satisfaction there is always a price..which you taught”.

The ship left and the teacher in search to the next pupil gone,
With his new gained knowledge from an uneducated peasant.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

The Pain Of An Unloved Man.

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The Pain Of An Unloved Man.

The tangled thoughts of love and reality,
Ah’ what sacred vow binds me to reality?
Skepticism forced me to relinquish the wild dream,
As love for her fell beyond life’s acceptable theme.

And to her I ask “Do you wish I wear another face?,
“Do you wish I were close enough to your age?”,
“Do you wish I spoke different than I do now?”,
“Do you ever wish to see me holding your hand?”.

The silent reader of my lonely heart she is,
Ah’ every time she reads the language of my heart,
Loneliness leave me, and my heart with her face fills,
Oh’ with raised hands once more I pray, for her love.

Oh’ the paths to each other’s hearts so straight it was,
And you went in paths unknown to you and I,
Along the paths fell the dreams of mine you so well know,
And I wish to cry out loud to a world oblivious to my love.

Everyday that passed by, Oh’ I wake and pray,
Every night passed me by I wander in dreams already seen,
Trying hard to find a way to make you smile when you read,
The language of my heart I write letter by letter to you, hiding,

The pain of an unloved man.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Guilian Fremaux on Unsplash

A Dream Without A Background.

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I sat through the day that brightened every time,
I thought about you, Oh’ those little moments of past,
I sat through the night that shown me twinkling stars,
Every time about you to dream I tried.

I walked throughout the night a somnambulistic act,
Ah’ every image in my heart of you into memory brought,
Bit by bit I repainted each image in a canvas of mind,
Oh’ without those images, life, an empty canvas.

When painting every image, Oh’ you lived in me,
And every time you lived in me, liven my memories,
A new line of verse that memory to my life gave,
Making my life a living poem, bit by bit everyday I wrote.

Waking up one day, painting once more all the image I know,
I sat to write another quartet of verse from my living life,
Ah’ the images came one by one, then one after the other,
The movement in rhythm gave a reason for a romantic dream.

I weaved the dream with your smiles, with your charm,
I made you walk, I made you run ah’ I made you smile more,
Then a thought, about that reality, ah’ that brutal reality…
Erased every bit of that dream and left me stale images.

I sat, I slept, I walked and I ran, I prostrated, I dreamed again,
Every time the images I laid ah’ I know there is no background,
I can paint to weave yet another dream that will complete a poem,
But still, I dreamed, with stale images and unreal backgrounds.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Her Naughty Smiles.

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Daylight spent most part of the day hiding,
Behind thunders and rains and somewhere fell,
All that clouds crashing houses and pylons,
Oh’ the violence of nature at times, unbearable.

Night slowly put off the candles from up above,
And the clouds cleared for the lingering heat to rise,
Walkers like me walked in new found enthusiasm,
Mind through shops and people fast moved.

Shops so well decorated and one after the other stood,
Like old times malls doesn’t have many shoppers,
And I walked through many stores and some shoppers,
Like a busy man but deep inside a heart beat for a view.

When passing the book shop I know I will see a face,
But the leaving day decided to give me a surprise,
As I walked past the gates no face I saw, ah’ she is gone,
As I turned to walk back a voice I heard “Hi”.

She walked directly at me with a naughty smile,
I knew she understood the reason of my sudden turn.
For my query of well being she replied “Doing Well”.
And walked past me who wanted to talk more.

My heart said to me “Oh’ what how lovely she is,
In that naughty smile, I saw a million more reasons,
To beat and in every beat to weave a little more,
Love for you to share with her forever.”.

Walking back slowly sipping my evening tea I smiled,
One of those days my heart and me learned to discover,
Reasons to love and loving for a reason so beautiful,
In heart, words and in her naughty smiles.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Sarah Noltner on Unsplash

Sounds Of The Northern Woodlands.

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The wind blown from across the woods,
Ah’ from the whispers it put in every sprouting leaf,
And the giggles of those leaves about the last winter,
You were there, a memory of you, filled with love.

Where did that memory came in those woodland winds?
Oh’ those trees heard the cry from my heart about love,
Love of mine only meant for you and you declined,
Love I sought in you Oh’ you felt but hid in heart.

I wish I were a liar when through the woods I walked,
I wish I can lie to my heart that I never loved you,
I wish I can find a lie to tell what from your smile I felt,
Was not love; but Oh’ world and my dear, a liar I am not.

The healing times with changing times to heal may try,
But no love given can be the love of your my dear,
And no love I can weave as no part of heart is empty,
Without my love as a prayer chant heart beats recites.

Facing the crying wind deep in my mind I thought,
The melted snow and ice now galloping into sea,
Where they will leave the sounds of the Woodland trees,
Ah’ may the love of mine for you echo in the depths.

Depths were light and life hardly reaches,
Where none exists to cry for my fallen tears.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Alexandra Cozmei on Unsplash

The Fallen Fog.

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Light, wake up into the unfolding day,
For, darkness is tired after a long night.
When into sleep I fell I wished I see,
Dreams where I held her hands and smiled.

Oh’ the tiring darkness entered my dreams,
Ah’ no smiles I saw, as darkness filled,
But empty was not my dream as my hand was held,
That unseen hand, hidden, but giving a touch of love.

The morning around me spread wide and bright,
Oh’ the inevitable is happening and in mind I asked,
When will my love feeling the love of mine,
Becomes part of the morning’s inevitability.

The greatness of love ah’ in imperfections come,
The fascination of love Oh’ makes the imperfections,
The fascination of your heart, O’ Dear, my dearest,
There are no imperfect fascinations in my love for you.

The fallen fog that impairs your views O’ dear,
The will melt and then you will see,
Then you will feel the beautiful understanding,
Love differentiates not, in belief, age or looks.

Oh’ my senses only feel through my love for you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The Dead Clock.

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The pendulum of life swayed and swayed,
A rhythm predestined for us to walk, run and even cry,
The pendulum cannot be stopped by any act,
For connected to it are the wheels many connect to.

The love, guidance and teachings of parents begins,
To move that pendulum to move those wheels,
Then the schools that teach us to move the pendulum,
To move the wheels in our own ways and reasons.

Oh’ one will wish if life where a stand alone clock,
Aha’ no it is not for one clock connects to another,
In networks none figured out in philosophy and science,
And unknowingly pendulums and wheels of others we move.

Then there are clocks against the rhythms move,
Ah’ they fall apart as the wheels erratically revolves,
Uncontrolled they all break and break others too.
Oh’ those are forgotten mechanisms none can understand.

The pendulum of my clock stopped a while back,
But the wheels moved on and on unknown to me,
Then one day when your smile brightened my life,
I know the wheels of my love only turns with your moves.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Kalaca Studio on Unsplash
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