Wrong Paths And Blames.


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Wrong Paths And Blames

The golden hair covering her left eye,
and moves to the exhaling breath,
Looked through the vale of her blowing kisses,
holding on to the fake pearl necklace,
Touching her naked body all over,
Dancing to the tunes someone else wrote,
Falling into a fate she never hoped,
Intoxication from whiskey dissolved,
Into her eyes filled with lust,
Invitation to share that lust,
And passions that runs through nerves,
And to her from the depths of my heart I asked,
“Can I have a little innocence of yours, if any remains in you?”

The wind blew and the green branches danced,
Like a ballerina when tunes of summer birds filled,
And through the lake banks I walked and walked,
Mind in meditation calmed and sun far away faded,
How long can one walk as a reality like a curse follows,
And to the wind with a tone of aggression I asked,
“Why you come back again and again to leave,
Once more, leaving mind in pain?”

The whole nature paused as if facing a stupid question,
The water calmed, the wind left, the birds fast asleep,
Then from the depth of my soul conscience took a feeling,
And asked me with a tone of sadness,
“Why did you left someone you love so much,
And through wrong paths walk,
And in anger blames everything else but you?”

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2008.

A Touch Forever.


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A Touch Forever.

Sound, the notes and pitches that fills,
The material being and the spirits,
And in enchantment blesses every moment of life.

Smell, the feeling that words cannot describe,
No other sense can in the depths of soul touch,
Like the smell of her flowery skin.

Taste, sweet or sour or in the mix of spices,
No other feeling can kill the hunger,
But taste can’t kill the hunger of soul.

Touch, Oh’ every touch wakes up a billion thoughts,
And dances through mind and soul,
And sprout dreams when the conscious mind sleeps.

Sight, it is a blessing that always wonders,
Where all the sense in sync merges,
As even dreams can only be seen.

When sight is the only sense that can be used,
From the depths of mind all senses in perfection simulates,
The material being of a perfect beauty,
That left a touch in soul, that forever will remain.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2006,

Photo by Cristina Pop on Unsplash

A Magic You Can Teach.


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A Magic You Can Teach.

In the way of life,
When sun from eyes faded,
And winds beyond north rested,
Boundaries of imagination from mind erased.

Life in many ways time counted,
But those ledgers of my accounts,
From birth till this time noted,
As a blasphemy of innocence.

Needed or not you I have known,
Known well or not I still searched,
Real or unreal to each other,
Ah’ life does not matter without you.

Away from you, in everything new,
Alone as a stranger I grew,
Away from you, with all that I knew,
Ah’ still the silence of a lonely man I took.

Oh dear, my dear, the darling of my heart and soul,
Brutality filled with cruelty is all time to me can offer,
As every bit of strength in me I conjure to forget,
A magic only you with your charms can help me learn.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

Photo by Gleb Lukomets on Unsplash

She – Seventeen.


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She – Seventeen.

Write, Write and write about all that I wrote,
Wrote, Wrote and Wrote,
Many lines onto my mind embedded,
Many to dreams evolved,
Many dreams made me write more.

Oh’ so many thoughts, dreams and dreams about dreams,
With care, love and passion I weaved,
The material heart beat fast for senses to comprehend and reflect.

Fast breath broke the pre-dawn silence,
Then with the first break of light in the East,
All thoughts, dreams and all verses united,
And went invisible, unheard, nothing any sense can feel.

Body left bed, home and town,
Day grown tall like a country maiden in beauty and warmth,
The streets like scared morning doves scattered,
And the night into past went and from an unknown dimension, haunted.

Days passed, weeks to unknown depths fell,
Months mocked, and years to fate fell pray,
In the whirlpool of time, with stubborn inevitability.

Many events defined life,
Many moments left memories bleeding,
Oh’ that poem mind haunted, elusive remained,
As life in seclusion crawled.

Through ways dark and till now none ventured,
Many days bright seen but by western horizon consumed,
Then one dusk watching the inevitable, alone in the falling mist sat,
Far, Far away a little spot wandering eyes found,
That grown as every second to a long lost past dissolved.

Oh’ you came close,
In your presence horizons glowed,
In my presence a smile upon your face showed,
And then into your eyes I looked,
Ah’ through those eyes in clarity I saw,
The poem, dreams and thoughts in union disappeared,
When mind in the wanderings through fate lost,
Now in all purity as your soul glows.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved 2010.

She – Sixteen.


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She – Sixteen.

About the day I was born I wish I knew,
Then the brain slowly learned about a puzzle,
The big one where slowly pieces he fitted,
And made an image my childhood wonderfully played.

That image taught well and from mind slowly faded,
As new set of pieces came around and brain played,
The adolescent age made a romantic image and loved,
Then the image by storms of life broke and pieces burned.

In the youth a new set of pieces I found,
And a new puzzle I played and a new image made,
Ah’ the cycles of life brought a new set of storms,
Even the best of my efforts to save the puzzle, failed.

When passing through the mid-thirties I prayed,
Not to see a set of pieces I should arrange, but,
Life the monster at my conscience thrown,
An image to refuse, for me impossible to make real,

Ah’ in my mind I made the pieces one by one,
And the puzzle formed slow and steady,
Then the image shown eyes so bright,
Then the image shown a smile I can’t forget.

Ah’ years passed and with that image I wrote,
Verses that into my mind whispered,
Stories of romance I myself never thought I knew,
And more and more verses I wrote in peace of mind.

Then a day broke up around the eastern skies,
Shattering every bit of mists of Autumn morn,
Sun grew bright and shined bright like a mocking smile,
Then she came, Oh’ she came, with a real loving smile.

Oh’ as in every way different I am, I prayed,
And in every way Oh’ every day I tried,
To break the puzzle from every corner of life,
Ah’ the smile became laughs of life’s mockery.

Life, the monster never gave me love I said,
Life, gave me love of my own to give,
And as she abandoned the roads to my love,
The hurting thorns deep into soul pierced.

Ah’ to the defeated soul, the pained soul to cry I said,
And in the weeping of my soul to pray I trained,
Oh’ I failed again and again to erase and break that puzzle,
As stubborn life stood the ground and screamed.

She, the twin flame of your soul is the love of your life.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved – 2018.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

You, Me And Us


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You, Me And Us

There is a quill in my mind that is writing.
There are couple of eyes out there looking,
There is a dream out there floating,
Ah’ let the dream fly on its own,
For this man never owned it,
May never will own it,
I am no man who wants to lose you,
I am no man who wants to lose myself,
My love for you forever will be there.
Can’t do anything more,
Can’t say anything more,
Think hard darling, how much you love me,
And do what it takes to bring to me,
What we will never lose,
You, me and us.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

The Onlooker.



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The Onlooker.

A busy day in the sweetness of summer born,
With trees standing with leaves and parasites covered,
With the awakening humanity the chaos started,
What wonderful ways Oh’ our lives we complicated.

The employed rushed to their employment,
At home mothers and father for the day prepared,
The unemployed busier than the employed all around rushed,
Ah’ there is more to do when not employed than when employed.

One after the other past in images in and out faded,
Lifeless days, undisciplined ways, all meaningless, now united,
As monuments of a past forever in soul engraved,
The meanings of it all, as an image in a mirror I see.

Ah’ every step I made, the ground gave away,
The fallen truth, the image in the mirror distorted,
Unbearable silence forcefully broken,
To scream I tried, but only sobs out of me came.

Life the revealer, revealed more than asked for,
Still wondered why always from far I looked,
But never were close enough to feel it all,
As the blessing of it all in the mirror never I saw.

Oh’ never to look at the mirror I decided,
Silence all the arrows at me fired,
A lone way I expected and longer it felt,
As round and round is all I can go on.

The mirror in the middle, me around it running,
In the morning light all I see,
Ah’ the one running don’t look at the mirror anymore,
As the blessing he seeks, stood looking at him, with tear filled eyes.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

Photo by Alla Biriuchkova on Unsplash

The Bird Feeder.



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The Bird Feeder.

The day from the clutches of a dark Lord broke away,
And through the landscapes along with Mother Earth moved,
Oh’ what a wonderful morning a poet watched,
As mind in the rhythms of happy thoughts danced.

Happy thoughts that came along a singing bird,
She sang and sang as if to impress hearts,
And then the empty can of bird feed I noticed,
Oh’ what a crime to leave the singer hungry

Out to the growing yard I went,
And saw a wing of her away from all in flight,
Took the can and with a smile I filled,
The seeds and grains birds of her kind loved.

Left I and upon the steps I sat,
To see the singer with gratitude feed,
Nothing I heard, no bird I saw,
No wind I felt, no leaf for the warmth of eyes swayed.

Without much thought back into home I came,
My chores I did and when tying my shoes I heard,
The sweet voice of a bird singing,
Through the window at her I peeped.

She sang and sang and then slowly ate,
Then upon a strung string she walked,
Then on to the maple tree jumped,
And there through every branch she danced.

Her dance I watched Oh’ the best of the dances I’ve ever seen,
Many steps she laid ah, wonderful images in mind left,
For whom she danced I know not,
As when my presence she felt into the depth of sky she flown.

Many days with the same rituals passed,
And the bird every time my presence felt, away she flown,
Wondered if she knew, to her no harm I meant,
Feed her as long as hands can I thought.

Many times only in nights the can I filled,
One day the bird in my presence may dance I thought,
Filled the can knowing somewhere in peace of night slept,
In her own ways, with her own love, unknowing all she slept

Then a night came when the can I filled,
And slept with not much thought about the bird,
That day I saw her dancing in all passions filled,
But flown away when my presence she felt.

In her dance the nature around thrilled,
And in my presence the wind with her flown,
The clouds way above covered the smiling sun,
And the gloom even in the petals of roses felt.

Oh’ out there for a while I sat all stunned,
Then with a pledge in mind back home I walked,
Never to try to watch the bird dance or hear her sing,
But to stay hidden from her eyes and fill the feeding can at night.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2012.

Photo by bibarys ibatolla on Unsplash

Journey To A Never Ending Daydream.


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Journey To A Never Ending Daydream.

Waking up from a material dream I walked,
Oh’ away from the material life I walked,
Meaningless mockery of the material world I heard,
Peasant I am not in the matter of love,
As Godly love, in my heart and soul filled.

When by the doors of material love I walked,
Hearing verses in words of sweetness weaved,
Some with romantic intoxication filled,
Some with lust driven passions filled,
Oh’ the language of the heart by humanity given,
To extinction when words used, in actions became meaningless.

Ah’ in there some played music with emotions filled,
Each instrument a different emotion suggested,
Some danced in the tunes and rhythm of others,
Some danced looking at other’s moves,
All seemed prying on material hallucinations.

Passed many doors, many faces I saw,
Sad at times I felt, angry at times I felt,
But there were moments when pleasant I felt,
As verses, music and dance gave senses a beautiful nurture,
And hopes, dreams and wishes guided,
Grip of soul for many years mind lost,
Heart pounded in yearning to be loved, untiringly.

That material world to accept I cannot,
And the door closed in winds of material naughtiness.
Turned back and looked at those paths through which passed,
Nothing to venture back, for those bridges burned behind.

The lake not so far away I saw,
Locked and sealed the door tight and I walked,
To the lake, the never ending daydream,
Leaving drops of tears I never wanted to shed.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

To The New Dream Architect.


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To The New Dream Architect.

Grab me by my conscience; break the silence of my soul,
Build the castle, in which we can roam,
Like silly love birds, singing and filling hearts with love.

Take the words of mine from the scattered thoughts of mine,
Like a goldsmith takes the dusts of gold,
Merge in your emotions and in your soul melt,
And pour it upon the soul of mine.

But careful in every action and words you should be,
For in my soul you will see prints of another soul, engraved,
Whose image you will never see,
Whose voice you will never hear,
Never bother her even with your thoughts,
As nothing ever from my soul will unbind,
Those thoughts, laughs and disappointments we shared,
But lost all in the tears we shed,
When times through lives played an uncouth dance,
And we fell apart with a generation standing in between.

Never give me the pain of waiting,
Never fail to ask a question in mind,
Fear not about the intentions of mine,
For in purity cast are my thoughts,
And purer than the tears of a newborn are my intentions.

About my love and relationship never you should ask,
For there exists a girl with all pure intentions I looked,
The crazy world, the crooked world Oh and me in it all,
Made her leave a mark in my soul,
A mark that will make me feel,
Her in my soul forever and forever,
Never will I let another soul love mine,
For a criminal I will become in faking the love of mine.

Writer I am and none else I am,
Stories and poems of mine are all you should care,
The poet is a reason for lighting a flame in reader’s soul,
What burns in there the poet can’t control,
Know that well when you leave a smiling image for me.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

Photo by Alla Biriuchkova on Unsplash

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