The day the meaning of the lyrics of this song became the truth birthed at dawn today. The illusion of Love makes me say nothing, Nothing about it all I can ever say.

The Pained Mother.

Here is my new poem. The situation is in the poem itself. Yesterday I posted a gift for a new friend from Russia. At that time I said the reason for doing it will known shortly. I was writing this poem looking at her picture. I am attaching the picture along so that you know exactly what I mean with this poem. The picture was taken from the screen shot I took exactly the moment I described in the poem.
Here is the poem.

The Pained Mother.
The dusk rested, the birds nested,
A resting place under eyes, darkness found.
The magic of sleep night unfolded,
Not for a mother who through the web at me looked.

The weird world, the wilder world the world at her yelled,
And from the world wide web she wanted to run,
But the moneyless purse and the face of a son she remembered,
And the world with all patience and pretty smile she faced.

Then to my wonder about her son she told,
The sparkles in her eyes in all wonder I watched,
The friendly wife, a wonderful mother and a poet too she is,
As to me her poems one by one she recited to entertain.

The wilder world, sex scavengers again at her yelled,
To hold peace with all her might she tried,
Oh’ then the cry of a baby around I heard,
And stunned she sat as she cannot leave.

Though no parent I am in her eyes I saw,
The innocence of a baby for mother’s warmth crying,
The twitch in the heart a mother will feel,
Oh’ eyes spread through to a poet’s heart too.

The world around mercilessly screamed,
To see and feel the pain of a mother none cared,
Through my jokes her pain I relieved,
But forgot I can never, the face of the pained mother.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

Blessed Touch.

Blessed Touch.

The stream singing in the rhythm of my heart flown,
Then weather grown colder and colder and froze,
Once you touched the water and all melted,
You are the one with the healing hands, the blessed hands.

Roads like dark serpents ran under into past,
The vagabond walked, ran and alas fell,
Invisible dead end in no way one can unblock,
Come back, O’ Darling, Come back, for one more blessed touch.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2011.

The Weeping Tempest.

Here is my new poem friends. This poem was written looking at the picture of a girl the girl knows who she is if she reads this poem in full.

The Weeping Tempest.

The opening lines of a poem in my mind I thought,
When at a picture of you I looked,
Then the worldly life to darker times as a pray thrown,
Me and my dreams in the whirlpools, Oh’ in fear drowned.

Thankful I am O’ God as you helping hands in her words I felt,
Bound my soul to her soul Oh’ only in spiritual ways understood,
Every time darkness to my life spread his wings I remembered,
Those words of blessings, to past I will never lose.

Her mind at the wonders of life looked and swayed,
My intentions to every evil doubts in her mind might have crept,
Oh’ my silence will leave the whispering of doubts uncleared,
So even when only a picture I see, my mind whistled.

Oh’ God I once raised my hands and you blessing I sought,
And she came filling every corner of my life with confidence and luck,
Mistakes and misunderstandings made me and her felt bad,
And surrounded me again are darkness that breaks my will.

Oh’ God In darkness again at you in pleading my hands I raise,
Forgiveness I seek, for swaying the blessing you gave,
And I know not anymore any actions or words I should do or say,
Only the feelings from those blessed days, these days I feel.

Ah’ like a tempest all the feelings into me came,
The lonely stranger I am, a truth I forgot,
Now the tempest only in my mind I feel,
Strongly blowing with a weeping sound.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2011.
Watch this video it is really inspiring.

The Venom To Which I am Addicted

The Venom To Which I am Addicted

Read all that I have written,
In the blasting summer storms,
Speak to your mind and once more ask,
Will you ever feel love in the way I loved you?

Burn up the sheets of my love,
Bury the ashes, float away the dreams,
The fires of love will remain above,
And still the words the flowing water will scream.

In the depths of love there is kindness,
And innocence none will know but in passions blinded,
There are lost ways none ever ventured,
There are lost years none ever counted,
The drift between our souls, Oh’ we always felt we needed,
Yet, the love so strong with silence so tightly bound.
The gift in our hearts, each other we feel,
Oh’ from it I can’t walk away, but can you?

Life as a concrete canyon grown,
Then along with my love for you apart it fell,
The steel and stones all twisted,
The dust like the mist from a volcano blown,
And my love a venom to which I am addicted.

Again and again to my heart I pleaded,
To turn away, erase away your face,
Again and again the remaining time and space of mine filled,
With a face, a smile and the deep rooted love of yours,
I once failed to understand and accept.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2011.


Listen to the Broken Angel song I posted earlier you will know what I mean.. Half of the song is in some Turkish. But the english part is interesting.

Broken Angel Arash ft. Helena

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