The Spiritual Side Of Love.

Two incidents of life came to me one my own when someone asked me can someone fall in love over the internet. Yes I answered but I failed to explain how the spiritual part of love really works. I can only say how spiritually I love, I was not able to explain how to feel the spiritual part of love as I never felt it. Said that I met another girl who told me how she found love through internet, she said, I will go anywhere and do anything to be with him. Keeping both these things in mind I started writing and came out with the following.

Now about my life. —————————————-



     The Spiritual Side Of Love.

Seen the sunlight through the leaves,

Born in the warmth of the mid Spring caress,

Hundreds of flowers bloomed along, watched,

A wanderer who walked with no aim in mind.

Birds sat upside down on the trees in fear,

Then realized no harm from a way lost harmless man,

He is nothing more than a wild animal in those little eyes,

Then they all sang a tune from his empty mind came.

Oh where he came from he only knows,

What emptied his mind only the women he loved knows,

Where are they he himself know not,

Every step he laid, a step away from all he knows.

Follow me not he said to birds,

Forget me now he said to even dead rocks,

The aversion to all the earthly life bound his heart,

And to all he shut his mind yet another time.

Those hands raised not in prayers,

As he know all the prayers where already prayed,

All good a man can do already done,

Now all unfulfilled and he only can wander in detachment.

Merged into nature the world at him screamed,

Let the nature merge on to me he whispered,

Oh’ all the beauty of the nature into two small eyes merged,

And in front of him with all love life ever known, glittered.

Can two eyes fill in an empty mind?

But when into those eyes he looked he saw,

A soul filled like the core of the Earth,

Oh’ how wonderfully God created her for me, he said.

If the core of earth is filled with fire,

Her soul is filled with hope,

Her heart is the true symbol of love,

Every flicker of her eyes sprouted dreams of morrows.

All past days dissolved in the passion seen,

And as mist covered them both,

The world never will know what words were spoken,

But soon heard birds singing in love,

The fresh tunes in the summer warmth,

Leaving the wisdom all around,

That true love always be rewarded,

As the holiness of it is only understood,

And all material parts of life disappears.

When true loving hearts in spirit of love merges,

Oh’ no matter how far apart in material they are.

This poem was written in April 1999 to be given to my mom on mother’sday. Due to a love failure I did not released this poem. Two and halfyears later I recorded this in audio. And 3 years after that I gave thepoem to my mom. The friend/fan who had the recording, who also knowthat I am a big fan of A.R.Rahman added the audio. Special thanks tobig brother who kept, added music and gave it to me.

There are two versions of this poem the words are same, the background music are different.

The Warmth Of The Invisible Palms-With Vande Matharam Background

The Warmth Of The Invisible Palms-With Bombay Dreams Background.

Those who can’t follow my accent can read the words of the poem by visiting this link The Warmth Of The Invisible Palms-Text.

More than a month passed since I posted anything here oranywhere. I was not lazy, I was busy. I moved from New York to Kansas.One of the most gruesome dive I ever did, it rained, snowed and the wind allstood between me and Kansas.I made it in the middle of the night. Where am I going to be next is a questionI don’t ask these days. Let life take me there.

  Then in Kansas I got sick, ViralFever… damn it really sucks. Now I am getting better. There are lots of thingsI need to do. But there are certain things that paused me. The question is whysome things should be done lingers… it is always safe not to attempt somethingin which one failed many, many times.

   As for myrelationship, the last love as I said ended. She is gone with the wind. No morecryptic phrases to crack. Language problems was the major problem I thought.But my last poem said it clearly that the difference created by two extremes ofreligion broke it up in the end. She was a fanatic Orthodox and I am a lenientliberal. It just did not added up in the end and the fight was very public wheredenials and curses were fired at each other. I ended up saying… “You lost me,the loss is yours”. She left in tears and I felt tears too. But what cannot beone should not attempted to be glued together.

  Read this poem. Itwill tell you what I am going through now.


The triumph of a feeling in mind danced,
As spring somewhere in laziness slept,
The lovely golden delights of the freezing morning,
Oh’ deceiving they were but still erased the wintry gloom.

The magnificence of the sun, oh dragged around,
Failing to warmth the nature to bloom,
Reminded mind once more, the dynamics of life,
And step by step an eternal fear came close.

Oh’ is this another cycle of freeze,
Where life just to hopes and prayers shrinks,
And every event in life unfolds,
With no deeper meaning anyone can find.

And through days mind drag on and on,
And thought in the shadows of nights born
No light left footsteps in loveless thoughts,
But a hope flickered deep inside through smiles seen. 

The skeptical mind cannot believe,
The trauma still felt for the love that left,
Emptiness like a parasite held on in stubbornness,
But that youthful smile plucked away the scars one by one.

The flicker spread through the mind and warmed,
Even the empty handed spring that lay tired,
Flowers in thousands and rains of blessings came,
Oh’ they only fueled the fires of love in the soul.

Even when heart in dreams filled,
But cannot find open doors for those dreams to share.
Those blue eyes filled with hopes and sanctity won,
And mend every corner of a broken heart.

A simple smile upon my face blossomed,
And that smile a soul filled with love said,
Let this spring make you the monument of happiness,
Let the joy of yours spread the warmth of love.

Once more to the days of confusion and sadness I looked,
Once more I smiled and said to them to remind,
My soul about the mirages I hunted and fought,
And make them the founding stones of my new found love.

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