No Regrets

I recently saw one of my friend here actually blocked me. I asked him why he blocked me and got a reply that some women complained to him that I went from his site and commented on their posts which they think are inappropriate. Let me tell this, I might’ve joked at those pages or posts if someone had problems they should have told that. I know couple of people who told me they didn’t like the tone of my comments and I apologized to them. Now to those who don’t want to directly deal with me… Whatever I said is appropriate and those women deserve it. Now to that guy whom I called a brother… I replied to a message from my other site. I would’ve asked the person what he said and should have done a bit of investigation before blocking. BlueMoon you need to prove to me you are worth being called a friend and a brother. I know who I am and those who truly cares know who I am very well.
       In all honesty, those people I made fun of are hypocrites. They are not worth visiting or visiting my site.

The Cuckoo’s Friend-Audio Version.

This is a poem called The Cuckoo’s Friend taken from my book Age Of Survival. Now this poem went through an eveloution before it made it to the book. The first version is in this post The Cuckoo’s Friend and you can see it is not as big as the final version that made it to the book. So understand, the poems you see here are all a draft version the final one that will make it to my published book may change a lot. In this audio version, when I edited and added the background music the last word cannot be heard fully. There was a better version of this audio file. But looks like that’s gone as Imeem became part of myspace. I received an email from Imeem saying they will make all audio available as soon as possible.  So her it is

Here is the Text of the final version from the book Age Of Survival-Collection Of Poems.

The Cuckoo’s Friend

I’ve heard the cuckoo sing,
What the wind said about the mind,
“In a valley amid snow capped mounts,
Where the gardens always is filled,
With flowers that never dies,
Where a dancer always dances,
To the beat of the heart that follows her footsteps,
Filling the inner walls of the mind.”

That in turn fills every corner of me,
Peace and harmony unheard to mankind.
A dreamer who walked out of a dream,
A walker who fell and crawled,
A lover who loved, loving and forever will love,
Listening to the friendly cuckoo who don’t look at me,
But keeps on singing what always keeps my mind at peace.
Those Unheard Words.

Oh’ captivated heart remained,
In sheer magnificence of the beauty,
Inside and outside, perfection in congregation,
She held my senses known and unknown, prisoner,
And all definitions at bay remained,
Perplexed but bowed in shyness,
Of the passions felt inside.

A dreamer inside conceived,
Filled in were the passions,
But murdered before birth,
Love remains an unclaimed corpse.
For the material ear, unheard words.



Hope everyone is doing fine out there, it is cold where I am, very cold. So I am near a fireplace. The snowing stopped couple of hours back and I see another 3 inches of pure white stuff on the drive way. Cleaning it up is my job. I decided to break my back tomorrow morning than tonight. I thought of going for a movie but decided to stay at home when I got into my truck, the empty light popped up. Kinda gave me a negative feeling, so I thought I can rest tonight so the feeling goes away and take life as it happens tomorrow.
   Many people are leaving for different places now for new year celebrations. I am not going anywhere in fact I may not go out on New Year eve at all. I would rather let the new year celebrated around me than celebrate in the New Year.

Now the audio file. This is from my book Age Of Survival which of course many of you know was published in 2006. I recorded the first version for giving it to a friend who requested it. For some reason which I don’t remember now, I never gave the file to anyone. The background was added later from MusOpen. Hope you all enjoy it.
 Keep warm folks. We have some brighter days ahead of us. Lets just rest well to be busy in them.

The Garden Of Love-Audio Version.

The Audio version of one of my poem The Garden Of Love. These audio files were all in Imeem. Now it became MySpace. All evening I was sitting and trying to figure out if I lost any of my backups. So that pretty much consume half of my night too. Anyway folks I will upload the rest of the files tomorrow. It is not that pleasant to listen to as my voice is really horrible. But if you are familiar in watching me on XangaTV or BlogTV shows only then you will love it. hehehe. For your information the back ground music is Vivaldi – Spring from the Four Seasons, Allegro. This piece of music is taken from MusOpen website.

Merry Christmas

Just because I am not posting a poem doesn’t mean I have no poems. Anyway, after the last mumble jumble post, which no body pointed out how many mistakes were in the post other than one person. whom I am very thankful for saying it. Anyway this day I accept my mistake. The reason why I am not posting a poem here is this is an evening one should feel glad. I wish you all the same.

Merry Christmas. Watch the video.

The Uncared Whispers.

Good evening my friends and xanga relatives. Hope one more day closer to Christmas is getting you all excited. Well, normally Christmas day don’t have much of excitement except for surprise gifts. The whole time with family and friends together brings in unforgettable memories. I am not feeling well today, my sneezing started again. So kinda keeping low. I thought I will do a blogtv show. But called it quits as I have a bad feeling about my back. Can’t sit for 4 hours straight. By the way, no snow where I live, it warmed up to about 50F, so we will be getting some rain soon. I love rain too, wonderful to listen to the rain. It gives the feeling that the soul is trying to speak to nature. Or nature is trying to speak to my soul. 

  Talking about listening to soul, (not soul music) here is a poem I wrote couple of weeks back, as someone in xanga told about making a piece of dance. I have nothing against dancers or dancing in general. Well at that time I remembered a wonderful dancer from India. She studied with me for more than 10 years. So I know her like my own sister. She was a dancer and last time we met, I asked her about her dance.

She told me, “Riaz, dance don’t exist alone, it needs music and the modern music does not get me to dance. So I learned music”

She sang a piece of music from Carnatic Music that made me wow. She wrote the lyrics in sanskrit herself.

Then she told me…”Poet, I wrote the lyrics first, then modified it to fit to the piece of Carnatic music”. This is something I taught her a long time back, sometime in 1991 when we were together in a train trip. Her husband at that time told me, I don’t think she will ever write even one line of poetry. Now she writes in Sanskrit and she can translate that to three different languages. She is a Sanskrit professor now.

When I remembered that I thought why is this girl in xanga learning and trying to make a piece of dance which have no self existence. She is so talented in both music and poetry. She is just losing herself in her own fancy ideology of dance. Well why I said this. Because as a poet I know how good a poet she is. It will take at least 15 years of training with writing every day to become a good poet. In 15 years of dancing this girl will be destroyed from inside out. This poem is about that. Personalized in my form, hehehe what is that form? I think that girl and everyone should know… I write through a romantic feeling. Just because I write using romance as a medium doesn’t mean I am in romance with this girl or any girl I meet on the net or in real. I am way older to be in romance and I don’t have anything with me any woman can fall in love with (looks, money, skills, house, status) I just wanted to make that very clear to everyone now. I am a poet who lives with very limited set of priorities, I don’t plan much, I almost live my life as life happens. There was a time when I loved and honestly I love that time. Now it is time for me just to write about it. Love in real is for people who are much more fortunate than I am.

The Uncared Whispers.

Oh how close were we and how further went we,
Hopes described but stood in the middle with eyes closed,
When right beside feeling breath we stayed,
Ah’ love indeed a double edged sword became.

Dearest, the net weaved for our own safety,
Now in it tangled the care and love of us,
And deep in the woods with creatures unknown live,
Looking for the feelings lost, crying for a drop of tear.

Never shown paths to a loving heart,
Always in suspicions of a criminal looked,
Oh’ the island you made in your own design,
Dance on it alone, in the rhythms of love songs I sung.

Dance the form of art, in music depends,
The best step in rhythm bound can only be poetic,
As in every step, in the rhythm of another heart you make,
The poetic heart of yours under your foot you crush.

My paths are clear, my life in simple priorities bound,
No dance moves, only whispers of soul unseen, heard,
As age binds and gives experiences of life you now know not,
Hear you will the whispers of your soul, the whispers I heard.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

A Lovely Girl.

Looks like most people in the East Coast are stuck at home or just staying home. WOW that’s what I call the deadly dance of old man winter. I love winter storms, tomorrow in the Midwest it is going to be nasty and sure I will enjoy it, sitting at home and watching the storm through the big window. Doctor told; don’t even think about hitting the snow. Blah blah blaaaaah. But I hope in another couple of days my days inside will be over and I will be out there making snowman with my nephew, niece and their friends.

  Anyway I started writing this poem as a gift. Usually my gift poems are not posted here in this site. But looks like the recipient had gone MIA. I was like WTF. So I changed the name and added some lines, modified lot more and here it is.

A Lovely Girl.


Seen a dance that made mind in rhythms wake,
The dance of your eyes when my verse you heard
Ah’ through those eyes the glitter of your soul I saw,
And the shine from your eyes you gave,
To all the loveless souls out there in wilder world.

Triumph of beauty all over you celebrates,
The blessing you are to all who see,
You in real, virtual and in imaginations when,
Dreams in happiness of minds are seen.

Your beauty is well balanced felt,
Through every senses of humans known,
And from your charm and smartness gained,
Senses to mankind unknown,
From where feelings of respect and care
Are born every moment time known.

Oh’ hopeless thoughts will never touch a soul,
Any soul in your eyes if they looked,
A God given blessing of this part of time,
Knitting dreams to every soul in kindness given.
And to me she in the voices of a singing bird she asked,
“Tell me dear, what in your verifying mind you think?”
And to her even before any thought came to mind said aloud,
Ever felt the warmth of sun when an Ice storm passed?
Ever felt the mist surrounding in a spring morning?
Every felt the touch of a flower just bloomed?
You are all that feeling in one”.
Her smile all through spring and summer spread,
Then in the fall in the change of colors seen,
And in winter upon the white blanket rolled,
Oh’ you are the darling never ever me and time can forget.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Seventh-The Fulfillment-Part2.

Hello everyone. I promised you all that there will be another installment of this series of poems. This is the tenth one.  Okay first of all what is going on with me. I am better but not 100% well. The infection is in my throat so I cannot have prolong talk. So my blogtv friends sorry I cannot do a show until I feel comfortable. Other than that, I am having the time of my life writing what I want, eating, sleeping, watching T.V. See it is Christmas season so everyone be sure to say Merry Christmas than Happy Holidays. I love this season even when I was in India.Even though I am a Sufi Muslim the season of giving can only bring the good out of people, good done by anyone is good and good is the truth of every  religion.
 Now back to my teenage days Heroine, Tess, she is one character that influenced me for over 20 years now. The way Thomas Hardy build this character, made me a poet. Well in a way people can say I am living in thoughts that came to my mind 20 years ago. Let them say what I want, I don’t care, I will care whoever care about me as who I am. Maybe it is so childish to even think about such a project of writing a whole novel as poems. Well that’s who I am.
   This is the last of the poems, here it ends, there are people who came to my site because of this and then there are people who went away because of the calamity that came out during the process of writing of this. Good and bad are there in everything. I am no exception. Those who went away showing the beautiful insanity of mine should know, I never harmed anyone hope they won’t curse me for being just a poet. Said all that, Here it ends after four and half years I finished it. I am happy and a little sad, because of the loss of a friend.
  I will be back with more poems of my ideas soon, sooner than you can imagine. Pray for me folks, friend, relatives and my lovely little darling.

Make sure you read the whole poem and then there is a foot note after the poem. It is important.

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Seventh-The Fulfillment-Part2.

Angel Clare as if in a tragic trance walked,

Back to the hotel where he stayed,
What he ate or drank he knew not,
Settling the bills there like a machine out he went,
A telegram from his mom missed him not,
That said, the gladness of his mother to know his whereabouts,
And it also said, his brother Cuthbert to Mercy Chant proposed,
And had been accepted by her, O’ nothing Angel felt.

To the station he walked not bothering,
What went around or where he should go,
No train for another hour kept him there,
He walked out with only one thought,
Keep moving away from that place as far, as fast.

Along a highway uphill he went,
In a busy town, a path deserted,
When about to turn far down the path he came,
He saw a spot coming fast as if to overtake him,
A fancy though like a lightning through his mind passed,
That it was his wife trying to catch up with him.

Though the idea was a fancy thought,
Even when Tess up close to him reached,
Recognized her not as Angel stood there watching.
With a pitiful smile on her face she spoke,
That she saw him when away from the station he turned,
The to him she said why for all the way she ran,
“I killed him Angel”.
Angel all frowning as if she was in a dream asked,
With eyes shinning like two suns she spoke,
” Done it I have Angel, I have done it,
As to myself and more than that to you I owe,
The fear of it long ago to my mind came,
When on his mouth with my glove I stuck,
Oh’ that thought’s haunting this day ended,
As for the trap during the innocence of youth he set,
And the wrong to you he did through my misery,
Between us he or a thought of him or his news came,
And both of us in life he ruined,
Now he can never do it any more.
Awe stuck Angel without a breath stood,
As Tess in her passion without compassion continued,
“Never ever I loved at all Angel as it is you I loved,
Know it, don’t you? Believed it don’t you?
You didn’t come back to me and I was obliged,
In the hardships of life to go back to him.
Why you went away, why did you, when I loved you so?
I can think why you did it.
Never will I blame you alone Angel,
And for my sin will you forgive me,
Now that I have killed him?
All the way I ran to be sure you forgive,
As it came to me as a shining light that I should,
Get you back that as I cannot bear,
The loss of you  and you know,
How I was unable to bear you not loving me.
Say you do love me now Say,
My dear husband say you do,
Now that I have killed him.

Angel as hard as he could held her,
And told her he do love her,
Still in disbelief at her he looked,

She told him how much he nagged,
And taunted her over crying for Angel,
And she told she did it.

With the promise of protection Angel took,
Tess and away they both walked,
Miles and miles without saying much they walked,
And then Tess to him asked,
:”Are we going anywhere in particular?”
Not knowing what to do or doing Angel said,
“I don’t know, dearest. Why?”
Tess with no expression said “I don’t know”.

The walk for many more miles continued,
As Tess to Angel told she can forever walk,
With arms around of the love she loved.
Found food and under a tree they sat and ate,
Then took off with plans to reach the interior lands,
When until forgotten from the world they can hide,
And later to make it a port from where they can leave,
The lands they took birth, lived, loved, unloved and she killed for love.

All her intellect now to Angel bound,
Tess holding Angel a little more tighter walked,
And by evening the both reached,
Bramshurst Court which was closed to let,
They went around the mansion trying to find a place to sleep,
In the end through an open lower window they both crept,
Into the mansion all empty where no soul known,
That a husband and wife for their first night prepared.

“Rest at last” he said when the remaining food he unpacked,
After the meal for a long time in quietness they spent,
The she whispered to his ear his sleep walk adventure,
Carrying her to the old cemetery and he laid,
Her in the old stone coffin which until that day he had not known.
For his protests Tess just told,
Past is past and nothing of the outside at that moment she thought,
What tomorrow brings to take tomorrow she prepared.

The next day all wet and foggy and none came by to disturb,
The couple who slept, awoke, ate and slept together again,
Five days slipped by with only Angel once a while creeping,
To gather food from the near by town,
Angel in between to Tess told,
To leave that place and move to deep interior country lands,
And to him she told why should they put an end,
To all the sweet and lovely as what is to come will come,
And all that is out there is trouble and what is inside is content.

Pressing her cheek against his she continued,
That what he may think of her as feeling may not last,
And his present feeling for her to outlive she did not wished,
And to him she pledged,
She would rather be dead and be buried,
When a time come for him to despise her,
So it may have never known to her he despised.

Angel once more promised he can never despise her,
Oh’ for which Tess to Angel told,
Why should any man ever help not to despise her,
For her madness and her wickedness,
As a girl who never hurt a fly and will cry,
When in the sight of a bird in a cage,
Who now stands cheek to cheek to Angel,
Days after the life of another man she took.

The next day woke in the shine of the lord of the day,
On that bright day the caretaker of the house came by,
And found the sleepers in the bed room of the old mansion.
She instantly to the neighborhood left,
And the sleepers our charming couple woke,
As they knew, something, not each other disturbed their sleep,
As soon as they can the mansion Tess and Angel left,
On her way back at the mansion she looked and said,
“Ah, happy house—goodbye!”
My life can only be a question of a few weeks.
Why should we not have stayed there?”.

They both through inland roads walked,
Passing through cities and walking over bridges,
In the cover of dark once more Tess walked,
With her dear, wonderful husband holding her hands.
Through the dark deep into some lands they went,
The half moon did his hide and seek game with the clouds,
And then as through some plain lands they walked they reached,
Vast erections of stones which in the dark they could not see,
As they rested and walked around feeling,
Where in the world they have reached,
They both understood in the middle of Stonehenge they are.

Tess told Angel she could not walk anymore,
Even though Angel want her to go along,
As that place from miles could be visible,
And daybreak he knew was not that long away.

Angel obliged and along with Tess he stayed,
Upon the altar she laid joking about the sacrifices old folks made,
Then she murmured to herself all aloud,
“I like it very much to be here,
After my great happiness with nothing but sky above,
My face and feels as if no folks in the world but we two,
And I wish there were not – except Liza Lu:”.

Then to her came the purest thoughts,
And to Angel holding his hands she told,
“Angel if something to me happens,
 For my sake Liza Lu you must watch”.
Angel promised he will and said nothing more.
Then Tess said what made her the purest soul,
“So simple and so good she is,
O Angel I wish you would marry her,
If you lose me, as shortly you will,
O if you would”.
Angel interrupted Tess and said,
“If  I lose you dear I lose all,
And she is my sister-in-law”.
Tess raised her voice and said,
“That’s nothing O dear that’s nothing,
People marry sister-in-laws all the time,
So gentle is Liza Lu and so sweet,
And every gone by day beautiful she grow,
If we are spirits, I could share her with you willingly,
If you would train her and teach her,
Angel and bring her up for your own self?
She had all the best of me,
And not the bad of me,
And if she were to become yours,
It is as if death had not divided us”
Then she paused and to him told,
“Well, I have said it, never again I will mention it”.

Angel spoke no words as Tess only heard,
The breathing of Angel so close by,
Then while talking about the Stonehenge again she asked,
“Tell me Angel, will we meet again after we are dead?”
Angel searching for words found none once more,
But kissed her to avoid a reply at such time.
Tess suppressed her sob and to him told,
“O Angel that means no,
To see you again and love you more I want,
What not even you and I who love each other so well?”
Angel lost all his words as no knowledge of him can speak,
To the love of a soul so innocent and pure,
He only listened to her breathing in regular grow,
As he know the Angels of sleep consumed her now.

Angel laid there with his hand in her lose clasp,
And watched the darkness by the first ray torn,
Sun behind the eastward boulder slowly rose,
And behind him a brush of feet he heard,
Getting up Angel in distance saw,
A figure slowly and steadily closing by,
Turning around on the other side another figure he saw,
Walking towards the figure Angel for some weapon searched,
Then the first figure to Angel told,
“No use Sir, sixteen of us are on the plain,
And the whole country is reared”
Angel to the officers implored,
Not to wake her up but let her sleep,
And all waited in the growing light,
Watching her sleep in peace one last time,
The grew strong and upon her face fell,
Waking her from her sleep,
Waking up to Angel she asked,
“What is it Angel, Have they come for me?”
Angel acknowledged in all helplessness.
Getting up, to Angel she told,
“It is as it should be, Angel, I am almost glad,
Yes glad I am as this happiness could not have lasted,
Too much it was and enough I had,
And now I shall not live for you to despise me”.
She shook herself and went forward as both men did not moved,
And very quietly told “I am ready”.

The city of Wintoncester capital of Wessex woke,
On a bright summer day in all shine and sound,
From between the narrow roads and houses seen,
Two people walking hand in hand out of the city in haste,
Angel Clare and the other a tall budding girl,
Half girl, half woman, the spiritual image of Tess,
Slightly slim than Tess, but all her charm on her growing,
With the same beautiful eyes of Tess showing,
The outer layer of a wonderful soul,
Clare’s Sister-In-Law Liza Lu along him walked,
With head down and in brisk pace they both walked,
As if running away from something they don’t want to hear or see.
When up the west hill they reached,
The clocks in the city stuck eight,
They both stopped and back at the cityscape they looked,
The whole valley from up there they both can see,
None of the valley or it beauty they both cared,
Both at an ugly tower in the middle of evergreen oaks looked,
Upon the tower a tall staff was fixed both their sight,
Then slowly something moved up that staff,
Soon not just they the whole town saw that black flag.

“Justice:” was done, and the president of the immortals,
In the Aéschylean phrase has ended,
His sport with Tess,
The dames and knights of the D’Urbervilles slept,
In their lead tombs unknowing.

Angel and Liza stood first speechless,
Then they both all their strength lost,
And down to earth they both bend,
As if in prayer they both stayed,
Everything Liza Lu known till that day,
To her senses came through Tess,
Nothing she can say on her own,
As the pain of parting of Tess consumed,
No tears or words of prayer came,
Then from the depths of her soul a whisper she heard,
Oh’ what a life in this short time you lived,
In it through every means you only served,
Compassion, unselfishness and above all love,
Shown to the world what life in all its wonder can steal,
Away from a soul the very essence of life,
Lived my life in the shadows of yours,
Though far away from me you stayed lately,
When nothing I know to do to you I rushed,
And leaving all to us you came,
And to the world our family you raised,
When throwing sanctity of yours in fires of pyre,
First the pain of the unjust world you faced,
And death you took to purify lives of all of us,
But for the care of us O Tess you would have lived,
Life in happiness in a way you may choose,
Even when darkness into your eyes crept,
Still happiness of me and the love of yours you kept high,
In my silly thoughts I thought no life without you I have,
But the love of yours the one who in every means love you,
Oh’ helpless and without strength beside me sit,
O Tess my darling sister I can feel,
The soul of yours not with a weeping face watch,
But the smile in real I always cherished to watch,
And this body of mine for the soul of yours I surrender,
As everything that made you smile I will do,
To make you smile deep inside my soul,
And the world you loved and the ones that loves you,
When upon my eyes they look will see,
The smiling Tess who kept all pain away from all who cared,
And I will live the rest of my life to give strength,
To all who felt the strength of your compassion and love.

Oh’ the world may not know,
When spiritually people to each other connect,
Nothing material, be it space, distance or even death,
Can in between them come,
When materially one lose the other all strength the other will lose.

No strength anywhere in thoughts or prayers Angel found,
As the pain of losing the love that is bound to his soul he felt lost
Liza Lu first got up with the strength she gained,
Then looked at Angel who in helplessness on his knees stood,
Then to him in a bold voice he recently heard she told,
“I am ready”.
Raised his eyes and on to her eyes he looked,
Liza Lu’s promise in the whispers of her soul she kept,
As all the strength Angel lost, through his senses back to him came,
Took her stretched hands and got up and held her hand in clasp,
And walked away from the black flag that waved silently.

The End

The extended ending is a change I made from the original text. Actually I am not a person who believes in changing one author’s work in anyway when another person in another form of writing adapts the story. Here I was trying to adapt the story as is. But in the ending Thomas Hardy leaves a gap or something not easily understood by all. I am going to give the actual paragraph Thomas Hardy wrote
     “Justice” was done, and the President of the Immortals, in Aéschylean phrase, had ended his sport with Tess. And the d’Urberville knights and dames slept on in their tombs unknowing. The two speechless gazers bent themselves down to the earth, as if in prayer, and remained thus a long time, absolutely motionless: the flag continued to wave silently. As soon as they had strength, they arose, joined hands again, and went on.”
      Okay you see what Thomas Hardy is saying  “As soon as they had strength” wow, look who are walking away, Angel Clare and Liza Lu, for Angel Clare, his soul is bound to her soul and that soul leaving the material world means he can never ever gain any strength to even move a finger. Then what can bring in this strength.  The very words of Tess in which she says
     “O, I could share you with her willingly when we are spirits! If you would train her and teach her, Angel, and bring her up for your own self! … She had all the best of me without the bad of me;”
     So at that point Tess really can’t die in the soul of Liza Lu. The only strength even Liza Lu who owes everything in her life for whom and family Tess thrown every bit of her sanctity, integrity and decency away can only find strength in Tess. So this is my way of saying how they found the strength. Just a bit of poetic extension. I hope Thomas Hardy is not growling in his grave for me writing what he thought and did not wrote but left people to find in their imagination. I only wrote my imagination and added to it. If someone else have a different idea about this, that’s their interpretation of the gap Thomas Hardy left in his own book. Bring it on I would love to hear it and I will enjoy it. But don’t do like what Roman Polanski did at the end of his movie by totally avoiding this poetic ending of the story. I hope you all enjoyed this adventure of mine. Like I said earlier, here it ends and with it ends many things that came along with the thought process and writing of this. May God Smile Upon You All, Always.

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Here is the original text I followed to write this part of the Novel as a poem. Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Seventh-The Fulfillment.

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Seventh-The Fulfillment-Part1

Hello everyone,
 To many of my short poem fans this is a distraction. A distraction that comes once in a while to them as I release a portion of this story. I know many of you have read the book, many had seen all the movies and so many others in January had seen the BBC-ONE production of the story of Tess written by Thomas Hardy. Still if you go through the first post and the intro into that you can see the reasons why I am doing this. It took its toll on my personal life too. A character that was thrown into every test of humanity, comes back to purity. That’s the core of the story. Many who made movies or T.V shows never really understood that core. As a poet I don’t know if I did justice in bringing that core out with these first drafts. But, I have to finish this, someone recently shown me a gesture in my site, by going through every page in my site all the way back to my first announcement about writing this story as poetry. Even though I asked that person what she is looking for in my site, I know what she meant, from that day onwards I am stuck at one point. I did not moved at all. She is right in many ways, and she misunderstood me in many other ways. Those and these poems are going to be history soon.

Now about this phase. It was properly called The Fulfillment by Thomas Hardy as it is not a conclusion but a fulfillment of a life.Tess’s troubles started when she was barely 16 years old and when the story ends with her Fulfillment of achieving the purity of a woman and human she is barely 20. In that short time Thomas Hardy shows a character that touches anyone who came around her. This is the phase where she meets her estranged husband again. I used the same dialogues Thomas Hardy used as when you read the poem you will understand there is a rhythm Hardy used in dialogues all through the novel. I am no one to change that. This is part one of The Fulfillment. Give me a bit more time I will show you all what I truly meant by writing these poems. Ironically it is nearly four and half years of my life I spent on thinking, writing, not writing, pulling my hair, falling in love, running away from love mmmm the falling in love and running away from love was something I did not expect to happen. Someday I will get the strength to write in a new way about it all. For the time being start reading “The Fulfillment”.

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Seventh-The Fulfillment-Part1.

On a late evening in May at Vicarage,
A mother and father without a wink waited,
To see their son who left for far away lands,
Though later than they thought he came,
Half the man who left, now sick and fainting in their hands.

Angel Clare asked if he got any more letters,
And saw the last letter Tess to him wrote,
The pain of a broken hearted though not near, still he felt,
The unforgiving mind of a wife he estranged,
Forgiveness to himself he did not felt.

Days passed as in rest his strength Angel regained,
As for the letter to Joan a reply he got that said,
They all moved out of Marlot and Joan will write,
When Tess comes back from her temp stay away,
In the days and nights again and again Angel read,
The plea from Tess then the letter in discontent she wrote,
And to go to her he decided as no longer he can wait,
To hear from Joan about Tess’s return.

While packing he also got the plea from the well wishers,
Yet another reason for Angel to rush,
And reach his love, his Angel and above all his wife,
Of whom no word of welfare in more than month he heard.
Angel as soon as he can left,
In a hired trap and uphill he climbed,
The same path earlier that year Tess descended,
In eager hopes and ascended with all hopes shattered.

First to Flintcomb-Ash he went,
As from there is where Tess her desperate plea wrote,
But to his dismay he learned,
Tess long time back from there gone,
Where her husband’s name she never used,
And understood her hardships in plight.
Angel then went to Marlot though he knew,
Tess and family from there long time back gone,
Still in the hopes of finding their whereabouts,
To the town where she was born and lived Angel went,
And to the people who in her house now lived asked,
With futile returns he walked by the church,
And found the tombstone of John Durbeyfield,
While reading “How are the mighty fallen”,
The sexton came by and told,
Even for the fancy tombstone none ever paid,
Angel to the mason who did the work went,
Paid him and on way found where the migrants left,
Though not a distance to walk still on his foot he stayed.
Angel late in the evening at Joan’s place reached,
And for the first time Joan Durbeyfield he met,
The handsome widow was reluctant to talk,
When she knew it was Angel Clare who in front of her stood,
The little ones around Joan gathered and in whispers asked,
“Mom is this the gentleman who is going to marry Tess”
For which Joan replied,
“He has married her” and told them to go inside.
Turned to Angel and she told him he knew Tess better,
Than in her whole life she herself known.
Angel turning back in thoughts of Tess’s plea,
Asked Joan the address of Tess again,
As a plea from a lonely wretched man.

A mother she is and no more the suffering of a lover she can see,
Joan told Angel Tess now in Sandbourne lives,
Though no address known, Angel with what he got left,
Sandbourne a place near the sea shore lay,
To where the last train with Angel Clare left.
Angel in a hotel night time spent,
After he informed his parents his address,
A night without much sleep he spent,
In the night about the thought of Tess he spent,
Oh’ what brought her to this wealth and fashion,
A milkmaid, a tiller, a cottage girl in the middle,
Of this watering-place what vocation she can do?
Restless thoughts and in restless walks night for Angel went,
At seven in haste to the post office Angel went,
Where he asked for Mrs.Clare whom they knew not,
Then he asked for Miss.Durbeyfield whom they knew either,
A postman about a D’Urberville living at The Herons told,
Pleased that she used her real family name Angel to Herons went.
At the Herons the landlady welcomed,
Angel for Teresa D’Urberville or Durbeyfield asked,
The landlady cleared “Mrs.D’Urberville?”
A wave of gladness through the mind of Angel passed,
As a married woman she is known,
Though his name she had not adopted,
Told a relative is anxious to see,
Though rather early the landlady with his christian name Angel went,
With thumping heart in thought what she may think,
About his appearance Angel in the front room waited.

Foot steps his curious ears first heard,
Opening the door Tess appeared,
Not even in Angels any dream he expected,
To see her in the charm and beauty she came,
In the cashmere dressing-gown wrapped,
Her soft neck out of a frill rose,
Her hair all over the head in haste coiled,
She stood there, in front, in real like a just bloomed,
Morning glory, the gift of spring to humanity.

His hands out towards Tess Angel held,
But fell down as Tess towards him not moved,
The contrast between them Angel felt,
And about his skeletal appearance Angel thought.
Then looking at her Angel said,
“Tess, Can you forgive me for going away?
Can’t you-Come to me?
How do you get to be-Like this?”.

With eyes unnatuarally shinning Tess told,
“Its too late”
Angel not fully hearing her continued,
“I did not think rightly of you—
I did not see you as you were!”
I have learnt to since, dearest Tessy mine!”
Waving her hands in impatience Tess told,
“Too late, too late, Don’t come close to me,
Angel, you must not. Keep away”
“Don’t you love me my dear wife,
In sickness I’ve been down,
To take you with me I’ve come,
My mother and father to welcome you awaits”
Angel continued his plea.

In surprise and gladness, anger and sadness,
Tess towards him looked and said,
“Don’t you know all—don’t you know it?
Yet how do you come here if you do not know?”
“I inquired here and there and I found the way”
Angel in desperation told.
Then from every strength bound in anger Tess told,
“Waited and waited I for you, you did not come,
I wrote to you  and you did not come,
He kept on saying you would never come,
And a foolish woman I am to wait for you to come,
After the death of my father kind to me,
And kind to my mother and everyone, He”
Angel interrupted Tess saying he understands her not,
Tess with sadness again told,
“Back to him he has won me”.

Angel by now understood it all,
His look from her eyes to her hands dropped,
The once hard worked rosy hands now white and delicate.
Tess holding her sobs to him looked and continued,
“Upstairs he is and now I hate him,
Because to me a lie he told,
That never again you would come,
And now you have come,
These clothes he puts on me,
And I didn’t care what he did with me,
But will go away from me?
Angel please never come any more to me”.

They both stood there looking at each other,
No more words or actions from both came,
As Angel from all her heard and seen understood,
His own darling Tess inside her ceased,
The body of beauty before him stood,
Is nothing but a corpse in a current drifting,
Spiritless and without direction of any will.

Minutes passed and Angel found,
Tess without any more words or deeds had gone,
None knows how that place Angel left,
Spiritless in the streets he was later found,
Where beauty of all kinds in the May morning wandered,
The light, life, pain and all that moved,
Oh’ all for him lost their meanings in a mind lost.

Though not so curious in this material world,
The landlady in her lady mind got curious,
Upstairs she went and from outside the door listened,
Where she only heard the sobbing of crying Tess,
Through the keyhole she then looked,
And found Tess beside the dining table kneeling,
With her head on the table again and again she sobbed.
Then from inside a man for the reason of cry asked,
Tess first as if in a soliloquy some things said,
None can understand as all in the sobbing voice drowned,
Then in clear voice she said,
“And then my dear, dear husband came home to me
… and I did not know it! …
And you had used your cruel persuasion upon me …
You did not stop using it—no—you did not stop!
My little sisters and brothers and my mother’s needs—
They were the things you moved me by …
And you said my husband would never come back—never;
And you taunted me, and said what a simpleton I was to expect him!
And at last I believed you and gave way! …
And then he came back!
Now he is gone. Gone a second time,
And I have lost him now for ever …
And he will not love me,
The littlest bit ever any more—only hate me! …
O yes, I have lost him now—again because of—you!”.
Towards the door Tess her face turned,
And the red face in tears and pain the landlady saw,
Her bleeding lips from the clench of teeth,
Then wiping away her tears Tess continued,
“And he is dying—he looks as if he is dying! …
And my sin will kill him and not kill me! …
O, you have torn my life all to pieces …
Made me be what I prayed you in pity not to make me be again! …
My own true husband will never,
Never—O God—I can’t bear this!—I cannot!”
Some foul words and sharper comments from the man came,
And in a sudden Tess got up,
The landlady thinking Tess is coming to the door,
Making no noise went down the stairs in haste.

Though Tess did not opened the door and came,
From her own place below the landlady barely heard,
The creek of floor and later she heard,
Then door opened and Tess dressed in walking costume,
And a veil covering her face,
Without a word to her landlady she left.

Mrs.Brooks the landlady back to her work went,
And sat in her parlor and started her sewing work,
While in her work her eyes up to the ceiling went,
And saw a spot which she never before seen,
The spot slowly started growing in size,
In her fancy thoughts she got up the table and touched,
And found it was a stain of blood.

She went upstairs and from the room no sound came,
Except for the sound of something dripping,
The landlady rushed and from the neighborhood called,
A worker who came and into the bed room went,
Back he came all shocked and said,
The shocking news of the dead gentleman,
Who was found on bed with a knife hurt,
And a pool of blood on the floor from his injury.

The quite house with lot of footsteps aroused,
And the surgeon who came by said,
The one wound, only wound was small,
But the knife indeed touched his heart,
That killed Alec D’Urberville instantly,
And he was found on bed without making any move.
The news through every corner of the watering-place spread,
Like a wildfire that a visitor to the town was stabbed,
In his bed and from his wound he died.

The impurity upon Tess Alec once brought,
Which will exist as long as he lives,
Angel once told Tess that how can he be her husband,
When that man by nature her husband lives,
Now with the death of that husband by nature,
Dead by the hand of a woman who impure he made,
Took her to the first step of purity,
Every woman at birth blessed with.

To be continued…….

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Here is the original text I followed to write this part of the Novel as a poem. Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Seventh-The Fulfillment.

Here is the BBC-ONE production videos of Tess Of The D’Urbervilles Honestly I did not liked the actor who performed as Angel Clare. Roman Polanski got the perfect Tess and Angel. But Roman Polanski made a mess of the story towards the end of the movie. This one the ending is good. they show a little extra but I can live with that. The girl who acted as Tess though not pretty as Natassja Kinski or Justin Heyden but still did a remarkable job. The serial don’t exactly follow the book and some of the changes they made are stupid. Still if you have about 4 hours yeah watch this.

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles–Phase The Sixth-Part2

Hello My friends, my xanga family and my real relatives.. I am not going to go through a huge introduction here. This is the second part of the Phase Six of Tess Of The D’Urbervilles. This phase was divided into two parts because of the length and details in this phase. I released the last part sometime in March 2008. I thought I will stop it there because of personal reasons. I finished this part and releasing it now as I thought it is necessary to end an era. This is the unedited version of this part which means I have a lot of editing to do before the final versions of all poems are done. As you may have read before I started writing these poems four and a half years ago and it is still not over yet. There will be two more large poems to come when I go through the last phase called “The Fulfillment”. I hope you all are patient to know it was worth taking this effort when I end these poems.

I love you all.

At the Vicarage the letter first reached,
Where Angel’s parents duly received,
The essence of the feelings of Tess.
From where it found its way,
To where Angel Clare lived,
As his parents Angel kept informed,
About his whereabouts in the foreign lands.

Angel’s parents knew and spoke,
That the letter may hasten Angel’s return,
As from the envelope they knew,
The letter was from Angel’s wife, estranged.
In pity and confusion of parents they spoke
About their son’s marriage, ill fated,
Though in the spoken words bitterness filled ,
Deep inside they are parents who only loved,
And only for the good of their son, wished.

The eyes and mind for which Tess’s letter went,
In the meanwhile were far, far away
In the depths of American south moving towards coast.
Upon the wild strange land Angel Clare suffered,
Illness of his body, depression of his mind,
In his own plight to find land,
For farming in the Brazilian wilderness found,
Mothers from English farms with infants trudge,
And would die of fever who were buried,
By those mothers with bare hands on loose earth,
Shed a tear and trudge on.

During his plight Angel mentally aged,
A dozen years in the months he spent,
In thoughts about the values in life,
Was less its beauty than its pathos,
Discrediting the appeasements of morality,
Questioning who was the moral man,
And more pertinently who was the moral woman,
And learned in the answers found,
The character of human lay,
Not only in achievements,
But also in intentions and impulses,
Not only in among things done,
But among things willed.

Through in his mind the memory of Tess passed,
In the exact time of her hardship at Flintcomb-Ash,
Thoughts of her silence came to his mind,
And in every way misinterpreted,
Oh’ even when in flesh and blood when she stood,
In front of him he only misunderstood,
For all that he asked her to do and not to do,
All thoughts to his mind brought,
The understanding that he could never reject,
But still the darkest part of manly pride,
Kept him from accepting her in all her purity.

Then in the vastness and wilderness of Brazil,
A country man, a stranger, he found,
Who saw more life and countries than Angel,
Who kept the same mental depression as Angel,
Far from home, alone in the middle of places unknown,
He became a man in Angle’s confidence,
After hearing what Angle told about Tess,
The stranger told what Tess had been through,
Was of no importance beside what she would be,
And told the wrong Angel did in leaving her.

Angel alone in the middle of nowhere was left
As a fateful thunderstorm brought,
Fever and death to his stranger friend,
His cursory remarks about the way Angel left,
His wife and in the far away lands wander,
Into his mind regrets and remorse brought
The words of Izz Huett again echoed,
That Tess would lay down her life for him,
And she herself could do no more.
Then gone through the cynical soliloquy,
That eventually changed Angel from,
A critic of Tess to the advocate of her,
In front of his depressed and confused conscience.

The reasoning of every husband for his wife,
The harshness of every lover to his love,
All merged in the mind of Angel Clare,
Then filled in that mind tenderness,
As flashes of their good times passed,
And thoughts about her fanciful family trait,
Alone in the Brazilian wilderness,
All those thoughts and daydreams prepared,
To find Tess’s devoted outpouring.

In the meanwhile Tess’s expectations about,
Angel’s return were great and small,
At the thought of the reasons of her parting,
With Angel never changed and will never change.
Still she prepared herself with ways,
She could do to please him best,
When at last from far away land he arrives.
She asked Izz’s boyfriend who knew Angel played,
Song in his harp to induce cows to let their milk.
The song “The break o’ the day” she practiced,
When away from other girls during her work,
With tears running through her cheek,
As thought of the one whom she meant these songs,
May never be heard by the one her heart belongs.

In those fanciful dreams her mind wrapped,
She forgot the way the days lengthened,
The Lady Day was at hand and soon would be followed
By the Old Lady Day, when her term at this farm ends.
But all her plans and preparations changed,
As all that she cared for, around her fell,
When on an evening someone knocked,
At the house where she lived,
And asked for Tess and in through the twilight came,
A figure with the height of a woman,
The breadth of a child, tall, thin,
When her name the figure uttered,
Tess jumped up all startled and asked,
“What is it Liza Lu?”
As a child Tess left her sister at home,
And in a year up she sprung,
To a girl that showed the innocent charm,
Once the whole Wessex seen,
In the form of Tess herself,
Now stands cold and pale with inexperience,
Tired of walking all day searching for Tess.
Liza Lu in image and character filled,
Those old little shoes of Tess,
Found her to tell their mother is badly ill,
And probably seeing her twilight days,
And their father is not very well either,
Who in stubborn D’Urberville nature says,
It is wrong for him, a man of high family,
To slave and sweat at common mans work.

A long time in reverie Tess stood,
As all combinations of choices passed,
Through her mind but none could make her stay,
And to a decision she came,
Though her agreement don’t end till old lady day,
Decided she to leave for home,
Begging Marion and Izz to plead,
Her case with the farmer.

Tucking Liza Lu into her own bed,
As the tired Liza cannot undertake,
Fifteen miles of walk at night,
Tess asked her to follow next day and left,
For home in the cold dark night.

Making darkness of the night a protection,
Tess ventured through familiar grounds,
The roads and by-roads silently she took,
Inns and villages with no fear she passed,
And at three the maze of lanes she turned,
Into Marlott passing the field where she met,
Angel first, when with her he did not danced,
The disappointment of that still she felt,
As close to her home fast she moved,
In recent times the home she only saw,
In imaginations, in the dark she saw in real.

She walked in as a candle in the dark, dark house,
A little light in a home where illness loomed,
Her father’s ill health and mother in death bed,
As the day broke through the thatches, she found,
The amazing growth of her siblings in a year she had gone,
Oh’ a moment at which her own care she forgot,
And put her heart and soul in the care of them.

Days passed and the sickness in the house lessened,
And her attention from indoors to outdoors turned,
Where in the season of sowing she worked hard,
To get the allotted plots of her family green,
The days grew long and sun shined high and bright,
Clouds sometime showered for the welfare of all,
A bit of peace to her mind came,
And in her dreams with Angel she always danced,
But the D’Urberville, the villain of her life,
Stalked her even in her plot in the gloom of dusk.
On that fateful gloomy dusk when away from Alec she left,
On her way Liza and other kids in tears came,
To give her the news of the death of her dear old dad.

Though in achievements not so lucky Mr.Durbeyfield maybe,
But the lease on their house ended with his life,
No more as freeloaders Durbeyfields in that house can live,
Once conquerors of land now homeless peasants,
Material life once more handed Durbeyfields defeat,
Still hopes about a soul in the mind of Tess, lingered.

The agro world into mobility went,
Around the old lady day in the Wessex lands,
Joan Durbeyfield to a defined decision came,
To move to Kingsbere where D’Urbervilles lay,
Knowing or unknowing a true D’Urbervile family,
Homeless, with a little hope for a plight prepare.

The day before the move a rainy one in Marlot,
Tess knelt on a bench and the falling rain she watched,
Then thoughts from the depths of mind sprouted,
As the return of her and restoration of a baby grave,
Oh’ those actions and her presence questioned,
By the society against which Joan fought,
And agreed to leave as soon as they can,
But for Tess, her mom and siblings could have stayed,
As weekly tenants in the home from birth they lived.

As the rain ceased to pour,
Tess near the window in her thoughts stayed,
Oh’ her thoughts far, far away from there ran,
As even when Alec D’Urbervilles arrival went unnoticed,
Woke up from her thoughts the casement she opened,
Welcoming an enemy with smile to her home came.

First Alec made fun of the dreaming Tess,
Then told old folklore about the D’Urvervilles,
The legend about the D’Urberville coach,
In which in old times a real D’Urberville abducted,
A beautiful woman and her struggle got herself killed,
Or she killed the pagan D’Urberville Alec was unsure,
Then he noticed all the thing packed,
For the reasons in eagerness he queried,
Tess told the reasons for their preparation for the plight,
As she is no proper woman in the eyes of the country side folks.

Alec the convert who first became a preacher,
Now in the masquerade of preacher the old wolf howled,
Yelled, screamed and the country folks he cursed,
To his home Tess and her family he invited,
Still prying on a prey who have only pain in her veins remain.

Tess in all her eloquence and charm declined,
Alec’s offer of help, though she very well knew,
Her husband in real had estranged her for too long,
The more she stay around her own family,
Would only hurt what she loves and in all surety,
The one who loves her, though no sign of his love found,
When the fake love of her enemy in all brightness,
All around her and the ones she care with her life found.

Alec left with his curses and screams,
Near the window looking at the gravel road Tess stayed,
For a long time deep in thoughts about that day,
Then a rush of tears consumed her as she thought,
How hard events, society and even her own dear husband dealt,
Though from the depths of her heart no wrong she ever intended,
Still all judgments without understanding her taken,
Leaving her and all she care in shame and evil minded enemy,
Who thrive on her tears spiritually and smiles in love so fake,
Offering help materially where so much of a peasant she was made.

Without more thoughts she passionately took,
A piece of paper and on with she wrote,
“O why have you treated me so monstrously,
Angel, I do not deserve it,
Thought about it all, all over so carefully,
And never, never can I forgive you,
You of all know very well I did not intend,
To wrong you, but why have you so wronged me,
You are cruel, cruel indeed that I will try,
To forget you, as it is injustice I received,
At your hands, injustice I have received.” T.

She gave the letter of bitterness and frustration,
To the postman who passed her home later,
Then got back to kneeling posture near the window,
Nothing changed in the months passed in Angel’s eyes,
As nothing new into his eyes Tess can bring forth,
But something new happened around her by that time,
As her younger ones around the fire place gathered,
And with them without giving much more thoughts,
To darker thoughts that grew darker Tess joined,
And told them it was the last night for them all,
In a place where they were born and grew up,
That made those little ones quiet as they knew not,
What to say or even think in their age of innocence.

Tess changed the subject and started singing,
Old folk songs and the children joined,
And as in singing they spent their evening,
Joan and Liza Lu back to home came,
As to her mother curious question about who came,
To their home Tess first said none,
When about the man on horse back children reminded,
Joan once more curiously asked,
If that was her husband who came.
To which with all irony and hopelessness Tess said,
“No he’ll never, never come”
Then to her dear old mother Tess assured,
She will tell her who came and what he said,
Every word, when in Kingsbere next day after they settle,
But once more said, it was not her husband who came,
Though the thought that in physical and material sense,
The one who came was alone her husband in her weighed in.

The small hours of the Marlot morning woke,
To the rumblings of a family leaving,
Tess her siblings and mother left,
For Kingsbere where Tess decided to wait,
For her estranged husband only memories remembered.

On the way Tess met Izz and Marion at an inn they stopped,
About the preacher looking for her, to Tess they told,
Whom she knows still will be in her trail,
They once again asked if her husband returned,
Tess answered in negative though in positive hoped,
After saying bye to her friends Tess and family continued,
To Kingsbere where later in the evening they reached,
To learn that the room they reserved there were gone,
As no word of their arrival the land lord received.

With little money and no home Joan with her children roamed,
All around Kingsbere to find lodgings for the night,
None they found and in the end before the church yard they came,
Joan in ironical tones told the wagoner to unload,
The household goods and their owners whose ancestors,
Lay in graves right beside where they stopped unnoticed by all.

Joan with Liza Lu to look for lodgings left,
As the little ones in the makeshift place rested,
Tess went around the church where she found,
Centuries old graves covered the yard where she entered,
For the first time in her life the church where her ancestors rests,
As through the dying day in the church yard walked,
She came to a stone that said,
As through her fancy thoughts about ancestors walked,
The oldest effigy to which she looked and to her shock,
It moved and towards her side came,
In the fading light the almost fainting Tess saw,
The figure of Alec who came fast to hold her from falling.

Once more Alec and Tess argued in his offering for help,
And Alec asked her what he should do,
To which Tess gathering the cold of the evening,
And ancestral strength though dead and buried murmured,
“Go away”.
Alec left promising to try his luck,
With Joan where he knows lives the weakness of Tess.
After he left bend down on the vaults gates Tess said,
“Why am I on the wrong side of this door!”.

Meanwhile Izz and Marion continued their journey,
To almost an unknown destination in talks,
About Angel Clare and his unfortunate wife,
They talked in length about how he means nothing,
To both of them anymore and no more grudge to him they keep,
And to meant up the quarrel between Tess and Angel they decided,
But a new unknown place and re-establishing there too all attention,
As they settled down in a month they heard,
About the approaching return of Angel Clare,
Together they both came up with these lines,
“Honored Sir,
Look for your wife I you do love her,
In the same way she do love you,
For she is sore put by an enemy in shape of friend,
And the one who should be near but who is away,
A woman should not be try’d beyond her strength,
And continual dropping will wear away any stone,
Ay more a diamond.
From Two Well Wishers.”

The letter was addressed to the only place they knew,
About Angel Clare, the address of his parents,
They both in mixed emotions first sang aloud,
And in thoughts wept at the same time.

End of Phase the Sixth.

Here are the previous phases.

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles. Phase The First–The  Maiden.

Tess Of The
D’Urbervilles-Phase The Second–Maiden No More

Tess Of The
D’Urbervilles-Phase The Third–The Rally.

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles Phase The Fourth–The Consequence.

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles Phase The Fifth–The Woman Pays-Part 1.

Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Fifth-Part 2-The Plight, In Tears And Hope.

Tess Of The
D’Urbervilles-Phase The Sixth–The Convert-Part 1.

Here is the original text I followed to write this part of the Novel as a poem. Tess Of The D’Urbervilles-Phase The Sixth-The Convert

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