The Beauty Indescribable

Christmas came and went away; it was not just another day. I started partying like two days before. Woooo I might have said woooo a lot in the last two three days. It was that good. I am not a person to stand back and watch the enjoyment. I did that last year this year the best enjoyment I had was myself.

The party will restart after the Eid prayers on Saturday. Eid Al Adha  the festival of sacrifices. I will give more information on this next Friday. This is going to be a long, long week waiting for the weekend to come. Enjoy the week everyone.

Hypocrisy, that’s what I said after writing this poem. I wrote it by looking into the beauty of one girl but with a totally different girl in mind. The beauty I looked at is Sasha, so the poem was initially named as “Sasha: The Beauty Indescribable”. The beauty that was in my mind I don’t want to talk about things that were already spoken many a times. It is just that there are echoes of senses that remain. I don’t know how long it will remain. I only know it is still there.

I made slight modifications from the original version which I first posted in LonelyPoet.Org. This poem will be part of a collection of poems I call “Romantic Feelings”.

The Beauty

The autumn morning with hazy fog,
To gloom my mind tried,
The trees stood still,
The wind overslept,
The warmth of the sun, leashed,
Even in first phase of the morn, tired I felt,
Then the thoughts about the evening came,
When your face again I will see,
Oh’ with you in mind I walked,
The fog and drizzle, away they parted,
And clear became my paths,
And bright became my day.

When at last, your face I saw,
Erupt from the depth of my soul, gladness,
To that glorious moment of your birth I salute,
And all who were blessed with your touch, I admire,
Daylight and moonlight find their meanings,
From the glory, from your body sprout.

The singing birds they all left,
But tunes they sung, in mind remained,
The warmth of summer left,
But warm inside and out I felt,
When for a moment away from your thoughts I slipped,
Cold I felt inside and out, silent became my mind,
Then to conscience I apologized,
And in penance said your name a thousand times.

The coming freeze weather I fear not,
The howling wind scare me not,
The imprint of your eyes in mind,
Oh’ every fear away they melt.
But mind forever will wait,
For of that silly spring’s arrival
When dreams along with flowers bloom,
In the caressing morning mist

The mornings, flowers and nature as a whole,
I connect in imagery to describe,
Feelings of mine about the beauty of yours,
Every word I write and all images everyone feels,
Oh’ they all birthed from the beauty of yours,
Now to that beautiful soul I say,
“The beauty indescribably you are,
For what I feel overwhelms,
Every expression possible”.

You are the loveliness any poet will succumb to,
You are the beauty that outlives every imagination,
You are the amazement of all joy
The beauty flawless define,
What eyes must see,
What scent to smell,
What sound to hear,
Then in enchantment bless.

To every lovely dream I’ve seen I say
“O rest away all of you,
As about this beauty, verses I weave,
That fulfills every dream of mine,
And from each of those dreams rise
A hundred more lines of verse,
Each line fills every heart that reads,
And in fulfillment you all they will see”.


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Praising Thankfulness.

It is yet another Christmas day that is approaching us. Thesedays are wonderful and I enjoyed it from a very younger age. I was born andbrought up in a state in Indiawhere there are a lot of Christians and I studied in a Catholic School.Additionally as a Muslim I have great respect for Jesus, one of the greatprophets according to our belief. Prophet or God or Son Of God, let the worldbelieve in the way they want. I have my beliefs and I live according to thatbelief. None can sway that belief. That independence is what makes us humans.The ability to make that choice of what one feels right. It is not anyone elsethat should decide what is right for you. It is you who should decide what isgood for you without harming the good of others. If what one feels as good isnot meant for you or it will harm another persons good. It is better to relinquishthe benefit of the good than pursuing that good in a selfish way. How manypeople have a bit of good remains in them is a question people ask left andright these days using different words. In a way the open dialogue is a goodway of understanding each other and avoids bloody conflicts. Anything more Isay will be a political comment that may take a dialogue into an argument. I amnot in for it.

   My point is, no oneis sure on which day Jesus was born. It is not clear. I don’t care that is myresponse. What I care about it is December 25th which is commonlyaccepted as the birthday of Jesus and people are celebrating that day inhappiness. That is all it matters. Are you happy this Christmas? if yes shareit with everyone possible. If not, find someone who can share a bit ofhappiness with you. That’s the spirit of this season, which is indeed thespirit of humanity. That’s how we should live every day of the year. I hope andpray that conflicts and murder in the name of God will be over soon and we allunite in the color of our blood than fight and die in the evil of anger againsteach other.

This poem: I don’t really show the world what I write aboutmy beliefs and prayers. This is one rare occasion I am showing it to you all aprayer which I wrote as a poem. This poem is dedicated to all who believe thatwe have more things in common as humans than in the difference of our inhumanbehavior. 

I may or may not come with another poem this weekend. If notI don’t want miss saying this aloud.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah Everyone. 


Therosary beads in the hand rolling,

Thepages of the holy book turning,

Thechant of the verses and prayers,

Echoingall around the nature,

BelieverI am, in faith drown and forget,

Thematerial filth as body we carry.

Thepresence of the Almighty’s light every one seeks,

Intothe depth of spiritual pleasure where it leads,

Oin love for you Almighty, spiritual mind thrives,

Andforever in your compassion this life drives.

Andin praising thankfulness every moment I live,

Asin every situation you alone I praise.

Youalone in faith I trust,

Asyou alone is the absolute truth

Forgiveme O you the compassionate,

Forgiveme, or in darkness I may plunge.

Evenif punishment is what you give,

Withsmiles of pleasantness I will receive,

Asin the satisfaction of yours always happy I will be,

Andno darkness can pierce into the faith of mine,

Asin my faith filled in, is the light of yours O Almighty.

Inpraising thankfulness to you, every moment I will live,

Asin every condition you alone I praise.

The Loving Soul.

All day, day before yesterday I thought of many ideas towrite about. There are a lot of them and in the end I did not wrote anything.Late night I went online and was voice chatting with my brother. Afterfinishing the voice chat at about 1:30AM I sat in my chair in thought about theday. Then I got want I wanted to write in my head, I just typed the followingpoem in to my word processor.


TheLoving Soul.

<>All in the universe the sun faced,
Like a gladiator in the coliseum long time back,
Far away from the heat of his anger,
A world of beauty in way unique stood.

Like drunken teens many objects wobbling around,
And in the center of all pulling strings he stood,
None goes out any further away from his grasp,
And the blue beauty too steadily moved around.

What wonders we were given,
And how many miracles save us everyday,
Silent many times, blinded most of the time,
We move on and on into our own oblivion.

Oh’ we see more passion in politics and religion,
Romance and sex, wealth and wine,
We create our own drama unscripted,
Fall apart when what next to play unknown.

Many stories end in tragedy,
Many go unknown to mankind,
Many go heard and seen but undecided,
And there are those who were by others judged,
They all leave a good or evil remark upon our soul.

The sun, mighty he may be,
Such is his glorious power,
Every aspect of life he controls,
Using time as a God given gift.

The only thing upon which no power to sun God gave,
Is by looking upon every eye what I always seek,
The soul of a human which only humans can understand,
Such is the power of the soul I know,
That by loving can blind even the mighty sun.

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From weird news to great news to tragic new grrrrrrr a lotof things happening around. Read couple of odd news I found

Injuredman wins damages for sex overdrive 

Groupsoffer Web festival sacrifice

Thievesbreak into police station 

The world is wild and I am getting old. But I love living inthis era. I will not look back and say I should have lived in another piece oftime because the beauty of this piece of time includes you me and everyone whois alive on this day.

This piece of writing: This is the second one of thetwo lyrics I wrote for Marco to really make it as a song. I am not writing muchthese days. It just not cold enough for me, that is the truth. May be tonightor tomorrow, it is flurrying outside.

The Symbol OfGladness.

Of all the words written,
The perfect ones are unseen,
In meanings between lines, hidden
The meanings of hidden beauty I see,
Upon you, the symbol of gladness,
The perfection in shape always amazes,
The body upon which beauty in triumph celebrates.

You are the poetry by the hands of God written,
Only a silhouette I see in your material being,
Oh’ in your soul remain hidden,
The most beautiful poem until today unseen,
And through those eyes wonderful you show,
The meaning of life till this day known,
The beauty of all souls merges in yours and I saw,
The most meaningful dreams I’ve ever known.

You are the symbol of gladness,
The perfection in shape always amazes,
The body upon which beauty in triumph celebrates.

Your beauty is the monument of all blessings,
Generations in praises will adore,
Praises as prayers the world in one voice sings,
As peace of mind for all your beauty store,
For today and all the morrows to come,
The beauty mornings and evenings in colors steal,
The beauty the wealthiest treasure become,
The beauty of the mind and soul I feel.

You are the symbol of gladness,
The perfection in shape always amazes,
The body upon which beauty in triumph celebrates.

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My Darling.

The weekend went away like the click of my hand. That’s what happens inthis season. There are times I think if every moment of life is likethis when people are all in a cheerful mood and in a very sharing mood.Life always is like this and many people don’t realize it easily. Thereare those who know this fact and enjoy every bit of it to the fullest.I admire them and most of the time I imitate them. May the glory oflife be bestowed upon them always!

Now what is this I have written here? It was written as a gift to afriend. It was supposed to be put to music by Marco Avalos.Unfortunately both I and Marco missed this girl these days. When Iwrote this I know Marco will find it hard to get a tune for the wordsas my words are not musical. I know this because, when I first startedwriting it was lyrics that I tried to write and in the process Ilearned that musicians will find it hard to get tunes for my words.Marco never put music to these words as first of all we don’t have anycontact with the girl, second he don’t have lot of time. In theoriginal lyrics it was the name of the girl I used instead of “MyDarling” as she is no longer in touch with me or Marco I thought itwill be inappropriate for me using her name without her permission.



From far, far away my mind thrives for you,
To see those eyes, to hear those words from you,
Beauty that all kinds of perfection defines,
And glow in every way in purity divine.

The essence of all happiness in this world,
Life of every hope in this world,
In the liveliness of those eyes resides,
And the pained in your beauty confides.

Oh’ so long I was thinking about you,
So long I was thinking about you,
I was thinking about you O My Darling.

The flame upon every heart that you spread,
When seen your eyes, in my mind happiness spreads,
And to my mind I say,
Calm down now, without a sway.

Candles, colors, balloons and creams,
None can hide your soul that streams,
Passions my mind, absorb and writes,
And for your arrival my mind waits,

Oh’ so long I was waiting for you,
So long I was waiting for you
I was waiting for you O My Darling.

In the gloom of life for lucky stars I searched,
No way any of them, my life fetched,
All blessings to my life came,
But unloved and uncared, shadow of truth life became.

Every way the unloved life stretched,
To find peace of mind I again searched,
From darkness to my life you came,
The true warrior angle you became,

Oh’ So long I was looking for you,
So long I was looking for you,
I was looking for you O My Darling.

So long I was thinking about you,
So long I was waiting for you,
So long I was looking for you, O My Darling.

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I live a fantasy life some days and a very material life inother days. This day is a material day, the problem with material days is Iwill not be able to write much at all. The fantasy life (though I call it thatway) is much more spiritual. Then there are total spiritual days, in fantasyand spiritual days I write well. I tried to write something today mmm nothingcame out.

    Well to say whatwent on this day… it started of with my admiration to this lady. FromHead Scarf to Army Cap In this turbulent times when Muslims are looked atwith hate. She is serving in the armed forces. She is great example to everyone,to stand her ground and be herself.  Iwish her and her family all the best.

  Yesterday a news that came out after a studyin Africa that became a topic of talk betweenmany men. Circumcision Reduces The Risk Of Getting HIV By Half. I sent the newslink to my friends with this message “Cut It Off… hehehehe” I got a replyfrom my friend Deepak who know I am Circumcised he said this
“I think so man…………………….Chop your balls offalso……………..Take no chances.. “ hahaha. Well to all the men who areout there doing FRCS(Fucking Round The Country Side) do whatever it takes toavoid getting HIV. That’s all I can say. 

Preparation forholidays are amazing, I go to a mall almost everyday to take a walk around. Oh’boy who said no body is buying anything. The Crossgates Mall here is full andeveryone is carrying big bags with them. So if retailers come out with badnumbers after this season that will be big bullshitting from their side. 

This Poem: Written thinking about Alexandra after missingher for sometime when she went for vacation. I don’t even know that if she isdead or alive. She probably got abducted by aliens. Otherwise she would’vecontacted me someway. Well this poem was written long time back and was postedin LonelyPoet.Org. As I don’t want to leave my readers empty handed I amposting it in here exclusively.

You all have a wonderful weekend.

InMemory Of A Face.

 The throbs of the heart I feel,
To see a face familiar,
Though unseen in real and mostly unknown,
That face erase from mind not.

She is the factor that unifies,
The scattered life of a soul,
Oh’ buried deep in my heart,
Verses that praise the beauty of her soul.

Every moment begins with a wish,
Every moment lives in passions,
And every moment end in prayer,
To see her soon, other than in my mind’s visions.

Meaningful it all will become,
When that face I see,
Though at times unbearable,
The pain of waiting I will endure.


Unanswered Prayers.

There was a report from ICMR (Indian Council For Medical Research) thatin a study conducted among Indian men in Mumbai and New Delhi (twomajor Metropolitan cities in West and North India) condoms manufacturedaccording to International standards are too big for these men. JayLeno made fun of this situation and from many Indian men a lot ofprotest came. Many Indian guys hate me for exploiting this situation. Isent the same article that came in Reuters and Associated press to someof my friends telling this “Why North Indian Women Like South IndianMen”. I am from the southern most tip of India where people arepredominantly of Dravidian origin, who don’t have any problem dealingwith condom size of International Standards. But an American guy afterreading the report wrote this “India is not a region which I would sayhas an under-population problem, I suspect their size is fine”. Whichis also true and I agree with David. However I never claimed size isproblem in reproduction. What I said was, size is something NorthIndian women like and as a South Indian man I have first handexperience with North Indian women. Haha.

  Now it came to my attention that the South Indian MusicianA.R.Rhman’s three songs are short listed for Oscar Nomination. He isone of my favorite Musicians from India. I will be eagerly watchingthis year’s Oscar Nominations to see if those songs makes it to thefinal five. Good Luck Rahman.

This poem: There are lots of people who asked me why I love cold when Icomplained that there is no snow and ice in this warm December. Thereis something I want to tell but I just don’t have the courage to speakin first person. There are times I open up a bit more when I amspeaking about someone else. That someone else never took a name. Maybe I may try more of these kinda poems. This poem is written from twodifferent experiences from two different eras. There is a fictitiouspart blended into it. Enjoy the poem.

Unanswered Prayers.

Morning on a December day bloomed,
And mind in a day that gone past lingered,
Memories like the morning dew faded,
And mind back to the warm December day dragged.

This morn lost its meaning in its entirety,
When what he felt around resembled a bad spring morn,
Did life’s negativity nature borrowed?
Or is this part of a curse from his wild youthful days?

Neglected he many man eaters,
Who all beyond color, colorlessness and culture,
Buried morality and conscience for the pleasures of life,
And in the illusions of pride scattered like moths.

Among them came a sanctified soul,
Whom he lost among dirty minds and his own ignorance,
From that day all that he dreamt and wished,
All realized subterranean and burned away,
Deep in the furious fires of mother earth,
Than as beautiful flowers blossom,
In the garden of love in seventh heaven.

Oh’ every pretty face seen,
Every word of care and love heard,
Sprouts at least a dream in his mind,
Then when that dream burn in the fires, unrealized,
He feels the heat all around and deep inside.

Winter cold gives him a bit of comfort,
From all the heat he feels all around,
So for bitter cold every moment he pray,
Even when the unloved heart burns deep inside,
But in this winter even that prayer went unanswered.


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A Darling Who Glorified My Soul

I have seen a ghost, Nicole Richie, dang what in the world happened tothat girl? It is not a question of what she don’t have, the question iswhat does she want. She seems to be the classic case of failedparenthood. There is no direction for these kids. They don’t know whatto do and they just don’t listen to anyone because of some stupidpride. Forget about this celebrity girl. There are a lot of commonerswho ends up like her. Both girls and boys. In all honesty, most of theparents of these kinda kids were not ready to be parents in the firstplace. They themselves were immature adults. They don’t know what todo. Between video games, movies, alcohol and drugs sex is just anotherpleasure. They don’t know what to do with the end result. Society havebecome a calamity. That’s all I can say. To end this I can say, If youare not ready to face and take responsibility of the consequence ofyour own action, it is better for you to tie your own hands and legsand lie down until you are ready to take responsibility. Otherwise, youwill end up seeing your own children like a ghost. To see what thatghost may look like. Just look at the picture of Nicole Richie.

The Poem
A poem first written on September 20th with the name of a girl. I firstposted this poem in LonelyPoet.Org on the very next day. Even when Iwas writing this poem looking at her I know this is a total misfit forthat situation as there was someone else in my mind. I couldn’t finishthis poem in the way I wanted and I did not got any connection at allbetween the paragraphs. I left the poem in there giving and explanationthat there is no connection between the paragraphs as these are justexpression looking at the material beauty of a girl. In the last oneweek I am going back and correction a lot of mistakes I made in thelast couple of years. Especially while writing. Well that’s what I domost of the time. I write it, then leave it for sometime and then goback and rewrite it correcting mistakes. Enjoy the poem.

ADarling Who Glorified My Soul

The streams flow, filled with giggles,
And a lone bird in the rhythm sang,
As if in soliloquy the bird sang,
Then when saw me in view,
Stopped the singing and in silence at me looked,
In that silent look a question implied,
“What glorifies your mind so well”
To that bird I said, “A soul well blessed,
A character sanctified,
A beauty in my mind grows,
More beautiful day by day,
Who holds every sense of mine,
Who defines the glory of all stars in the sky,
By her name the world may call her,
I call her the darling of my soul”.

The bird left for his nest for his nightly rest.
With her thought I walked away,
And in my bedtime prayers remembered I,
To pray for her happiness, everlasting through my own.

Woke up I in the morn,
And my breakfast I tried to eat,
The strawberries, cream and cereal, not tasted good at all,
The omelet and pancakes I tried,
They tasted like shredded paper,
The honey and vanilla tea tasted,
Like plain old spring water,
Nothing I know will taste sweet anymore,
As the sweetness of her lips I felt,
In a dream last night I saw.

Words into lines I weave,
Through which I want your image in the words I write,
Oh’ every letter owes its life to you,
Every word and line reflects your beauty,
And every time into your eyes I look, I feel,
Pen and paper for the touch of my hand yearns.

Time like an ocean spread,
And through the universe stretch,
But why he to me comes afresh often,
The perplexed me asked,
The only answer I figured,
Every time your face I see,
The beauty my mind feel,
In that feeling and touch of your beauty,
Even the good old time youthful become,
In the everlasting youthfulness of yours.
When you bite your lips,
And in sweet tone you speak,
And every move you make,
Oh’ all are material beauty,
With pleasure I and everyone else watch,
But the spirit of your soul I feel,
Through me spread into everything my senses can feel,
And my soul and spiritual being carried,
In a flight through every corner of the universe I know,
The undying soul will always remain,
Intoxicated in the passions felt,
When seeing the eyes of yours.

Mother nature paints a picture,
With colors of all kinds,
The falling leaves and the drizzling clouds animates,
Feeling of passions in my mind,
But then with closed eyes I looked,
And saw my own mind with your face filling,
Oh’ then the wind caressed my lips,
And echoed into my ears the song of the soliloquist,
“Those lips in your mind you see I kissed,
And fulfilling your wish I left the scent upon yours.”

Though all around for the bird I searched,
No sign of him in the freezing nature I found,
The only thought that remained in my mind, said,
The wind upon seeing the love she triggered in you,
Indeed told the truth in the voice of the bird,
As every move of her, only glorified your soul, a little more.


A Touch Forever.

A weekend started so weird and boring and ended with a blast. I cameback to my room at 4:00AM in the morning. When I lied down to sleep Iknow my mind said “Haha that was good” The details are too complicatedand got good, bad and dirty part of a human life.

There are a lot of people pissed off because I blocked them out. Thefunny fact is the block was only for 10 days and I unblocked all ofthem. Those who counter blocked me are the ones who liked my writings alot. To them, I like you all in the same way you liked me. I don’tchange as I am way past the age of changing. Then there are others whocome in here not knowing what this is all about. Oh’ boy, they will notsleep for at least one night after the confusion they read.  Don’tworry this is just a mid age crisis, it will go away in time. Thenthere is one person who leaves a footprint in here just for me to know,that person was here and read my post. That is one footprint which willremain in my heart. It is with that thought I woke up on this mildwintry Monday morning.

 Well… Monday morning was good. I woke up late andas usual I reached work late. I thought I am not going to writeanything new for couple of days as I am working on finishing some oldstuff. Then I saw this Black And White picture of someone. I neverthought I may write a poem like this about her. Still, I can’t stopbeing a poet and the poet found no reason not to write what felt.

ATouch Forever.

Sound, the notes and pitches that fills,
The material being and the spirits,
And in enchantment blesses every moment of life.

Smell, the feeling that words cannot describe,
No other sense can in the depths of soul touch,
Like the smell of her flowery skin.

Taste, sweet or sour or in the mix of spices,
No other feeling can kill the hunger,
But taste can’t kill the hunger of soul.

Touch, Oh’ every touch wakes up a billion thoughts,
And dances through mind and soul,
And sprout dreams when the conscious mind sleeps.

Sight, it is a blessing that always wonders,
Where all the sense in sync merges,
As even dreams can only be seen.

When sight is the only sense that can be used,
From the depths of mind all senses in perfection simulates,
The material being of a perfect beauty,
That left a touch in soul, that forever will remain.


Free Firewall And Anti Virus

Those who use AVG Antivirus may know that their free edition is comingto an end on Jan 15th. Here is a free firewall and Anti virus. Thisseems good I only started using it today. So I will update you in aweek or two about.

I am going to leave this post open. If you know any defects of thisproduct please post it in here. If you know a better free product thenplease leave a link in your comment. It is for the benefit of all.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.


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