The Lover You Love.

The evening sun melted upon you like a candle unwavering,
The challenges of the world disbursed in your glory,
Ah’, such is the strength of your love inside of you hide,
Singing lullabies to the lover you love who lives with your love.

As the lover you love sharpens his pencils to draw,
Images through words in ways poetic world unseen,
Unheard, Unread, Oh’, dear, my darling, Little Boss,
Oh’, darkness shall never fall on the talent of thy love.

Silent is the word he chose to show the world your eyes,
The giver of hope is what he chose to show your nose,
The speaker of truth through kisses erases aches, he said,
To show the world how wonderful your lips are.

The glory of moon doubled, he said to show your cheeks,
And the softness of a dove with a smile he said to tell,
About your chin that pointed whenever he made you smile,
When your face he drew the image of yours in minds.

The youngster from the crowd forward came,
And into his eyes, she looked and softly spoke,
“Images of great painters and artists time may erase,
But the love filled image of that face from minds never will erase,

“Someday someway a lover will give me such a feeling of love,
Drawing my images in minds with love filled words and verses,
Until that day I will pray for the long life of yours and your love,
Then you will pray for me and love with your blessings I may find.”.

Lover you love continued his wandering through wilderness of dreams.

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Photo by Ilias Chebbi on Unsplash
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