The Broken Paths

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The phantoms of life, Ah’, they danced with us,
Between us, now they possessed the mind of yours,
The once-fascinated love upon me you showered,
Oh, you washed those colors away still you smiled.

In the folds of my heart, you, I kept, the essence of mine,
I served to keep you sane, to sprout your happiness,
Now from the folds of my heart, I let you go myself,
Paths of ours, once flower-filled, broken, and potholes filled.

Replaced you in all my senses with faces and scents of others,
No more I check the times, no more I check my phone,
To see messages you sent, still inside, a thirst remains,
For a chance, when through showers I walk, to meet in shade.

No shade in the scorching sun, nor the pounding rains,
No cloaks when snow fell and frost covered eyelashes,
The folds of my heart ached for the emptiness felt,
Still, I let you go myself, into the farthest miles of memories.

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Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

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