A Tear Filled Prayer

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The seasons sailed unopposed through frantic winds,
The rains of the summer warmth drooled like sweat,
The winds shook the branches and dead fell the leaves,
The northern wind to us brought the polar freeze.

Raised my hands, before the sprouting of the first flare,
Of a sun who bathed in the night in the winter pools,
Through my mind’s eyes, I saw nothing, through my ears,
I heard nothing, through my nose I smelt a fragrance unknown.

Forgiveness of the past, betterment of the present, guidance,
Into the unknown future; Oh’, for all I pleaded,
When senses became warm in the frozen mid-west plains,
I knew I was heard, from far beyond, the unimaginable.

The warmth is the acceptance of my tears-filled prayer.

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Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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