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Life in light started spreading pretty wings,
Featherless they fluttered and air danced,
Wonderful thoughts they conceived,
And images that in unison from soul spoke,
Unleash the fires of passions mind told,
Let them rage and burn, fierce and bold,
For too long have you been held back,
By the chains of doubt and fear you lacked.

Break away the thorns-filled chains that bind,
The hands and legs that once defined,
Your every move, your dreams, your every thought,
It’s time to break free from the ties you’ve wrought.

Find ways to blast away the walls unseen,
That holds you back, that makes you lean,
On the crutch of worldly comfort and safety,
Time has come to step out, be wild and crazy.

Oh’ the rejuvenated love-filled soul rebuilt,
With each step forward, every heart-felt tilt,
You’ll find the strength to rebuild your castle,
And rise from the ashes of every lost battle.

For one loss does not define you,
It’s but a step on the journey through,
So unleash the fires of passions mind told,
And break free from the chains that hold.

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Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

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