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Oh boy, what a wild week. The drive from Irving, Texas to Sterling, Virginia was one of my best drives ever. I’ve fallen in love with Arkansas. That place is flat and fits my dreams. I drove through, Memphis, the home of Elvis, stayed for a night there, I drove through Nashville, the capital of country music and altogether I am tired of being happy.

I did not updated for some days thinking that I can finish the poem “The Drive” but I am kinda stuck at a point or cannot link one part of the poem to another. I am really thankful to all of you for the great words of well wishes you all left in my site. I have a special thanks for Cristalite who visited LonelyPoet.Com and left some constructive comments and I owe her a lot for that.

Now here is an old poem I wrote a while back for you all to read and hope you all enjoy this.

Thanks all have a wonderful weekend.

God’s Wish.

Wander with peace of mind,
Between valleys and on country gravel roads,
Play like a kid on the shore,
Making sand castles and chasing little crabs,
Lay on the lawn with her in a summer night,
Between roses, kissing daffodils and her,
Marry the tall lean sweet heart of mine,
Give a little more kindness to innocent hearts,
Give a little more respect to my elders,
Be that sweet and great poet,
Who loves all and give them verse to share.
I said it all in my bed time prayer and slept.
Don’t know what woke me up,
May be a dream, may be its real,
Don’t know what I heard,don’t know what I saw,
Don’t know what touched me so deep,
But the feeling in the depths of my soul said,
       “God Wishes Otherwise”.

 ©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. This poem was released in LonelyPoet.Com in the summer of 1999.
Creative Commons

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  1. More amazing poetry.You are a really deep and beautiful person!Also my poem actually it’s not just about one person its of people of my past relationships whom i was lucky to have but lost,but I have a person now who i am so lucky to be with!


  2. It felt good to read the comment you left for me.  It makes a difference to me when I hear from a man.  Please don’t ever feel that I would mind a personal comment.  I’m not that way.  I’m one of those people who don’t get offended easy.  I mean….I’m a big baby sometimes…when I get my feelings hurt…but that’s just a womans thing.  I just wanted to say…Thank you for stopping by.  I read your poem….and I felt the meaning.  I’m not very good with poems.  I don’t know why.  I just have a hard time understanding them.  I think I did okay with yours.  As I read it…it took me to certain memories I had.  Thank you very much for sharing that with me.

  3. Poet, it is so good to see your words.  Whether they be old or new.  The Drive will find its way out of you and I will be eager to read it.  I am glad you had a good trip, and no worries…now that you are getting settled, I suspect that “being happy” will be a treat rather than the norm.  Work is still work my friend..lol

    This one of your’s “God’s Wish”.  Well, it was so lovely, the thoughts, the wishes of one’s heart…but the last line…now that just smacked me…

    God wishes otherwise….whew…What we want and think is our purpose just doesnt always fit the master plan now does it.  This was breathtakingly beautiful…with a gasp at the end to keep me grounded from dreaming too much!

    Bravo !!!!

    warmest welcome back wishes,

  4. i must apologize about my first comment (posted 7:58pm) because it sounded terse (i was under a little stress because of computer and other problems). so hoping to lessen the terseness of the first comment i wrote the second one about my other poem. but anyway this isn’t about my poems; this is about yours. I loved it. especially the last line…it was powerful (well, because it’s meaningful to me). however, i think it’s ambiguous in direction. allow me to explain: “Wander with peace of mind” i believe starts by addressing the reader. yet it changes here: “Lay on the lawn with her in a summer night” i suppose still means the reader or could “I” be added (_I_ lay on the lawn…)? Whom is the subject addressing in: “Marry the tall lean sweet heart of mine.” Is it implying that _she_ or that the reader marry the tall…? Then it goes back to addressing the audience i suppose in commanding: “Give a little more kindness to innocent hearts” It’s ok to change but it should be consistent. also the periods at the end of only two sentences…well i think also for consistency’s sake, or rather for the sake of change, (because it does change and the subject is clearly “I” now) the line “Who loves all…can keep the period, but the next line should have a comma. and i also think deep here you meant as an adverb: deeply.

    sorry it was rather long ^_^;

    actually, i thank you for giving me a chance to critique your poems because i don’t have the chance to really critique poems. thank you.

  5. Hey, you got the persona all wrong. I am speaking in my own voice in the poem as well as most of the other poems. When I said “Wander with peace of mind” ‘I’ is implied there and all throught the poem.
    About punctuations you are right I am quite terrible with punctuations.

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