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Hi All,
   These are the few pictures taken during my Delhi trip. Idid not had a good camera so I used an autofocus camera of my friend.So the pictures are not of good quality.
If you have any questions about the places please feel free to ask.

Kuthub Minar. Built In The Early 12th Century By Kuthubuddin Aibak.This was the tallest monument in India until Taj Mahal was built.

Me on the right with Dr.Ranjit a friend of my brother in Delhi at the bottom of Kuthub Minar.

This is me around the ruins of a mosque near Kuthub Minar.

The Shrine of Sufi saint Kwajah Moinuddin Chisti the founder of theChisti sufi order. I visited this place after a long drive of about 8hours. Driving in India is an art, I did not drove I rented a car witha driver.

From left Geeripai another of my brother’s friend Kmal Pasha Chisti oneof the caretaker at the Chisti shrine and me in from of sweet riceprepared at the mosque.

Ranjit, Kamal Pasha Chisti and me

I bought flowers to be laid on top of the grave of Kwajah Moinuddin Chisti and was waiting for the caretaker.

The we visted the Bahai Lotus temple in Delhi. Dr.Ranjit wanted to visitthis place as he was a bit interested in the Bahai religion. This is aplace worth visiting just for seeing the beautiful temple.

This is a tomb structure around the tomb of Humayun the Mugal emperorand father of Akbar one of the greatest emperors who ruled India.

I am in front of the garden at the Humayun’s Tomb it was too hot and I could bearly stand at this point because of the heat.

Me right in front of the Grave site of Humayun. Humayun’s tomb was theprettiest structure built before Shajahan built Taj Mahal.

I took a breather on the steps to the entrance of Humayun’s tomb.

Its me before India Gate a monument built in memory of all the Indian soldiers died in the second world war.

This is me standing right before the flames at the India gate. By thistime my face started to feel the burns of the heat and my stomach startedto feel the pain of dehydration. I immediatly went back to the hoteland stayed inside the air conditioned room the rest of the time I needed to spent in Delhi. Ifelt sad as the next day I couldn’t go to Agra to see Taj Mahal.Probably I will go to see Taj the next time I visit India.

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  1. I would go in that Lotus Temple, only because it seems secluded from the world of people and if I want to be in that kind of “heavenly” safehaven place, then that place is quite suitable! Beautiful pics!

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