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I never done this before, but I was
tagged by my favorite xangan( the one I am obligated to a lot)
Kekeway_Arinya_Mekae. This is for her.

40 Favorite Things

1. Animal: Lion

2. Pet: none

3. Flower/Plant: Rose

4. Color: Green

5. Possession: My Samurai Sword, My 1999 VW Beetle.

6. Item Of Clothing: My Worn Out Ash Color Shirt.

7. T. V. Program/Channel: MONK

8. Movie: Lord of the Rings/Million Dollar Baby

9. Actor/Actress: Clint Eastwood/Nicole Kidman

10. Artist: Picasso

11. Book/Author:  Tess Of The D’Urbervilles/Thomas Hardy and William Wordsworth

12. Song: Sacrifice

13. Music Genre: Alternative, Slow Rock, Hard Rock.

14. Website: haha my own site www.lonelypoet.com

15. Store: Best Buy, Home Depot, Nordstorm (downtown San Francisco)

16. Food: Many won’t understand as it is from the south western Indian
state called Kerala  it is called Puttu. Made with rice powder and
shredded cocunut.

17. Drink/Alcohol: Mango Juice.

18. Vehicle/Mode Of Transport: Air Plane

19. Sport To Watch/Play: Football-never played it. I am a big Green Bay Packers fan.

20. Exercise/Physical Activity: Walking.

21. Outdoor Activity: Driving, Walking.

22. Indoor Activity: Reading, Writing, Internet, Watching whatever DVDs I can.

23. Outlet For Frustration: haha kicking my laptop.

24. Self Feature: haha my big belly, now it is reducing losing my symbol hehehe.

25. Feature In The Opposite/Same Sex: Eyes/not so muscular or fleshy upper hands of a woman.

26. Turn On: Too many to note.

27. Indulgence: mmm quick mmm

28. Recurring Dream/Fantasy: A girl loving me. (it may probably remain as dream forever)

29. Sexual Position: Don’t you know I am from India(land of kamasutra) all 62 positions of them hehehe.

30. Sleep Position: On my belly.

31. Bath/Shower: Shower, shower shower everyday, 365 days hot or cold.

32. Place To Relax: Lake side Milwaukee.

33. Place You’ve Been: Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Kuwait, Every corner of America except North West.

34. Job You Have/Had: Mainframe Programmer/Sales Man at No Excuses store.

35. Subject In School: Physics.

36. Memory: Very good memory of almost everything from the age of about 3. But age is catching up with me now.

37. Person: haha didn’t you read my nickname?

38. Best Friend: Deepak Prabhakar.

39. Person You Admired Growing Up: My Dad.

40. Superhero/Villain: Mandrake The Magician.


5 Details about me:

1. I have a lot of unreturned love.(don’t expect anyone to return)

2. I love to read,write and read my own writing.

3. I am at times very bad tempered

4. I love music, movies and haha myself.

5. I was tagged with this by Kekeway_Arinya_Mekae.

Details about my appearance right now:

1. I’m wearing clothes

2. I am sitting on my bed with my laptop.

3. My hair is over grown and I am going to cut it short.

4. I am sleepy.

 5. I’m not touching the floor.

 Things I did yesterday:

1. Slept half of the day, commented on xanga, posted a poem in xanga.

2. Talked to my friend and gave him some suggestion to how to hit on a 35 year old woman

3. Listened to old songs

 4. Ate only two meals.

5. Kicked my own butts for messing up a poem I wrote.

Memorable Things I did in the past year:

1. Went to India after more than 4 years.

2. Changed my attitude to love and relationships(from achievable to unattainable)

3. Passed through Italy.

4. Drove to Texas and lived there. Wild I thought it will be but felt blessed there.

5. Forgiven that woman who cursed me to be Lonely.

6. Watched every bit of Athens Olympics on T.V. (Wished to be there but time and job screwed me)

Favorite Musicians:

1. Elton John

2. Enya

3. Phil Collins

4. Sinead O’Connor

5. Eric Clapton.

Favorite Movies (are you getting bored yet?) Sam asked the good question in brackets:

1. The Deer Hunter

2. The Omen

3. 36th Chamber Of Shaolin.

4. Million Dollar Baby.

  5. Lord Of The Rings

things that make me happy:

1. Being commented on.(haha)

2. Writing My Thoughts As Poetry.

3. Day Dreaming.

4. Talking to myself ( I do that a lot while writing)

5. Summer Fest In Milwaukee.

5 things that impress me:( I agree with Sam here)

1. Intelligence

2. Talent

 3. Honesty

 4. Maturity

5. Creativity

5 things that don’t impress me:( Here also I agree with Sam)

1. Immaturity

2. Disrespect

3. Mean people

4. Apathy

5. Ignorance

5 things I can live without:

1. My misfortunes.


3. Rap Music

4. Lactose Intolerance

5. Indian IT managers. They are all Jack Asses.

People I’m tagging to do this survey:

1.  spygurlrouge(Laurel)

2. rosesforalostcause

3. magsterG

4. The_Poetry_Is_LosT

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  1. Phil Collins is a fantastic singer, and I also love his music as well. Rap music is something I too, hate. Although I’m not a big fan of survey’s either, I’m really glad you chose to do this one. It made my day! ^_^

    And here’s your comment to make you happier as well. (Since you like comments)


  2. LOL. i enjoyed reading this… 🙂

    Things We Have in Common:

    i love monk.

    i do: reading, writing, internet, and watch as much DVD’s i can.

    i sleep on my belly as well.

    i’m very bad with my temper. (especially when the person is rude or harassing me.)

    i love music and movies… and no… not myself.

    i am in love with enya and phil collins

    i write my thoughts in poetry.

    i daydream too much

    i talk to myself when i’m writing too.

    and i agree everything in your “impressed” and “unimpressed” standards.

    LOL this is fun. 🙂 sorry, i know you have to be tagged… but hey, it cured my frustrating day. 🙂 have a great week ahead!

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