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A very hectic day to begin with, then it slowed down. This whole
week is going to be up and down. This is a short week. Friday is
holiday for us, so a lot things need to be done before that.

Here is a poem I wrote as a first draft and kinda thought that it
did not connected internally at all. I wrote the first draft after a
drive from Overland Park, KS to Milwaukee in 2002. I wrote two poems in
that trip. This is one of them. The other one I don’t even know where
it is.haha. There are parts I first thought I should write but I left
it to rot away. That is why I took this much long to get back to it.

 At that time, I broke up with a girl because of a difference
in belief. I am a Muslim and she was an Atheist. I don’t mind what
kinda religious belief or unbelief one has. I consider belief as matter
of choice of the individual. Like I said in my poem “To My Bride” “

“By the love you gave, I swear,
To preserve the sanctity of the individual in you. “

 I made it very clear to her too. But she wanted me to leave my
belief altogether. For the first time in my life, anyone told that to
me. I tolerated her for more than 6 months and eventually told her good
bye. The middle portion of the poem was written with that in mind. It
is different from the actual situation but still it is about the
lessons I learned from it all.

The Drive.

Through the never ending roads, driving,
In the high speed traffic and the passing scenes,
Of towns and villages with people filled,
The music of my liking, the radio and CD changer plays,
The loud noise and the rhythm always speaks
Something more than the lyrics and music.
All those I read and wrote in between I recollect,
That silences the roaring rock.
But part of mind is always agile,
To keep me right on lane, safe.

Oh’ Years of this vagabond taught,
The link between lives is in the attachment.
That connects with affection filled,
And disconnects in the lack of it.
Never had I forgotten the faces passed me by,
Those who agreed and those who disagreed,
Those who protested aloud,
And those who walked away in silence,
And the many paths I ventured to adjust,
With everyone in one or the other way,
In the many types of relationships,
To ease it all a lesson learned,
To cope with the disagreement of others,
And to live with disagreement of mine to others.

With thoughts about lessons learned,
The plight of mine from phase to phase moves,
The passing scenes sometimes turns vivid,
Filling empty mind with imaginations,
Into which deep I fall,
And bring all those felt in my soliloquy
That popup a line or two for me to write.
Sometime I stop and write it down,
Most of the time aloud I say,
And into the folds of my heart I write,
And through the dark dry road away I drive,
Saying a prayer for the nearest living,
As a thankful deed, the only one I could do.
At that time I always feel,
Mind still agile but fragile,
As loneliness is always where I drive it to.

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  1. You made a good choice…if she was trying to make you into someone you’re not, that’s generally a better sign than any that it wasn’t meant to be. If anything else, you have people who love you for who you are. ^_^ Never change.

    Your poem is beautiful…as they all are.


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