The End.

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This is the last poem in a chapter I wrote called
“She”. Six years ago, I thought I would never be able to close that
chapter. To every word of ‘move on’ from my friends and family, I asked
“To what?” I’ve dated couple of other girls well they were all just
passing faces. I wrote this poem during a flight to St.Louis in 2001 on
my way to San Francisco
and I only modified it a bit in wording today when I finally closed the
chapter. It was not a moment’s decision to close it and “move on”. It
was a gradual process and I buried a dream and all my hopes, wishes and
everything else I constructed as a bubble around me forever. Now there
is hope, there is a dream, and I am in the middle of it. The hope and
dream are out there they still haven’t got into me yet completely.  Haha, may be I will write a poem with this idea later.

This also means another thing, “Age Of Survival” That’s what I call my
poetry collection, is over. There is this other poem I need to release.
I will do that later this week. Well to be honest with you, I did not
survived in the way I wanted it to be. I failed again and again. I am
not depressed. I was, but I got over it long time back. I will never be
depressed again. I may become sad and I am used to it, as dreams
sometime remain as is when life squeezes from every corner. 

 By the end of this week you will see this
other poem I talked about earlier and then I don’t know when, may be by
the end of the Thanks Giving weekend you will see the first part of the
final versions of ‘Tess Of The D’Urbervilles’ here in Xanga.Com
PoetryBox itself. That will be over in eight days. Then… I just don’t

Your Answer. 

The evening went away,
With no murmur of hope,
Then the chill of darkness swayed,
Every corner of the loving heart.
From the shadows of the day,
Searched a long lost soul,
In faith, belief and reasons known,
Only to the heart defeated.

Oh’ how many pretty faces I’ve seen,
Without giving me a thought, passed me by,
Thoughtless I am in the rush
Of lost passions in you,
Passions too left me in loneliness.

Never to the heart I spoke,
Only sweetness of love I felt,
In every bit of life of mine,
In the spring time when you flowered,
Imaginations to the truth of reality.

Some days those buried feelings sprout,
With a new days freshness,
But bury at the end of the day,
Like that fat old sun,
Those are moments of achievements I cherish,
Now with the tit bits I’ve got, contented,
As the greatest achievement was lost,
In your answer that said ‘No’.

8 Replies to “The End.”

  1. i’m so sorry… i haven’t got online and checked up on your updates… grr… i snuck out of my room and went to take a peep in xanga. thank you for keeping in touch.

    anyways, the poem is very dark in its structure… yet very soul-deep. i love the way you portrayed the part:
    Thoughtless I am in the rush
    Of lost passions in you,
    Passions too left me in loneliness.

  2. Ok well i am caleb… and i want u to come to  my poetry site and read some of my poetry i will be updating everyday with new poetry!! And subscribe!!!


  3. Hey lonely poet.  I am a friend of Sam’s. I have been subscribed to you for a while now..  I really enjoy your poems and the pure emotion of your entries.  I write poems for class and stuff, but it always seems to suck as soon as it leaves my miond and hits the paper.  With that said, thanks for your comment and I wish you only the best in the future.

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