Prayer For A Friend.

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My Mo Cushle, Sam is in physical pain. She said yesterday. I did pray
for her. Anyone who reads this please say a prayer or two for her.
 A week gone, the ending wonderful. It snowed all night and
daytime here. WOW that cooled me down. From the depths of sadness, I am
cheerful. Well who the heck cares. Haha.
  After a long time I am walking into a weekend in a happy mood. I
don’t know why… why should I think why I feel good. Or Should I? The
only thing that bothers me, Sam. I’ve never known her, seen her, talked
to her, but she is a wonderful poet and I know I am a little too
sensitive in these kinda matters. I hope she is fine. This is the way I
talk when I hear someone is in pain. That’s why I come to many sites
and comment. Just to cheer you up, because my poetry don’t cheer people
up. They are just the expression of my sad side. May be in a happy mood
I may write a happy poem. Who knows?

You all have a wonderful weekend.

Here is another piece of verse from my old CD. This also I only wrote
it but never thought it will see daylight. But I liked it when I read
it couple of days ago, you be the judge.

There were lines written,
Everything about the mind thinking,
Defining and describing the unknown,
The core where all passions conceive,
The place where all senses merge,
Where all dreams rest.
Mind is like the sky,
An illusion in its wonder so real,
Away from where reality lies,
And the conscious always conflicts,
With the subconscious so unreal,
But in the process go astray,
Lives of many fragile minds and souls,
But truth should always prevail,
Simple was the truth, and simple is the truth,
Perfection is a greater illusion we always hunt,
And in the end the hunter become hunted. 

13 Replies to “Prayer For A Friend.”

  1. You’ve got to go through pain before you can get to the good part of life. Stay happy. Happy people are a lot more fun to hang out with than sad people. Do something insane. Don’t care if there are people around who are looking at you like you need to be put in a mental hospital. Just go outside and run around screaming like a maniac. That always puts me in a good mood. xD Have a great (I emphasize great) weekend!


  2. Of course I’ll pray. I’ve been through pain too and I would’ve loved it to know that people were praying for me. They may have been I do not now. I’ve had… lots of problems and even though some may think that having complete strangers praying for you is just weird or stupid, it gives me comfort to know people care.

  3. Just a lot of stuff has happened in the past. Stuff that didn’t need to happen. I’m not in pain right now. Not at the moment anyways. Yeah but I went to Sam’s xanga and I realized that we have the same birth date. She’s a year older than me but we have the same birth date. A bit freaky… Maybe even destiny that we are connected like this? Seems a bit too weird to be a coincidence.

  4. Thank you for the prayer message…hopefully it will help. I went through the MRI today, and we find out next week what’s wrong. The only thing we know now is that it’s not improving. >.<

    SoulofthePoet is indeed very much like myself…quite scary in fact. I’m glad to have met her.

  5. I certainly am glad to hear that your mood seems lighter, the first big snow can do that , all that glistening snow.I really do appreciate you always leaving words of encouragement for me when down, it makes one smile.. Thanks

  6. he got out of the hospital and hes getting better thank you for asking. anohter one of my friends is now “hurting themselves” im not sure you understand how crazy and awful this is though, because i dont hang out with ridiullously emo or melodramatic kids or.. you know. i hang out with happy bright kid who are nerdy and smart and know it and who love living. so why is this happening? i just want to know. i know no on can say except that God knows.. and i cant expect anymore than that.

    but i cant help crying.
    thanks for asking my friend.

  7. “Just to cheer you up, because my poetry don’t cheer people up. They are just the expression of my sad side.”

    I know of no law that says poetry has an obligation to cheer people up. When your poetry expresses your honest feelings it’s an honest poem.

    Also, the above poem is very fine.

  8. These lines are wonderful  “Perfection is a greater illusion we always hunt,
    And in the end the hunter become hunted.”   Thanks for sharing and wishing you a great weekend.  Stay happy!  🙂

  9. Thanks for posting on my site, I thought I’d do the same. I think it’s great of you to post on so many peoples sites. Your right, it made me feel happy, knowing that someone I don’t even know took time out of their day to think of me and show me that they care about what I have to say. I like to write poetry, also, and I think that yours is very good. I especially liked the line about the mind being like the sky; it was a good simile. My prayers are with Sam, I hope she gets better. Thanks again for being such a great person, and helping out all these people you don’t even know.

  10. I just realized that someone signed my guestbook… so sorry about the reply being late and such. My xanga I purposely left rather vague, I decided to just hint at my personality as I go along so that the only people who really know whats going on are the ones who actually read it.

    Your writing is rather depressing, but that’s ok, if no conflict ever arose then this world would really suck. It’s just too bad that some of us have to pay a higher toll then others.

    Ill be reading here again.

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