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I felt angry at some people at work. They don’t care what is going on.
I am the only guy who finished the work properly. Those guys are still
sitting there burning their asses to get somewhere. I am at home
writing poetry. I reached office late and left early. Today I got a
call saying that there are people trying to reach me and couldn’t reach
me. Hellooo… anyone heard about a mobile phone…. Damn idiots. It is all
lies… It will take 10 years for those Jack Asses to become a programmer
like me. I want to leave this field of work soon. It will only
frustrate me again and again. The problem is other than Mainframe
Programming the only thing I know to do is writing poetry. It won’t pay
a penny hehehe.
I may be angry, saying the eff word again and again like the energizer
bunny goes on and on and on and on….. but the opposite is what I think
came out when I took the pen. Read it.

Pilgrim Of Truth, This is the kinda place I am talking about in this poem.


Rice fields and waterways crossed paths,
In those days when upon small feet I walked,
With the weaver bird on trees, dancing,
With the Parrot that lost his mate, crying,
The wobbling bicycle rides around town,
And the hot summer fishing trips,
Oh’ memories, down they drown me,
Into the depths of nostalgia,
From where every time up I swam,
But the realities that I came to,
Back into those memories thrown me.
Melancholic and pathetic many times,
My waiting to hear your words of love.

24 Replies to “Nostalgia.”

  1. Nah, you never commented on my site, but you do comment on one of my friends ^_^ Rock_rocks  so yeah i was just curious and wanted to knwo if I wcould add ya

    -Emily << That’s who I am

  2. I’m not sure what was it called?

    Also, don’t take this into offence, I love your poem, but you lose me. You start talking about a water stream, which I get, because then you talk about fishing trips and everything.

    I think I was really lost at the end when you said ‘My waiting to hear your words of love’

    Is that a memory? Or is that just something you wished to happen? O.O


  3. Beautiful poem. Even though it tells about a place that I have never seen, it still makes me think of my home as a child. I guess thats what good poems do. They tell the unique story of the poet yet hit the familar cord with the audience. Peace.

    -Pilgrim of Truth

  4. man..!!! don’t trouble your self with other poeple crap! poeple are just poele and we all do stubid things. just make your self enjoy your life! it is to shrt! don’t make thoe poeple ruin it for ya..they are not worth it……!!!you should be in a job that you enjoy and you will always love it not fr the money!!!even if you have to live poor chose the life you like the best!!!

  5. thanks for the kind comment. it was a really simple poem. no fancy words or nothing. hehe, but i have to say, that i had initially read your poem without seeing the picture, and i had a similar scene come to my mind. i love the imagery described in your poem. you write delightfully. 🙂 be encouraged!


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