To My Life.

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Today Eid day, morning started with prayers. I went to the mosque and
finishing prayers I reached office earlier than expected. It was a
hectic day with stuff at work and other things connected to my Visa
extension going wild. There are things still in limbo. I don’t know
where I will be on February 9th as February 8th is the last day of my
Visa.  Well I will deal with February 9th on February 9th haha.

 In the evening, I went and bought some Indian food. Haha Haven’t
eaten Indian food for sometime now. Yummy it was but I may need about
two weeks of strict diet to fix the damage hehehe. Nothing much going
on other than that.

 Here is a picture of the “Masjid-Ul-Haram” mosque in Mecca, Saudi
Arabia. I don’t think this is taken during the hajj time. I love this
picture for the wonderful quality and it shows everyone in unity bowing
before God.

Now today’s poem. I wish I wrote this in one day haha no it took years
to finish but when you read the poem, the poem will look simple. To be
honest, I wrote the rough draft about 4 years ago, then, kept on
modifying the poem. Today evening I thought yeah time to finish this
dude and made little bit of modification here and there. I am terrible
with punctuations there are too many question marks, let me know if
anyone of it is in the wrong place.

To My Life.

Oh’ my life, won’t you live in unity,
With thoughts of mine that adores you?
Can’t you care about the dreams of mine?
Why you leave me perplexed and astray,
When needed most to move on?
And embed in me when in happiness I thrive,
And scatter me like scared morning doves,
Into the depth of haunting pain,
Leaving illusions and silent remorse.

Oh’ my life, you are much more than any definition,
Meaning more than all have taught me,
When with care through senses deliver,
Sights of unnatural beauty,
Sounds of all angels in prayer,
Smell of a virgin’s skin,
Touch of my own heart beat,
And taste of never ending kisses.

Oh’ my life, why you keep me away from another?
When through you to reach out I try,
Can’t you take me to the depths of life around?
And why not stop the hide and seek?
And in unity make another life worthwhile.

11 Replies to “To My Life.”

  1. The thought of speaking words to your life is a unique idea that one doesn’t see very often. It makes me wonder, “What would I say to my life if it had ears and a mind to hear my words?” The fact that you could turn life into something physical that you speak about…that you could take something so huge and barely concievable to the human mind to see the truth of…and speak to it. It gave me poetry chills. (Those are good. ^_^)

    You continue to amaze those who read.

    And for your Visa…I hope that everything works out ok! I know you’ve had some interesting troubles previously to this point, but I also know that it all turned out all right in the end. I wish for you that it does the same once again.

  2. Heh, my mom must have let the fact that I don’t have any godly belief slip out. I’ve never mentioned that. That’s actually quite alright that she said something about it.

    It is completely true…I don’t. At some points I wish I did just so all of the questions I have could be fully answered and I wouldn’t constantly be in wonder. However, being a firm believer in science and not a very firm believer in religion in society…I must admit that I am not.

    I love that people have their own religion. I would never try to impose my belief’s on anyone, but I myself can’t find it in me to conform to any one religion at all. My own beliefs always conflict.

    However, I must agree that at times it seems that there is something so much bigger out there that I could never possibly comprehend. I wonder to myself if this is the definition of God that I interpret. I can never believe the Christian stories…I have tried to all of my life. That vision of “God” was never true for me. But there is a divine force, an energy that allows life to thrive and the universe to exist.

    Whatever that force may be, I wish upon it that everything goes well for you (as I always have.)

    My post that I made on my xanga was just made out of a sudden desire to write about that subject. Don’t worry, nothing bad spurred the post. Something did inspire me though.

    Someone I know made a post earlier today. I subscribe to her xanga and I used to be quite good friends with her. However, we grew apart as friends and now only exist as friendly civil rivals. (Well, at least I try to anyways. Sometimes she is not so civil.)

    If you’d like, I think you should read what she wrote on her most recent post. Her username is melancholyspride.

    I apologize for the extremely long comment. I hope you didn’t mind.


  3. I love that photo! As to the poem….I stopped communicating with my life for a time. Now, it’s all pissed off and won’t respond. Guess I will learn sooner or later to enjoy it more often…to keep it happy. Wonderful writing! Hope you are doing well.


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