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Hello, Mo Cuishle,

     I apologize for
the confusion in your mind because of the post I made in MySpace. Don’t worry,
the visa papers were submitted today, now it is all in the hands of the USCIS.
If that was what you were referencing in those posts.

   What bothered me to
go silent is something else. I truly wish someway I can make you understand
that. However now I realize that I have no experience from my past how to deal
with it. If I say anything more it will only confuse you more. Don’t worry. I
am will be fine.

  Thanks a lot for the
comments and it surprised me a bit when I saw the comments on a protected post.
I don’t know why you did that. So I am also going to keep this in a protected
post only you can see.


You are going to
take a great step of acting in a movie. From what you said it is a small role.
But it may be a small step for you, and I pray to the God I believe and to all the
saints to make that a giant leap for your life. It is a wild world but a
wonderful one. You take good care of yourself. 


Riaz Ahammed.

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