Alter Not

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I waited to see what happens today, Valentine’s Day…..haha. I don’t
know how many of you have noticed that it happens to be my birthday.
It’s okay, I know all will forget to say a birthday wish but end up
saying “Happy Valentines Day”. Anyway, I thought I will say it after
the day is over and it is officially over for me here in East Coast.

Here is a poem I wrote in my usual style. Enjoy if you can or call me a bad name and give your love a kiss.

Alter Not.

Alter not, O mind from the path, seen,
Though the face you saw still a shape in fog,
Dragging you away from where you want,
Alter not, as love in perfection seen in her eyes,
Alter not, in the contamination of any thoughts,
As another face seen along.

The meanings interpreted not,
As words means nothing to actions,
Give her every means to understand,
The depths of yours with love filled,
For her as who she is and will be.

Oh’ I sung those verses in many tunes,
To my own mind many-a-times,
What is love? I understand not anymore,
Among the many, many questions lost,
My mind and with tearful eyes I watch,
The remnants of a long lost winter wrath.

Are those tears of sadness for all the snow flakes lost?
Or a welcome happy tear for another spring time fest?
Oh’ my mind prepare to dance with the wind from west,
As the face from the fog takes,
The shape of a thousand dancing daffodils,
And tulips, and roses and jasmine, bidding,
To be in the eyesight of the love of a sweetheart,
Maybe still asleep in the passions of youth.

11 Replies to “Alter Not”

  1. I didn’t know it was your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I do have a good memory…and I didn’t forget. This is the first post I’ve seen of yours in days, and those I haven’t posted on I generally don’t see. I don’t check my e-mail subscriptions, but I look on my xanga site to see them…I’m sorry if I’ve missed any…(which I obviously must have.)

    I’m sincerely sorry that you would see this as an “excuse”…but if you wish to I don’t have much to say in return of it other than I can’t say I’m sorry enough.

    If a promise seems like something you can hold over me and guilt me with…I can always retract it? If you’d like…I can, but I’d never wish to. However, if that’s what it would take I would go so far as to do that. I really am sorry Riaz. (Though I’m sure saying sorry doesn’t help…)

  2. well eye wouldn’t say all forgot….hehehe but then eye be patting my own back…really you spoiled your own little fun by telling someone before it was over…..but if anything eye will say it once again… happy birthday… the way of my people eye say to you “Gong Xi Fa Cai”  which really means….. congrats & good luck

    hope all is well with you and yours


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