Half Naked Beggar.

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.Back to work… back to myself… wow isn’t it all sounds wonderful. An olddemon popped up. A bad one.  I won’t wait for fate to get to mynerves. I will get to it. Don’t worry. I will tell the details onceeverything settles down.

  Work is wonderful another of my application getting into production tomorrow. I hope everything goes smoothly.

  Not a lot going on other than that. All day I thought I am kindastuck with my writing and there won’t be a poem for today. But you knowI am a poet by birth. I may ask my mom what she remembers about thefirst words I said….. I am good. Yeah a good man indeed. Haha Selfpraise is equal to suicide. So be it. I love myself more after spending11 minutes on my writing pad. Got this one below.

  Now thanks a lot all for the comments you guys left for theprevious poems. Many new faces. That is good to see people coming hereand commenting before I comment at their sites. I will get back to youall later tonight. Gotta go and get something to eat.

Enjoy the poem and picture.


Half Naked Beggar.

The radio as an alarm cried,
And to the Angel song of Sarah Mclachlan woke,
Into a day that smelt like spring,
Still deep in the grip of that freezing old man.

Drown me now in the splendor of life,
Drag me away into the seclusion of love,
Sang in my mind while taking my morning brisk walk.
Oh’ weekends must be born like this day.

The Cardinal breezed passed my ear,
The cold wind beaten by the shining sun,
Oh’ warmth wondered me on this February morn,
As mind with fragile thoughts, filled.

My world, my world can I say?
That was emptied in a loser’s cry,
Oh’ no more I will weave dreams about love,
As all wishes buried in every step I took,
To melt away with whatever freeze left.

Though the silky sunlight adored me,
Loneliness is an empty frozen shell,
More to life than you exists, Oh’ love,
Oh’ alone I came to this world, unknowing,
For what, for whom this life to be lived,
Alone I will be buried knowing,
Love no longer is a queen of heart,
But a half-naked beggar with a hungry mouth.

6 Replies to “Half Naked Beggar.”

  1. Alone I will be buried knowing,
    Love no longer is a queen of heart,
    But a half-naked beggar with a hungry mouth.

    mmmmmmmm….this was just de-vine

    the image gave me a playful vision in my mind…thought it had nothing to do with your write….but eye saw a giant sitting on the mountian reaching up to grab a cloud to drink from…odd eye know..please do forgive me but one can help what one sees….just thought eye share that with you rather then shuffling my hands and feet at how silly eye am being =)

    much love and care to you and yours


  2. love the picture and the poem. and you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. be proud of your writing you do it well and there is nothing wrong with a self pat on the back as long as it is not excessive. i do not see a conceited person nor a self indulgent one; just a confident and caring one.:)

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