A Clown Who Played A Tragedy.

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A day I wish existed never felt anything through my five senses other
than the cold of the day. I love cold. Well other than that I didn’t do
anything…. Just a wasted day. That’s all.

 Yesterday’s long dose of poetry frowned many. Well get used to it
haha… you want me, come and get me. You don’t want me, then I don’t want
you either. It is as simple as that. That’s the kind of poems I am
having in my mind. I know me and my works will become overwhelming of
many and it will be too hard to keep up with me. Well spring and summer
are usually slow time for this poet. So don’t expect the kind of
explosion you have seen from me early October last year. Cold weather
may have something to do with it. So keep me warm you won’t see any
poetry hehehehe.

  I am very annoying because of the consistent persistence of
mine. My warning to you all is it will be very hard to tolerate me. I
have warned many, they all said naa we have seen worst kinds than you.
Now even the favorites are gone. To the new set of people here… beware
of this poet. I will be here or somewhere out on the web as long as
websites exists. Hahahaha.

Andre told me “You are insane….. in a good way” don’t polish it Andre, I
am insane in every way. You are new here. I myself told in this site
many times that my only problem is “insanity” but you know what, I
enjoy it. Hehehe.

This poem is written out of recent past experience. True to every alphabet. Read to learn more.

A Clown Who Played A

In all the recent days gone by,
Pried upon me was the game of fate,
And by unreasonable passions fueled,
For the love of a soul, oh’ all inappropriate.

Every moment like a scene in a drama played,
The actors in their parts, well performed,
The all-natural stage well set by nature,
A theme well written by fate, I thought.

But in the drama of life, unknown,
Are the themes, predefined,
The choices out-played truths,
The hesitant thrown out of stage.

Oh’ the curtains have fallen,
Upon my love filled heart,
Who out of this act misdirected,
Me into mere virtual oblivion?

Oh’ the background may change,
The actors move to their own stages,
But the theme of my life I now know,
Passion filled dreams that sprout,
Out of never ending hopes, so realistic,
Then all goes wrong in every way unrealistic,
The dreams will turn into nightmares.

Out of fear of losing oneself,
Once more, stepped out of the act,
May be the theme given to me to direct this drama,
Is the imperfect part of life,
To show the others in their life,
What it means by the boons they have.

In the last act I played,
My face I painted well,
To play the perfect clown on stage,
For the little hearts to clap in joy.
I wonder will any ever cared to see,
The real face of this clown?
After the curtains fallen, ending,
This portion of a never-ending tragedy.
Now life gone back to, an old one act play.

8 Replies to “A Clown Who Played A Tragedy.”

  1. So is this the lunacy of a rant mad poet.

    I don’t care what you say or do as long as you don’t personally attack anyone. I know rejection well and personally wont reject anyone who does not mean harm.

  2. Hi and thank you 🙂 Always good to hear from you. Gosh… I doubt you are all that difficult to tolerate. I’ve seen worse (myself for example) Ha! 🙂 Okay, now I really enjoyed this poem of yours. Enlightening as always. Take care.

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