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Mo Cuishle,
     No, No, No I didn’t mean you to stop
commenting. It was an ironical remark, that’s all. I am so sorry if
this created any confusion in your mind. I was just sad because
Jennifer didn’t responded properly. Well… that is still the
case.  That was what I was saying. See Sam there is no need for
any formality between us, as we understand what we are to each other
very well. If you ever feel bad about anything I write or say, feel
free to tell that immediately. That’s what I told in one of the
comment. The easy way to get me online is just visiting my xanga sites.
The trackers will instantly email me to my phone saying that you are in
my sites.
Okay… once more I am sorry for the confusion. Pray for me… I am
confused about a relationship here as Jennifer is acting like a
teenager. I signed the publishing contract and my work is tightening
around my neck big time. But you are always free to contact me for
anything you need. You are still something, something, something to me.
That’s why I call you Mo Cuishle, and you know what it means. Every
comment you write in any of my sites is taken as the word of an Angel.
Never stop commenting.

The Signature Of A True Human  Is The Smile He/She Brings On The Face Of Others.
Riaz Ahammed.

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