The Pearl

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 A poem written after reading one of my own old poem. Thatpoem is called “Ocean Of Love”. I always saythis phrase “I will keep the love for you like the shell keeps the pearl” that’swhat I used as a context to say about my love and the love of the one I love.

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The Pearl.

Rain upon the vast ocean lashed,
Not a storm still the ocean in ecstasy roared,
The salty waves rolled its muscle over the shore,
And left dead weeds and algae from deep under.
Along came the bubbles in millions at a time,
All blown up by the drops falling hard from above.

Crabs running around with their mouth wide open,
Grabbing a drop or two of fresh water.
Broken Corals lying around helpless,
Unwanted even by the land upon which they landed.
Shells of fish eaten shellfish lie empty,
Oh’ those empty shells, life cut short for a meal.

Standing by the shore, I can only imagine,
The life of the shellfish deep under,
Years to mature then some may get dirt to irritate,
And that imperfection with a secretion covered,
Layer after layer the rest of the life,
The cover up of that imperfection make,
The purest of the pure from the ocean found,
Which as the ocean’s pearl we adore.

The streets with cars filled,
Through the city like veins in a body pass,
The milestones stood to show,
The distances passed,
The landmarks stood with memories,
Of the millions of eyes passed.

Oh’ how many faces through my eyesight passed?
Many turned their faces away distrust,
Many stared with suspicion,
So many hide behind the veil of lipstick and rouge,
There are those who cared nothing for their faces,
As none stared at their faces but,
At their half naked bodies with lust stared.

Oh’ how many of them made the imperfections of mine?
I don’t know, as life only spoke in similes and metaphors,
But when I stare at these waves unfolding,
Spreading through the soft sand shore,
Caressing my feet and shy away,
All those faces like the bubbles blown away,
As upon this imperfection layer after layer love laid,
And made the love of mine as the pearl of your heart,
Oh’ all impurities of my mind and actions washed away,
As the purest of the pure, my love for you became,
And forever in the heart of yours I’ll remain,
As the purest, priceless pearl of the vast of ocean of our life.


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