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I made a post earlier today saying the worst people can doto me. Well… I am not going to repeat myself here. But I will not forget thistime. I am frustrated, angry, and sleep deprived. Grrrrrrrr…. I am one man whowill keep my promise. I am one man whose blessings will never work. I am oneman whose curses always work. Don’t do things to get a curse from me. Believeme, it always works.

  Another thing,I don’t know how many times I told that you cannot comment in here for any ofmy new poems and only if one comments in LonelyPoet.Com you will get a commentin your site. Well… here again posting in my guestbook will not help at all.Once again if you want my comment, you must comment in LonelyPoet.Com. Period.


The rays of the summer morning crept,
Through the curtains upon my face,
Another summer morning woke,
After a night of dark blank sleep.

Scattered clouds all around lingered,
Trying sometime hard to cover the scorching sun,
A lost migrating bird from branch to branch bumped,
Unknowing what song to sing.

Oh’ sing O bird, sing in the high note,
The grass is fresh and green,
The time ripened for you to be who you are,
Left alone you may be, will leave all alone you will.

Drag no thoughts to your mind O bird,
For the poison of love may freeze and kill,
Nothing is inevitable you know,
And none survives themselves no more.

Fly away after your wings get their rest,
There is nothing that stands permanent,
And none can wait for the love of love,
Love is a fog that can distract and blind your ways.

I watched the bird all day in some waiting, unrealistic,
Wanted to hear, wanted to know, what a mind may think,
The inevitable happened, left alone, in silence and dark,
And fell asleep seeing the clock blinking 1:30AM.


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