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I don’t like Tuesdays period. Something will gowrong. Well I thought yesterday was an exception but trying different thingswas the problem. I am not detailing what I tried different. It was that bad.Well read the poem, there is one line in the poem that gives a suggestion aboutwhat I tried different and blew a pretty good day to a day of seekingforgiveness.


The images, unclear they remained,
Long sighs passed, then the treasure of clarity came,
Faces by an invisible hand pulled down,
Some screamed in pain, some furious in frustration,
Some with vengeance smiled.

The ones torn down flown away in the wind,
The dark covered their nakedness but light unclothed,
Oh’ they all in the blink of eyes gone,
As brightness caressed the air with warmth so soft,
Leaving a bright smile upon my face.

Tuesday, the day of madness has arrived,
“What madness waits out there?” I asked,
With the power of self-esteem, I stormed the day,
A fall in my heart unknown,
As every bit of confidence I gathered.

Thunders and lightning, storms and rain,
Oh’ I walked to and fro to take them upon my face,
But the sun remained blazing as if in a mocking laugh,
No cloud around, no leaves moved, as warm, weather became,
Not even the known and unknown humans dared to question.
“Beat me O day if you can” the day and world I challenged,
Nothing came and the sun too out of sight rolled,
With a victory smile before my laptop I sat,
Chatting with a naked beauty in the Siberian north,
She cursed herself saying “Many, many mistakes I did”
Then I said “Aren’t we all a mistake by God?”,
For a moment I froze and the chat room I left,
As I know the fall and madness from within me came.

Rest of the evening with a heavy heart I spent,
Every breath spent in the plea for forgiveness,
As I know God never made any mistake,
And all I have and all I don’t are all blessings,
I never understood but with protests lived.

Night spread its dark rugs and even owls slept,
I kept myself awake as my reciting of pleas,
For forgiveness of my mischief increased,
Even when my breath grew longer I remembered saying,
“Forgive me Oh’ God, forgive me, for all my mischief”.

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