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This poem was not written with a lot of thought. I just tookmy pen at about 3:00PM today and started scribbling in an old notepad. Well…when I later read the poem, I smiled and said “True, very true”. Then took awalk in thoughts and said, “I will never change me, as I respect myself a lotfor who I am”. Smiled again and continued the walk.



‘Reality, Oh’ what an ugly monster’, I said,
When from the valley of a dream I woke,
The craving for life pulsed hunger all over senses,
But the bare-naked truth through my life, I learned
There are no foods I can gather,
To kill the hunger as what is needed, outside wanders,
Satisfying sense of sight and sound leaving,
The rest to crave and crave and become sterile.

The weirdness of some crime unknown I felt,
As deep from my heart I once more heard,
The song of love with a call for love and I said “No”.

The garden of love in real exists not,
All the flowers died and rotten away,
All the sweet singing birds migrated,
To other gardens for reasons, I know not.

The day with the fury of sun consumed,
Every bit of energy one saved,
Oh’ summer is a season I hate,
For the heat it brings, inside and all around.

What an evening, with all its glory came,
Great thoughts inside my mind clutched,
Poetry poured through the stubborn heart,
As fingers moved over sheets, versifying the great old art.

Oh’ the long light-filled day, with a smile parted,
And the western wind blew, with a bit of cool,
Scattered clouds with the stars played hide and seek,
Once more said I to the world of romance,
Come and get me, if you want me,
I don’t want you, if you don’t want me.

Then, alone upon the wings of a dream flown,
High above to see the beauty of a garden in a valley,
Deliberately unnamed as those flowers stand ever bloomed,
Untouched and always echoes my stubborn word of “No”.

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