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Mo Cuishle,

    How are you doing?
I hope you are fine…. Don’t feel bad about me leaving mile long comments in
your site. If that affected you I am so sorry about that. I think it did as I have
heard an inner voice crying. No matter what it is, may it go away and a smile
upon your face, I wish to see…

  A happy day for me…
after a turbulent start…. It is a long story… but the happy part is…. You might
have seen it… my book is out now… I didn’t check my mail on Friday as the mail
was there from the publisher, I slept at work, sitting on a chair as things
gone a bit wild at work.

<>  Well… I hope you are
driving around Wisconsin country side haha…
You know Sam… in truth there is nothing out there that can stop one from being
An interesting mail I
received in my MySpace… not a surprise for me… Randa sent a mail apologizing to
me… nice to know that you guys are back together now and she is clean.

  Hey I just got
alerted that you are in my site. haha…

Thank you for the willingness to order a copy….

Riaz Ahammed

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