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There are people who use MS Office, spending 100s of dollars, Megabytes of memory and a lot of headaches to install, restart and update the software. If you want to know the real quality of this software here is a test you can do. Open a word document and leave it for 5 hours leaving the computer on. You may have to recover the document as the whole software crashes. It is not a folly I am making up. It often happens. The new version of MS Office adds a lot more bugs we can see eating our computer memory and disconnecting the connections of patience in our brain. There is a very simple alternative, Openoffice. This can be downloaded from Openoffice.Org. It is not clean but it can save you bunch of cash and a lot of memory. It is a bit slow to start up but when it is free who cares how much time it takes to start.


  Couple of days back I met a guy working in the same building I work. Steve, he is a techie, he is also a beta tester for Microsoft. As I bought a new laptop which is Windows Vista compatible (now my laptop have Windows XP media center edition, but I get a free upgrade to Windows Vista when it is available) I asked him how is the beta testing going on for Windows vista. He told me, it needs at least 2GB of RAM plus, none of the current drivers will work. It is no different internally from XP from the tests he had done so far but looks really good in appearance. I told him I am a developer, how is the development platform…. He smiled and said… “You know what, I can give you a version of Linux if you are interested in developing good quality software, you don’t need to install it in your computer, you can run it from your CD drive. I am telling this because I think you are a good guy I want to see as a sane man in the coming years”… so much about Vista.


You guys haven’t seen an update from me for sometime…. Because I was busy with work, even now I am not that free. As most of the guys have gone home for the long weekend. I am just sitting here and typing this. Well… there is a string of poems that may come your way. It all depends on the wonderful people who constantly keep in touch with me, to inspire me to write. However, just now I wrote a poem with a lot of thoughts flashing through my mind. Kinda the same thoughts flashed through my mind a bout a year ago. Looks like the cycle is repeating. I am done for the week…


May God Bring Light, Warmth And Peace In Everyone’s Life.


Have a great weekend.




Waves over the feet splashed,

Wiping away the sand into salty water,

The caressing though tickles wonderful it feels.


Another wave unrolled,

Covering the holes footprints made,

Wiping away every sign of them.


While moving on along the shore noticed,

Waves always wipe away the footprints left,

And loved to caress the feet with sand and bubbly foam.


Looking back I saw no sign of my walk,

Only the images in mind of the little footprints I left,

Through the waves of time I took another step,

With a wish as question I asked,

“Can I wipe away those footprints from my mind?”

3 Replies to “Footprints.”

  1. third line stands out to me. these footprints of mind are like indentions in which the poet caresses the scenery and leaves and impacts the reader. the flow, when read out loud, emoliates one’s being and inspires creativity

    thanks for the tip on which to choose for word processing in the part above the poem

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