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There are hundreds of toolbars out there well is there one that isexclusively for poetry  couldn’t find one and then I thought Ishould develop one. Found a site where I can make one without mucheffort. You can download it directly. The best part was there is nospywhere, malware or adware in this software. I tested this myself andasked another 10 people to use it and test it well after couple of weeks of usage they gave me a okay to go to release it. Thetoolbar can be used to play 100s of radio station and watch T.V on yourcomputer. I will be adding more poetry websites into the tool bar aswell add radio stations and T.V stations. If you have any suggestionsabout any poetry websites please let me know and I will add those sitesin poetry links part of the tool bar. When I update the toolbar youdon’t need to download the toolbar it will automatically update. Checkit out and let me know if you find any fault with thetoolbar.


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  1. My Dear Handsome Riaz~  Thanks for your comment and kind words.  As always…it’s so good to hear from you.  Are you well?  What have you been doing this summer?  Thanks for the info on the download.  I will click on the link later and view your summer pictures.  Take care my forever freind.  Hugz…Kimmie*

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