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I have toconfess, I really did a lot of bad things in the recent past. Things I neverthought I will do in my life. I laughed at it all because the anger and vengeanceI felt otherwise would made me do things that would have consume the whole ofme.

    Someone I know told me, do not make ascapegoat of yourself and advice me to edit the following poem to take eventsout of the poem. I did.. It is just a reference of what I felt for her. In away there is only a skeleton of the original poem that is here. There is not alot I am going to say about this girl. She is not a bad girl but among a lot ofbad people. That’s all I can say. In a way I was defeated and I couldn’t helpher at all. Even though I regretted the retaliation I did later. It took a fullmonth of meditation to gather myself. But I still regret it all.

 Here she is


Vast is the outer space, Oh’ empty it is not,
Giant planets sparring through space at higher speeds,
And smaller stones and dust flying around uncontrolled,
From among those went astray a piece that attracted,
Towards the green and blue planet, beautiful from far,
But wild as the small piece came near and near.
Entered the realms of beauty and love unknown,
To everything out there, the lands where love takes the walk,
Oh’ never reached the land of love,
Lost every bit of it in heat and fire that consumed,
But became the invisible vapor that shower upon,
Unknown to where, the stone loved to fall and roll
Darkness crept through the valleys of mind,
And there seems no end to the silence,
Fear purified in the emptiness left,
After unrealistic feelings of love left me astray,
Then sleep came to me as the greatest boon.
Woke up hearing the all I heard the mind said to me,
All through life all in a second and gone away,
Then I saw the pretty face upon my screen.
Oh like the clouds deny the beauty of the stars,
This digital magic takes away the charm of all beauties,
But from her eyes came like glow from a distant star,
That penetrates every cloud and reached my heart,
And to her I succumbed my love and to her I surrendered my verse,
Never asked her name, nor where she is from I asked,
The truth I read though little glitches in my mind I felt.
Oh’ those unknown dark feelings melted away in the smiles of her.

My days of sleep she took away,
Still, woke up with an empty mind, I thought,
But with every stroke of the clock the pleasantness I felt deepened,
Upon the recliner with closed eyes I sat,
Oh’ the silhouette of you left in my mind,
Took a life of its own murmuring words of love
And care unheard to mankind.
Be it my belief, be it my talks of sarcasm,
All the irony in me she turned to jokes,
And laughs of her and mine heard like a lot of falling pearls.
Though her mind swayed in the bitterness of her work,
The mocking folks and hungry sex scavengers,
In me she found the gathering of her minds peace,
And to me in gratitude she gave all her love.
And to her from the depths of my heart I said
A thousand feelings in the past passed me by,
A wonderful dream in your shape took birth,
Though the reality in all ugliness may haunt us,
But never will forget to leave,
A wonderful kiss upon your lips.

The jealous minds who know the love of us,
Oh’ they spied upon every word we said,
And in their dirty minds they conspired,
To destroy the love in all purity in our mind formed,
Oh’ my dear leave all and take the plunge I told,
But trust I gave and ever with every bit of love she gave,
Further and further she fell, far, far away from my knowledge,
In my wrath to all those I avenged, none I left, none I killed,
But with their own life for them a nightmare I gave,
And waited in pain days and nights to hear a word from her.
The waiting that consume all my life,
All the bad thoughts and the darkness returned with all its fury.
Then into the depths of space on a warm night I looked,
With all the pain that felt once more I called her name “Izabella”
Across the sky with a flash and bit of a noise flown,
A shooting star breaking all my darkest thoughts,
With a smile back to my home I walked, knowing,
That little moment was all there was for her,
But never failed to write these lines in my mind,
Like the swish of a shooting star came,
Feelings of love for you, when upon your eyes I looked,
Oh the shooting star faded,
But you in my mind forever will remain.

7 Replies to “Izabella.”

  1. Haha!  Yes, I know about the pecans… I have about 100 pounds of them gathered that I was going to sell but the coop prices are so low because of the bumper crop–which is definitely still good for the major growers but not for small timers like us.  ha 🙂   So, I’m holding on to them for a while or may give them away.  It’s a long story anyway… but my childhood home had these huge pecan trees.  The house is now inhabited by a bunch of college kids.  I was feeling nostalgic for home I guess since my mother passed last September of 06 and we used to always harvest the pecans together every year growing up.  So, I stopped by there.  The kids who live there hate the pecans so let us have them all… So, like old times, we went there several days and gathered the pecans but this time it was me and my daughter.  🙂  They are yummy!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your brothers mother in law. She is in my prayers.

    Hope too, you got over the flu.

    Izabella is a beautiful name. Suiting for this poem.

    I know what you mean about scaling back pieces so that eventually they feel (to the poet anyway) like a skeleton of the original piece.

    For some reason lately I have had trouble thinking of poetry. I have two or three ideas that are really good but every time I start to write them I feel like I have already used that word or that phrase, or that imagery, or that rhyme too many times before.

    Have you ever had that problem with your work?

  3. It’s a funny cap! My weekend was okay… very tiring as I had to come into work and stuff. It’s crap. Well, you need to take more care going out in ICE storms! Lol. I’ve never seen snow or anything like that, something I am looking forward to in the near future. Have a great time too, thanks for the comment!

    Great poem by the way. Very intricate. =)

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