About a bitchy girl and her lover.

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I sung and yelled and screamed like a teenager when driving today. Wow I love driving through rain. I had a specific tune which is very weird. And my singing no one should ever hear.. horrible.. from all that screaming yelling and singing which my voice recorder, recorded, I figured out this much that can be let out into public.

About a bitchy girl and her lover.

She is gone, gone to the heart of another,
Though unleashed the storms of love,
Then letting one in the dust and wind,
Mockery outlived and grown to cruelty.

One need no sixth sense to feel love,
She felt it all and yet pretended,
A girl known nothing and hid behind innocence,
Trashing the hopes of a heart that only loved.

The colors of rainbow fell one by one,
That which grown as love rot and fell apart,
Praises once said now turned to curses,
Oh’ dear why in betrayal you murdered his love.

The material mind can’t see the destruction,
The smiles that surrounds hide reality,
But one day, hey girl, you will know,
Truth of love exists in every heart.

One day will come when what you did will come,
Back to you as your love will lay murdered,
By that gay looking boyfriend of yours,
Then in the depths of your soul will feel,
What that loving heart feels now.

Beyond seasons, beyond time, beyond life exists,
The perfection of purity, that which you know not,
But soon will know a heart that melted away in love,
Love meant only for you, hey, girl only for you.

When closing the ink pot for the night,
I read what I wrote once more,
The nameless girl still left anger in me,
Her lover left pity and sadness in me,
I said to myself when going to bed,
“Life goes on but the poor guy lost his soul,
Not even her return will bring anything back to him”


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